everyone who works for vice dresses like an undercover cia operative
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jansenist_drugstore posted:

lol that the only three positives they could come up with apply equally to people who dont work there

it's pretty clear by now that vice people don't understand how to get those things in the normal human way
remember when vice news were the only news agency permitted go to raqqa and film daesh goons spnning doughnuts in former nato tanks, really makes u think
"vice to meet you mr baghdadi" - shane smith
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posted a billion times but who cares

thats still proclick
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western journalism has NEVER made me die inside, but what it does to the insides of western journalists themselves i shudder to think
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Caesura109 posted:

the re-education camps, surveillance and checkpoints are real.

so is the terrorism

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i still think about the leaked VICE style guide sometimes

presstv: IRGC vows to avenge Ahvaz terror attack

reuters: Iran's Revolutionary Guards threaten to avenge military parade attack
An idiot’s manifesto

is he gonna kill himself now
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morbid curiosity here i suppose and suppressed female rage
might as well help him do it then lol

Caesura109 posted:

like look at oz katerji, i absolutely believe he thinks he's on a moral crusade and is always searching for an opportunity to virtue signal about it by engaging with faceless twitter accounts

absolutely this. he's a genuine howler. his shilling for nusra, his vicious, misogynistic, and sectarian harassment of leftist, female, non-sunni arab journalists, the alliances with a parade of neocon creeps and weirdos like lister, the preening 50 tweet threads where like every other freak he calls for bombing the enemies of al qaeda and also wants you to know he's risking his life with every preening 50 tweet thread, stanning for turkey as they ethnically cleansed afrin, etc. i mean i suppose there's no point criticising him for any of this because it's what almost every other dipshit journalist with a platform and a brand does these days when it comes to the middle east and syria in particular but it makes me die a bit when you see this blooter going off on one time and again without any consequences.

plus the fucker blocked me on twitter.

Akim, 25, is nearly the same age as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). He works in his father’s small cafe in the heart of Skopje, the nation’s capital, pulling espresso shots and scooping ice cream. But he wants more: better opportunities for work, education, and healthcare. That’s why, he says, after work he’s heading straight to his neighborhood polling station to vote in favor of changing his country’s official name.
as a diaspora maco born and raised in oz i feel so sorry for all the futureless kids in ex-yugoland whose hopes on the EU, while misplaced, seem so rational when compared to the status quo. the total collapse of the communist left is so earth-shatteringly bad in ex-yugoland
the referendums corpse is barely cold and the vultures are already claiming its organs

Result of Macedonia's referendum is another victory for Russia
"For students of the 2016 US presidential election, Russia’s methods in Macedonia look highly familiar. Disinformation campaigns and “fake news”, cyberwarfare and hacking, phoney Facebook and Twitter accounts and secret cash payments – the modern equivalent of communist-era “red gold” – are all alleged to have been used."

"Mattis’s attempt to bolster the yes vote, backed by $8m in US congressional funding, were complemented by visits by Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, Jens Stoltenberg, the Nato secretary general, and Federica Mogherini, the EU’s foreign policy chief. Britain’s Foreign Office reportedly provided referendum funds.

All sought to assure Macedonians their future security and prosperity were best served by closer integration with the west. "

even if we were going to assume it went down just like that article claims, isn't that really embarrassing? that millions of dollars of western influence can be shrugged off by a handful of facebook ads and a few grand slipped to some thugs? the most sympathetic reading of the western narrative has russia as a plucky and mysteriously successful underdog. i don't think they've really thought this through
the US has spent the past 70 years getting repeatedly humiliated by plucky mysteriously successful underdogs, novelty has worn off
change its name to the future yugoslav republic of macedonia, you're welcome
alexander the great proletarian revolution
I’m glad America lost the name change, I personally do not care for Bigmacedonia

tears posted:

everyone who works for vice dresses like an undercover cia operative

talking of poorly dressed cia operatives guess who i found on okcupid and made me want to immeditely set up an INLA/Red Army Fraction in London for my own mental health

cant wait to go on a date with him and half way during my 2nd pint we get into a giant argument over assad and then i beat him up with my eu passport
Think about the results of a profile that suggests his date's task will be mindless distraction from his life as a deeply Online genius saint who knows more big words than you... pretty easy to guess why he's freaking the fuck out on Twitter nightly.
A man begging for sex in the vest from Castle, but unironically. Extreme baby dick energy.
Extreme baby dick energy, a hitherto unknown effect of the assad curse
wear a tshirt saying CANT MOSSAD THE ASSAD for the date
ok find me a suitable redbubble with it shop and i will wear it to hell and back even in bed and my kick boxing classes