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ages 21-40


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everyone who works for vice dresses like an undercover cia operative

six things he could not do without: someone who gave birth to him, human contact, stimulation, a source of vitamin c, basic hygeine, somewhere to sleep


wow i got 3 out of 6, owned
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he likes everything from goth to grime, but nothing from a to goth or grime to z
as far as i can tell the only thing between goth and grime is gregorian chanting
everything except genge and grunge
credit where credit's due, i also think the gqom genre is one of the most exciting new developments in electronic music
here we here we here we fucking go!!!!!


Shootings and mail bombs are not what America is about.

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jacobin needs to stop dropping hints about their paymasters

i decided to, yet again, watch another vice news report on the fascists in ukraine, and the reporter's idiocy and childishness is, yet again, jaw-dropping

these guys are all but telling him that they're committed to ideas of ethnic cleansing and racial purity, lawlessness and so on, and he's just constantly wanking on about how COOL it all is


killed vs died

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killed vs died


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USA: I broke you.. and I can just as easily break you more!!!!!
jesus christ
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the mailbox in the house i live is too small so when my neighbor's issue of the economist arrives it sticks out and leaves the mailbox open, ruining everyone's mail when it rains. thanks the economist. thanks western journalism.

if it destroys even one copy of the economist,

best western journalism
Some Western experts say the Kremlin's tactics in the Sea of Azov are straight out of the Kremlin playbook.
this thread had humble beginnings, but i always believed. *sniffles*
I cannot believe those pesky Russians waltzed right into Ukraine and stole those ships that as I understand it were only laying wreaths of remembrance for the Holodomor(TM).

Thank g-d that the films warned me about those evil baddies.
I cannot believe those pesky Russians waltzed right into Ukraine and stole those ships that as I understand it were only laying wreaths of remembrance for the Holodomor(TM).

Thank g-d that the films warned me about those evil baddies.
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i loved this from the ft editorial on it today:

Ukraine's decision to sail a military tug and two gunboats through the Kerch Strait between Russian-occupied Crimea and Russian territory may have been a deliberate attempt to capture attention, one week before Russia's Vladimir Pution is expected to meet US president Donald Trump at the G20.

may have been! huh, yuh don't say


Quarter-trillion-dollar bank which stole several hundred people's homes due to a computer error without really worrying about liability says that 1/3 trillion dollar pharmaceutical company which sold asbestos to babies doesnt really need to worry about liability and is actually a great deal
not sure if this is a "die inside" thing or more of a "thank fuck you woke up to it" sort of article


As Salvini sat watching a soccer game, beer in hand, perfectly at home in the Israel that the Likud Party has built, I watched from the corner of the bar, trying to work out where I’d gone wrong. It was my optimism. It had led me to imagine my desired politics as the future of actual geopolitics. What I saw was what I wanted: a growing, unbeatable Obama coalition in the U.S., producing progressive majorities that would win every election, while the European Union pursued a consolidating common foreign policy, with Human Rights Watch diplomacy and Merkelism for all.

segment which does a good job of showing off the rise in communist party popularity in russia's east is instead marketed as PUTIN'S ICY GRIP ON POWER THAWING

Good news, Putin and his global pushback against U.S. policy will soon be challenged by *squinting* Russia's Communist Party
just fuck me up, Aunty

i guess it was just too hard to write "Convicted neonazi incites violence towards African-Australian beachgoers"
Women's liberation is at the core of our movement. Women launch half of the genocidal fire from the sky.


The identification of the sound source does not mean that an attack of some sort did not happen, but it casts doubt over the sound being responsible for the diplomats’ health problems. The cause and nature of their illnesses remains unclear.

look, I agree, Fidel's last wish was to prank the Yankee embassy hard

'Sonic attack' on US embassy in Havana could have been crickets, say scientists

real WaPo headline: “I been eatin like a boss”: Federal prisoners served steak by unpaid guards during shutdown