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I wish factorials would calm down

this is really interesting I'll have to think about the possibilities more in the future. One thought:

toyot posted:

2 dimensions of infinity to write special characters using both the additive and multiplicative identities. but they are not very bit-efficient, like writing numbers by tally mark.

in this case instead of using tally marks you can intermingle the modes of encoding complicated zeros in order to represent binary codes, making the number of awkward sequences logarithmic rather than tally (linear). I.e. -1*-1*0+-1*0+-1*-1*0 is the encoding of special character 5.

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I have recently observed that, in nature, things don't contain each other. Most bourgeois ideological formations are fictitious.
did u guys figure out math yet. i was afk
yeah two plus two is four minus one that s three
my understanding of math is that one divides into two
particularly when the divisor is 1/2
tfw. wtf. ftw. whats trhe connecttion here? well, algebraically speaking, they are all moments in a cyclic permutation. you simply cant argue with these numbe
sad that joke got no upvotes. rip,,
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the tiling one is interesting. the results for 2d are well enough known and there are actually often interesting physics involved in the difference between processes that produce square vs hexagonal tilings. for example, soap films will never produce rectangular tilings in 2d because four-fold vertices are unstable without external forces. however, this means that there are special cases, for example in quasi-2D tissues like skin, where external forces can stabilize rectangular tilings

as for shannon, information theory is one of the great hopes for bridging quantum mechanics and general relativity, since both have ways of measuring information (in particular the information associated with black holes) that have to match up. this means that its not impossible that information theory ends up having a more important long term impact on the field than string theory!

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