i confess the heresy of currently playing


that was good to get off my chest. steep is really fucking awesome btw, i'm trying to get my brother-in-law to buy it for his home theater

steep was ps plus for january yeah? i think i installed it and it demanded i make an ubisoft account or something and i couldnt be bothered so i deleted it
it's as relaxing as it is challenging, i like it
I mean yeah it sounded fun i just have zero patience for all of this always online nonsense unless it's seamless and I don't have to do anything to make it work
ubisoft is a very insidious piece of software i grant, but it works pretty well
like, i dont even care about it on any sort of ethical grounds, its just video game, whatever man. install extreme amounts of spyware on my playstation, i dont mind, so long as you require zero effort from me when i want to start a game
i think we should start over
I am currently sleeping on a couch with my desktop in storage so I cannot play awful video games but once I get a new lease I would like to finish the campaign for Syrian Warfare: Return To Palmyra and the updated Fallout mod for HOI4
ive played some Smash Bros
i just beat link's awakening (DX)

toutvabien posted:

i just beat link's awakening (DX)

psyched for the remake

in other news, daemon x machina demo was good

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playing a lot of point and click adventure games and walking simulators... and roms of the DS castlevania games. good shit.

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do i have to do the captured memories quest in zelda BotW? i beat the 4 dungeons but never went to the spots that artist guy suggested. prefer to think of link as a pre-sex 12-yo and resent how the world's trying to set me up with zelda.

iirc it just gets you an extra post-credits scene (the 'true ending') and it is sort of an asexual romantic moment between link and zelda

i posit that this "100% culture" is bad for mental health
would you say that whenever you hear "100% culture," that's when you reach for your revolver?
you've heard of the five percenters right? thats nothing, listen to this
we are the 100%

toutvabien posted:

i posit that this "100% culture" is bad for mental health

in terms of detrimental effect on mental health it is on par with social media use imo

has anyone played Smash Bros
i finished Link Awakening and started Oracle of Ages

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has anyone played Smash Bros


pillars of eternity, a bunch of people said it was "thoroughly alright" and I am here to confirm that it is in fact thoroughly alright

kinch posted:

lykourgos is making a game: https://antiquity-games.itch.io/theseus-journey-to-athens

It's true! I just uploaded a build to steam, they're going to review it and hopefully I can click the "publish" button on the 28th.


There is a free demo available on itch, and a pre-release version at the full price. The pre-release build that's up on itch is not the latest build. I'll update it at the end of the weekend, but honestly check out the demo and if it's something you like then wait for the full release on the 28th. I put the pre-release up because I promised to have something post-demo available last week, but the old build is not complete and it contains plenty of bugs.

On the Itch.io site I also have an older, simpler game hosted for free. It's a visual novel set in Ancient Greece.

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that looks cool. good work ancient greek poster guy
another dating sim?

c_man posted:

has anyone played Smash Bros

i have

Over watch is the most liberal game of all time
new factorio patch everyone
have you played oxygen not included?
i put it off for a long time because its possibly the ugliest game ive ever seen but finally tried it a month ago. fortunately it runs like shit on my laptop so i dont have to risk liking a game that looks like it was made by schmorky.
I got more ren & stimpy vibes from it but yeah lol i can totally see schmorky in the art style now. it's good though, i have a friend who's really into those boring "build a base and manage every single little aspect" type of games and he basically plays it to the exclusion of everything else.
which means i fucking destroy him in basically every fighting game we play when we chill
i recently got dead cells and would highly recommend it, although i probably wouldn't pay very much for it. its a castlevania-like roguelite, with 16 bit style graphics and pretty simple gameplay. its frustrating because, like old school games, theres no saving and you have one life so when you die, you start over with almost none of your progress carrying over. good simple fun
Just popping back in to say that I released the first version of Theseus: Journey to Athens on Steam and Itch. The free demo is available on Itch; I would recommend checking it out first and seeing if the gameplay suits your tastes. It is essentially the full first town, but it is lacking some polish from the full version. I will probably make a new demo build tonight after work.

lo posted:

Thank you! If you like classical antiquity, I hope you enjoy the game.

tears posted:

My first game was a visual novel (it's up for free on itch) so it's in that category, but it's not very romantic. I had a lot of difficulty with the compiler so there are some bugs, but you'll find that the only "romance" option in the game ends rather poorly for your character (See Lysias 1, On the Murder of Eratosthenes).

In the new game, the time period includes Theseus meeting Perigune, his first wife.

thanks for sharing, if i had some extra money i'd buy it. adding to my wishlist.