Death Camp 4 Amerikkka
reading lacan in the sun, feeling off the wall with vodka and cherry juice, check the web and see some pics of poolgoing partygoers in some place called ozark having an orgasmic blast in the sun, come to the realization that many Amerikans actually want to Die. placeholder for lacanian analysis of non-distancing amerikkkanss that want to die.
The future is fucked better to die early than later of dehydration and radiation poisoning.
got our first covid scare at my work. signs point to things being fine more likely than not, but still had to cancel all my plans, prepare to quarantine, etc. below me churns a bottomless pit.

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many Amerikans actually want to Die

called it:

I assumed those were fake and I'm still assuming many of the details were but apparently they now have a death toll soooo
Of fucking course a church organized.

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apparently they now have a death toll soooo

thats murder

If Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has taught me anything, it's that it's totally legal for american parents to murder their children if they believe it's god's will.
How many simulations would you have to run to come up with another culture as viscerally disgusting and morally bankrupt as American settler evangelicals
sometimes the only thing to say is what the Hell
reminder that landlords will definitely be getting a bailout, AFTER they over enthusiastically evict so many people that the rental market collapses because the homeless masses will have no realistic path back toward paying any rent at all
If you haven’t heard, Georgia just opened multiple school systems up this week (the decision is up to each county, with political nudging coming from the governor). By literally Day 2, multiple 2nd grade children were exposed in their classroom and had to be quarantined, and a high school ended up on national news because they lied about instituting even the bare minimum “health measures” they promised (the student who leaked this to social media was punitively suspended for justifiably ruining the administration’s month by making them first group of imbeciles to be exposed to the entire country, or at least the part of the country that aren’t genocidally-inclined philistines who want to be the next Typhoid Mary). Obviously as we all know one of the reasons for doing this is to knowingly kill as many people as possible, but I don’t know much about how public school system/public university funding budgets in this hellhole country works. I wonder what deep financial abyss is behind this facade of “reopening” that the county commissioners and state government are talking about behind closed doors. I guess decades of being blood sucking vampires is about to blow up in their faces. But that’s the best case scenario

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School funding is tied primarily to attendance and secondarily to student achievement in most districts. People rightly complain about charter / private schools as perpetuating class and race oppression and putting profit and careerism over actual education, but on an even more basic level, if a district has a public school with 2500 kids, and then a charter school opens with capacity for the 200 high-achieving indigo children of hippie boomers, the public school budget goes down, because they're only serving 2300 kids. Sorry for over explaining but I'm not gonna rewrite anything this far into the post. Superintendents and other DOE functionaries want their districts to open because their salaries depend on the districts being open, and so do their sweetheart deals with Sysco, the local police, school equipment and textbook manufacturers.. and beyond that, the school budget is usually predicated on the previous year's budget, to the extent that most districts save money by doing the opposite of saving money, which according to my sources, is spending the money. It's a deep financial abyss but not any different than the typical financial abyss we've been abseiling into for the last few entireties of our whole lives
Hmm... I think it's time for me to go back to college.

this open up interesting possibilities with respect to giving historical figures honorary degrees

The Pentagon redirected most of its $1 billion in pandemic funding to defense contractors who exchanged the money for jet engine parts, body armor, dress uniforms,