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Brazil's future is so fucking bleak, people are going to die and western journalists are all busy sucking hitler dick because Market Outlook Is Good

solidarity to the Brazilian people under siege, hoping for their safety in this crisis
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pitched something and said, “It’s like if Terry Gilliam directed ____.” I fell in love with this film and those of Jean-Pierre Jeunet while I was in film school at Northwestern. I would love more than anything to make a film with a Gilliam level of design and art.
i don't have anything funny to post, i'm still processing this
The Economist Intelligence Unit has predicted something like this every year for the past three years in their Brazil section of their death watch rag, which means it's not meant to be a prediction but a suggestion, and the U.S. media turned on a dime from helping Bolsonaro out through Red-baiting propaganda campaigns against Brazil and other governments to screeching that the Russians made this happen. Maybe he'll get shot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Aside for the obvious human costs, the environmental impacts of this seem nothing less the apocalyptic

Anyone know any good Brazilian communist parties or indeigenous groups I could read the writings of? Maoists, Hoxhaists, national liberation groups and such. Brazilian politics isnt something I know much about.

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real KKKlanada hours


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Anyone know any good Brazilian communist parties or indeigenous groups I could read the writings of? Maoists, Hoxhaists, national liberation groups and such. Brazilian politics isnt something I know much about.

PCR is the ICMLPO (Unity & Struggle)-affiliated party in Brazil, here's their site and here's their paper.

lets fucking kill him !!
if elected president i will order the immediate assassination of one bolsonaro, jair
my favourite thing about the brasilian right was when they organised street protests against judith butler, the sole organizer of this whole 'gender' thing that's been going down today and fucking everything up
motherfucker lookin like carl sagan's evil brother

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motherfucker lookin like carl sagan's evil brother

I get Event Horizon Sam neill

Remember when Bolsonaro got world famous for dedicating a long-winded speech on the floor of parliament to Brilhante Ustra? it was right around when the U.S.-backed, Neo-Nazi Kiev coup government's Azov Battalion started recruiting from Neo-Nazi covens in Brazilian cities, and also around when John Kerry went down to Brasília to legitimize Temer's right-wing coup government there, which put soldiers in the streets to attack the opposition. That's So Funny How That Worked Out.
ty to xipe, dm and other posters here for crystal-balling what's happening now in Brazil, though I will point out that this forum again failed to follow through on the necessary assassinations.
brazil was a shitty movie, dont watch it imo
Actually,, it’s good
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whoever came up with the phrase "teachable moment" can get absolutely fucked
we're going to explore this issue from all angles, but mostly the ones where fascism makes giant dollar signs appear above our heads
i respect glenn greenwald a lot but he is almost completely wrong as to the impetus to elect Bolsonaro. it isn't "some men just want to watch the world burn." it's that neoliberalism created massive problems and the competing solutions were "solve the problems" or "kill the bastards". for some, solving the problems comparatively threatens their material interests, and for others, fixing the problems would help them, but killing the bastards is more psychically satisfying
there is not even 10% the necessary analysis of how hate and sadism play into people's worldviews. i feel like too many people have buried their minds in fiction where a relatable villain requires that the bad guy cries while they snap their purple fingers to kill trillions. the people who like trump and bolsonaro are giddy to spread righteous death to those they hate
Love too increase oversight of my Alert Desk protocols and shore up my processes for proper distribution
Guess it's not just me
One would hope that seeing what plays out when a democratically elected south american left wing government is overthrown "within the bounds of democracy" and seeing nakedly the class composition and views of the right wing opposition would bring socdems, anarchists, etc. around on Venezuela and Nicaragua but of course nothing of the sort will happen. If PT had instead put Michel Temer in jail preemptively the anarchist line on the election would be indistinguishable from the NYTs. Hell it's pretty much that now anyways.
the wsj endorsing and then celebrating this fascist. This paper needs to be destroyed

“The recent elections of like-minded leaders in key countries, including Iván Duque in Colombia and, last weekend, Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, are positive signs for the future of the region, and demonstrate a growing regional commitment to free-market principles, and open, transparent and accountable governance,” Bolton said at Freedom Tower in Miami, a national historic landmark that served as a processing center for Cuban refugees in the 1960s.

Latin America was a major staging ground for the Cold War, leading to U.S. policies such as the one that allowed Cubans fleeing Fidel Castro’s rule to resettle stateside. Bolton said the United States would not allow a resurgence of communism in the hemisphere, vowing to defend “freedom fighters.”
idk about anyone else but i'm not terribly keen on the idea of a new cold war without the ussr
*techno remix of the internationale blares as “USSR 2.0” bursts through the tunnel*

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*techno remix of the internationale blares as “USSR 2.0” bursts through the tunnel*


Hidden History: The US “War On Corruption” In Brasil

Around the same time as the Rio de Janeiro conference in 2009, new Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave an address to the Council of the Americas in New York, which now feels prescient. In her speech to the David Rockefeller-founded Wall Street lobby, a grinning Secretary Clinton promotes a theme that “the ballot box is not enough” in Latin America, and that “sustainable democracies do more than have elections”. While pointedly reaffirming her commitment to democratic “ideals”, she suggests a “independent, capable judiciary” and “vibrant civil society” are what is really needed in the region for its democracies to mature.

The speech is all the more remarkable coming off the back of US loss of influence in the hemisphere following electoral defeats of its favoured candidates, and that in the intervening decade since, the US Government has gone on to bet on the most powerful, unelected arm of government in Brazil – the Judiciary – which is predominantly white, male and conservative, and now nicknamed “The Dictatorship of the Toga”.

did anybuggy watch brazil?

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i dont think they actually mean 1.45 degrees annually...

Local vegetation-driven changes in climate are particularly important in the context of global climate change because they influence both regional and global circulation and precipitation patterns [47–49], and may have a compounding influence on observed local temperature increases. In tropical regions, for example, the 1.08 ± 0.25°C local warming caused by a 50% reduction in forest cover may add to the estimated 1.7 ± 0.0001°C regional warming expected from global change under an intermediate and realistic warming scenario (MIROC5 model, RCP 4.5). Increased temperatures in already hot locations may increase human mortality rates and electricity demands, reduce agricultural yields and water resources, and contribute to biodiversity collapse, particularly in tropical regions [50–55]. Furthermore, local warming may cause shifts in species distributions , including for species involved in infectious disease transmissions [57]. Because forest change lies at the heart of the warming problem, initiatives to reduce deforestation should remain a priority. In conjunction, both passive (natural) and active (planted) forestation should be promoted within originally forested areas in tropical and temperate biomes as restored forest has the potential to benefit biodiversity [58] and also reverse the climatic effects of deforestation.

1.7 +/- .0001 lol
it may not be exactly 1.7. could be 1.6999, could be 1.7001. its a chaotic system, these things are hard to predict.