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Well I look at it from a Soviet perspective where you have distinction between the military and militarism (interlinked with imperialism). Similarly, I see a distinction between gaming and gamers (or gamer-ism), furthermore

sort of like the distinction between pleasurable shared activities based on customary rules and goals in general, and the specific activity of compulsively collecting and running resource-intense computer programs that are designed to be addicting to children

and adults!

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and adults!

Actually, video games are for children.

Gaming is okay, if you're a child.

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yeah video games are like a class of drugs that lack the redeeming effect of making you cool

From the makers of Crisis in the Kremlin and Ostalgie comes Deng Simulator.


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i think eradicating electronic games is going to be an important part of the culture-wide psychological therapy necessary to heal the mental damage caused by capitalism, and an important part of any successful strategy to save the world ecology from total collapse

*extremely Cool Hand Luke voice* Critical support

have been really zenning out with cities skylines. i put a podcast on or something nice on spotify and just build my little utopia, it's so chill.
i love that game but i always end up with shitty grids and really bad traffic and then i give up

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i love that game but i always end up with shitty grids and really bad traffic and then i give up

sounds like you've got what it takes to become a real world city planner


sovnarkoman posted:

i love that game but i always end up with shitty grids and really bad traffic and then i give up

the trick is to start making highway on/off access asap. I'll try to find the youtube guy who changed my game. don't be afraid to spread out and be messy, forget about grids.

So you're getting your harmony on, by burying your head in some shiny pro-car propaganda. Sounds like climate change denial to me
you would think there was a video game called swampman but there isn't

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you would think there was a video game called swampman but there isn't

There is a "vido game" called LIFE and swampman is the protogonist

i'd rather play steep
or this one

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wrong thread
One funny things about video games, to me, is if you sit in one place for thousands of hours playing the exact same video game level over and over, eventually you'll call what you're doing "speed running"... frickin millenials
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I'm playing a game called Objects In Space that looks like a dos game and it's about being a trucker in space after a half-successful attempt to colonize a new star cluster far away from Earth. I set my shitty little freighter on course and listen to a podcast, pausing sometimes to read the galactic news. Lots of hints of good weird political commentary in it so far, good Sunday chill out game
merked about 50 fuckin chimpanzees in sekiro: shadows die twice.

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just found out there's a skyrim documentary floating around out there.
thanks. please destroy it.
i got bloodborne for 10bux so ive been playing a bit of that. i never played a souls game before and im not sure whether that helps or hurts but i am definitely a 'casual' player so the learning curve was like running headfirst into a brick wall. started to get the hang of it by fighting literally the first handful of enemies over and over to practice moves and get a feel for things. it's a bit offputting at first that your attacks and other moves don't just start and end immediately you press button, but you get used to it quickly enough if you try. i think it clicked for me when i realised it's pretty much a NES game, in terms of lack of hand holding sure but also in terms of enemy behaviour being predictable, enemies being bounded to certain areas, etc. like metroid but with demon stuff. i played far enough to activate levelling and upgrading gear, and finally played a little co-op with an irl pal whom live interstate. we beat each others' cleric beasts together. i was pretty confident by that stage that i could beat it by myself anyway so it was fun to just tear it up with a friend. i don't know how far i'll get because i'm just gonna keep picking it up to play for half an hour here and there but i have to say it's a good game and worth getting over the initial frustration. overall i rate bloodborne two thumbs up.
bloodborne owns and is honestly way better than dark souls. it's harder tho.
game review:

in this game you run along and kill things and run and kill and run some more and pick up items from their exploded bodies and then kill and kill and kill and kill for items, bodies exploding in showers of gore, limbs hacked off, items flowing like blood from their corpses, for ever,

rating: functionally no different from a clicker
game review: it is game. why bother? game is pointless, and for child
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aww :,)
baba is you looks really fun ive seen vinny play it... im no good at vid ego games

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MRRL time me and mark ruzo me and fucking mark ruzo


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i ended up giving this a shot and yeah its fun. i play it now when i have literally 5-10min to unwind, its perfect for that.

my 2yo likes goat simulator or as he calls it "silly goat".


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your avatar will be *dissolved*
im in the stratosphere