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if anyone's ever ridden the SNCF the guards are basically nonexistent and you can ride for free p. much anytime

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who said i'm complaining?? i'm glad the police are always on the scene to keep the riff-raff, hooligans, and homeless off my public transit downtown

the only people there are in downtown portland are crust punks

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SteeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeVen whyyy wontchu call me?

anyone still like trains here
I like trains in theory.
I do not care for trains. Too loud!

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here is me pumped about trains


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my favorite train is the hankai tramway

hope you got a 4k big screen foamer


occasionally the pharmacists here do a promotion where they sell really cheap train tickets that can be used on any day, but only for one day, that let you ride as much as you want

i usually have one on me but i don't swipe it before i get on the train so it doesnt get activated. and then if a train guard asks to see my ticket i pretend that i'm new to the country and i didn't know how it works and they forgive me
the train network where i live has just been privatised, but like, just the service itself, not the physical assets, which the government retains ownership of, i assume because that means all maintenance is a public expense or something? anyway, all rail staff are now meant to be employed by the private operator, except a bunch refused to sign the new contracts, and now a significant number who refused but are still subject to govt employment contracts are being forced to continue operating the trains while they work out what they're going to do about it. anyway the whole thing stinks, the end