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Yeah, Hamas is not kidding when they say they have surprises in store. Even with the old rockets, they are costing the economy of Israel Millions of dollars every time they launch a salvo. And iron dome throws multiple $100,000.00 missiles at rockets made out plumbing pipe. The resistance axis has developed a very strong strategy to hit the Israel where it hurts, and they have done virtually nothing to prepare for it.


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if you use umatrix or noscript to block twitter scripts rhizzone renders tweets like this

then you can click through for the media if it gets enough empty quotes

in fact it is because of this that i didn't realize that tweets embed any differently.

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this is the post that is being updated

15 may updates starting now until 13:00 CET. go to a demo today if there is one where you live


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this is the post that is being updated

click on the quote reference to go to the megapost.

c. 14:00 CET and 58+ updates added today, broken up by date now.


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Solidarity protest in Paris banned by the fascist Interior Minister Darmanin based on fears of violence.

Montreuil (suburb right to the East of Paris) is crawling with riot police around Place Jacques Duclos which is abnormal because you rarely see even the regular police there. I think they're out there just to intimidate, I haven't heard anything about a demonstration planned.

I also saw a bunch of them head off towards Paris at high speed on motorcycles with sirens blaring so maybe there's something going down.

Updated with some bad pictures I took of the cops and a picture someone else took of Place de la Republique.

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Dear Marxist-Lenininst Party Deutschland (MLPD) & Die Linke & Connewitzer ANTIFA,

Where were you hiding today at Torgauer Platz? Where were you when a brigade of fascist kops stormed on a mere group of around sixty-seventy* people standing in the rain in solidarity for Palestine and used their neo-nazi hegemony to disband a few little kids and their parents? Where were you when they threatened to order immediate fines (of 25,000 euros to each organizer and between 500-1000 euros for demonstrators) because it broke the so-called "corona virus regulations" (which is not even true because there are semi-regular AfD demos with kop protection)? Those in solidarity with Palestine needed someone who cannot face deportation from your precious nazi country to stand up to the kops and say, "No! This is not against the corona virus rules! That is fucking bullshit and you know it!". Ah yes, I know where you were, you complicit scum!

MLPD: I know that you were sitting in your regional leader's posh fucking petty bourgeois Wilhelm-era apartment building in Gohlis-Sud, doing fucking nothing but sipping herbal fucking tea and shit-talking the laborers at the BMW factory for their propensity for alcohol because it "ruins the revolutionary spirit". I know that you were eating your neolithic raw meat sandwiches and shit-talking the other left-wing organizations for their revisionism and complicity with the fascist state. Well, let me tell you: Your absence is the utmost revisionist act imaginable and you spit on the names of Marx and Lenin when you use them! If Lenin could see your complicity with fascism he would order the Bolsheviks to turn you to dust and piss on the rubble.

Die Linke: You're too easy... low-hanging fruit. I know where you were, too. You were sitting in your idiotic bourgeois coworking office on the Lindenauer Markt, talking about cyber-hacktivism all while eating your stupid pretzel rolls with gouda and mayonnaise. You never leave Lindenauer Markt because you're afraid of Arabs and you despise those who suffer in poverty. You sit in your imbecilic, boring, trite, totally commonplace coworking space and talk about a new t-shirt design, your stupid fucking little "community garden" (which by the way, you keep protected with fences) all while the real revolutionary, left-wing world passes you by. You're no different than any of your parents, who stood quietly behind nazi militants while they carried away their neighbors for mass slaughter. Fuck you, you petty bourgeois fakes. You make "the left" turn right because it was never anything different with you to begin with.

Ah... Connewitzer ANTIFA: You're among the worst. You sit in your filthy squats in Connewitz and do some boring graffiti on another squat that your idiotic friends live in. You are scum because you have spent your lives on your parents' pensions and job-center benefits and never leave Connewitz because you're filled with hatred for everything outside of Connewitz. You sit with your stupid fucking banjos and your stupid fucking ukuleles on a street corner eating ice-cream, smoking hash, and having group sex with MDMA in the night to (of course, German) techno. You say that you live a life against the system, against capitalism, against fascism, against racism, yet you do nothing but suck profits from the imperialist state which cradles your permanently adolescent lives. You post up all of the key-words all over your filthy district, yet you have never done or accomplished anything because you are dead-set on your spoiled hedonism. You repudiate struggle because you exploit it for your cretinous identities. You spit on the oppressed out of a juvenile, completely uncritical fear of being called anti-semitic by your literal nazi parents and grandparents. Fuck you because you are the worst parasite of all three.

The common place where you all were hiding today was directly behind the genocidal $tar of David on a flag, all while it flies over the corpses of children and pregnant women whose heads have been smashed in from their homes collapsing on top of them. You're all fucking bastards, revisionists, and the epitome of petty bourgeois.

