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Yeah, Hamas is not kidding when they say they have surprises in store. Even with the old rockets, they are costing the economy of Israel Millions of dollars every time they launch a salvo. And iron dome throws multiple $100,000.00 missiles at rockets made out plumbing pipe. The resistance axis has developed a very strong strategy to hit the Israel where it hurts, and they have done virtually nothing to prepare for it.

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Solidarity protest in Paris banned by the fascist Interior Minister Darmanin based on fears of violence.

Montreuil (suburb right to the East of Paris) is crawling with riot police around Place Jacques Duclos which is abnormal because you rarely see even the regular police there. I think they're out there just to intimidate, I haven't heard anything about a demonstration planned.

I also saw a bunch of them head off towards Paris at high speed on motorcycles with sirens blaring so maybe there's something going down.

Updated with some bad pictures I took of the cops and a picture someone else took of Place de la Republique.

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I will not stand for vile slanders against herbal tea
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repulsive shameless parasites lol
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the hebrew part, courtesy of google translate:

IDF Spokesman Hedi Zilberman: "Our activity today is the furthest from tweezers, it shakes the city of Gaza. "The army is attacking the military targets of terrorist organizations - even at the cost of harming non-involved people who have been chosen by Hamas and Islamic Jihad to launch rockets from their crowded and populated neighborhoods."
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gaza press tower collapses after airforce-involved incident
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gaza press tower collapses after airforce-involved incident


tears posted:

gaza press tower collapses after airforce-involved incident

the actual headline the AP went with for the bombing of their own office was even more pathetic

"Israel strikes Gaza home of Hamas leader, destroys AP office"


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not recent but whatever


thinking about Hilarion Capucci again. Rise In Palestine

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ty liceo.
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Not to suggest it indicates anything like a turning point in US support for israel but it sure is refreshing to at least hear prominent liberals use the terms 'war crimes' and 'apartheid'.
word is that power goes out in Gaza tonight because of IDF blocking fuel transports
posting prageru on main lol

Hi. I'm an imperialist war criminal with a rich background in kicking the heads off brown babies for sport. Here's why I love the IDF.

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they don't seem so bad

wow now we have to tell palestine to tear down their wall too