had kitchen dreams last night

"Just admit you don't know what ceviche is. It's ok to not be able to make ceviche"
pouring boiling water into a blender full of raw chicken and egg noodles while I melt butter directly on a hot burner: "don't worry it's all good, ceviche will be ready any minute now,"
nightmare that was just hellraiser-tier shit that went on for hours
I had a dream that I found a beautiful, spacious apartment right on the beach for just a little more than what I pay for my very modest apartment right now and the only downside that the landlord was a little condescending. Genuinely disappointed when I woke up and got back to searching for whatever I can afford (very little).
I had a dream last night that my parents had a new get rich scheme where they were going to relocate to Baghdad and import rental cars for diplomats and NGO guys
I was in a man's small museum. It looked less like a museum and more of a knick-knack shop, items and newspapers covered the tables, shelves, and walls. The room was themed around the history of diplomatic relations between America and the Ottoman empire.
i was in a room lit by the moonlight with lots of reflection of the furnitures being casted onto the walls. in a cage was this canary, at first by the noise and frantic pacing it was doing i thought there was multiple canaries in the cage but when i approached and opened the cage i saw there was just one it instantly jumped on my hand and was really friendly and warming up to me. then im transported to this street someplace, in daylight. i can see a huge mansion burning down far away so i start running towards it. there was huge empty lots between the houses on each side which were considerably smaller and the cars were parked in an odd way on both the grass and the curb like the block was a game of chess. i arrive in front of the house and its really burning down, some girl was already in front and tells me 'my house is burning down' and her friend tells me 'dont listen to her, she just lost her house' so i do ignore her then im transported inside the burning house like i became a small drone and can see from the inside burning, the wooden walls and floor collapsing etc then i see some guy who looks like neo from the matrix shooting down firemen going through walls and just flat out blowing up the scared firemen who are cowering in horror and crying and calling for their mom and everything and im thinking to myself yeah thats pretty funny. then im transported back to the room again and i see this huge dog with big round eyes like these lemur adjacent animals who are diurnal. he's drooling at the mouth not like rabies foam but normal drool but he's following his tails in a manic way just like the bird so i think that he's gonna tear me apart but then he sees me and runs towards me and just sits on my lap and barks but in a friendly way
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I dreamt I was driving a car on a raised highway and for some reason one lane of the road had a giant hole in it which I couldn't avoid and drove into by accident. I felt panic then accepted despair knowing that my mistake was irreversible, then I felt the sensation of falling and closed my eyes for the impact with the ground hoping I wouldn't die but dreading the pain that surviving would come with. The impact didn't come, but everything was like one of those AI generated pictures where you can't pick out any specific object but things still look familiar enough to try. I was afraid that either this was after death and I would spend eternity in confusion or that I survived but with extreme brain damage and I was seeing what little my mind could piece together of reality. The rest of the dream was semi-lucid where I had some control but my surroundings were either patterned or empty, and very dark and I was convinced that the car crash really happened. I was trying to find some way out of this purgatory or the strength of mind to generate anything substantial in the mostly formless void I was in, but neither worked and I was genuinely scared I would be there forever all because of an accident. Eventually I burst my eyelids open in real life and woke up sweating.

I don't think I've had a dream about dying before.
a friend of mine was working on a meme and fishing for feedback. just to be a prick, i suggested he add peter griffin to it. to my shock, doing so ended up rendering the thing sublime

i woke up thinking about something else. by the time i remembered that part of the dream, i could no longer remember the joke
Had a Sopranos dream where I was a traveling businessman. Spent the entire dream looking for my hotel room.
i had a dream that my skin was falling off
dreamed that i'd got a new house that had multiple sets of rooms in it, each with stuff from a different era in my life. so if you didn't want to be in the 2020s living room with the bigass bravia you could go to the early 2000s living room with the tube tv and the dvd player and all the couches and shit from that time.

there was a lot of rooms where the previous owner had left behind a fridge, each one stocked in exactly the same way with identical unrecognizable products. one of which was an entire bear paw in a plastic bag. there was a shitty second kitchen upstairs that was being used as an office

despite having an almost uncountable number of rooms, it had only about 6 internal doors. what room a door lead to depended on what angle you were facing as you walked through it. if you span around as you crossed the door you would see the alternate room fused to it at the fourth wall

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i had a dream that my skin was falling off

there's a bit in inga clendinnen's 'aztecs: an interpretation' where she notes that if you closely aztec examine statues of the flayed lord, which take the form of a man wearing a flayed skin(something that was actually done by the priests when they sacrificed to this god), it becomes clear that it was the flayed skin and not the man wearing it that was considered to be the actual deity.
had a dream where there was a second Idaho east of Ohio but they renamed it Iawatha last Wednesday because it got confusing.
A man in a crowd some distance away raises a gun towards me. I duck for cover into an open grave which is immediately covered by an immovable stone above me.
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had a dream where a user with this avatar messaged me on a discord account I use for work. I was expecting porn, gore, or spam but when I clicked on the PM it was simply a text entry box. Unfortunately I was far too scared to write anything into it.

bonus dream: my friends partner was revealed to be a maoist

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