Because you all missed it, let me tell you what happened:

Sixty or seventy people, all of whom could be deported (and the majority of whom are only in this country in the first place because your government took part in eradicating their homelands), gathered on the tiny little Torgauer Platz near the Eisenbahnstraße to demonstrate solidarity with Palestine. For ten minutes, they stood there and took pictures of little children with their mothers holding the Palestinian flag. That's all they were able to do before nazi police stormed the square at once, batons out and riot-helmets on, and illegally threatened fines and arrests over something completely ludicrous and incorrect. The current corona virus rules allow for up to 250 people to gather outside, so long as everyone is masked (which everyone was), as all of you disgusting fake parties know and could have helped to argue. Then, as the crowd funneled out, a group of neo-nazi hooligans walked behind the police, making sure everyone left their precious Torgauer Platz. After that, the mere twenty-nine demonstrators who you forgot about (or never acknowledged in the first place) attempted to occupy the street, throwing fireworks directly at kop vehicles as they escorted them out. Then, a second group of neo-nazis showed up and started following some of the women walking the front just before the crowd dispersed because of a single gunshot (which nobody knew where it came from).

So, to MLDP, Die Linke, and Connewitzer ANTIFA: fuck you. You do not deserve to say that you are communists or socialists and you piss on communism and socialism every time you claim that you are.

* wife says there were more people than originally reported

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I will not stand for vile slanders against herbal tea

pogfan1996 posted:

I will not stand for vile slanders against herbal tea

i love herbal tea but not the revisionist kind they drink at the MLPD. its probably not even herbal but white tea, losers.


liceo posted:

liceo posted:

this is the post that is being updated

click on the quote reference to go to the megapost.

c. 14:00 CET and 58+ updates added today, broken up by date now.

continuing to update now


repulsive shameless parasites lol

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last update made for 15 may. recap: significant development, including what seems to be a temporary Hamas break after continued rockets in i$rael, mobilization continues on the lebanese border, new reports of strikes from syria, and what is shaping up to be an endless barrage falling on and near tel aviv. they have not even used one month supply of rockets in the entire week. almost all posts (now c. 120 from today) have gone straight to the spoiler box, so check there first. here are the final highlights from my end tonight:

click post to see updates obviously.

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the hebrew part, courtesy of google translate:

IDF Spokesman Hedi Zilberman: "Our activity today is the furthest from tweezers, it shakes the city of Gaza. "The army is attacking the military targets of terrorist organizations - even at the cost of harming non-involved people who have been chosen by Hamas and Islamic Jihad to launch rockets from their crowded and populated neighborhoods."

liceo posted:

first update for 16 may.

gaza press tower collapses after airforce-involved incident

tears posted:

gaza press tower collapses after airforce-involved incident


tears posted:

gaza press tower collapses after airforce-involved incident

the actual headline the AP went with for the bombing of their own office was even more pathetic

"Israel strikes Gaza home of Hamas leader, destroys AP office"


cars posted:

not recent but whatever


thinking about Hilarion Capucci again. Rise In Palestine

cars posted:


liceo posted:

updated: 22:30, 16 may. last update for the day. almost all posts are going straight to the spoiler box, so check there first. rather quiet on the various accounts right now. let's hope for all of their safety. some thoughts going around that their accounts may be deleted, in which case i have started saving all of my shares here as plain text in order to archive the resistance so that it can analyzed. here are some last daily updates:

final updates on my end for today added

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ty liceo.
solid time to remember that i$rael utilized toy-shaped cluster bombs in south lebanon (2006), killing 192 civilians, 32% of whom were children.

Of MACC SL's 192 reported civilian casualties, about 32 percent were under the age of 18. Children frequently grab submunitions out of curiosity, attracted by the ribbon or the weapon's unusual shape and size. Several also reported that they thought the submunition resembled a soda can or, in one case, a perfume bottle. The submunitions "look like a toy," said `Ali Fakih, the mukhtar of Kfar Dounine.


liceo posted:

MAJOR UPDATE: i$rael is confirmed to be using phosphorous bombs on gaza, as of this morning.

officially broke my old updates post. here's the new one from today onward:

updated: 15:05, 20 may. i've started including some memorial posts for Palestinians, which is just as crucial as archiving the events. all posts are going straight to the spoiler box for readability:


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Not to suggest it indicates anything like a turning point in US support for israel but it sure is refreshing to at least hear prominent liberals use the terms 'war crimes' and 'apartheid'.
word is that power goes out in Gaza tonight because of IDF blocking fuel transports
posting prageru on main lol

Hi. I'm an imperialist war criminal with a rich background in kicking the heads off brown babies for sport. Here's why I love the IDF.

sovnarkoman posted:

they don't seem so bad

wow now we have to tell palestine to tear down their wall too