I've said I'd do a post on political parties in the EU special territories, but there's not that many of them that have a propaganda cchannel I can check out online and I don't have the funds to do a world trip to find them first hand. Also there's like 20 parties in the Canary Islands who might no longer exist. So I've scrapped it, and that means the end of this project unless you really want me to do some conclusion post for this.
Rhizzone-approved party list
ty for this thread it's real good and useful for me.
To you speaks the caricatural id of the Rhizzone posting population to bring you their concluding remarks of the state of leftist parties in Europe enslaved by the imperialist-supracapitalist €urop€an Union: for a Rhizzonist Internationale of the Sixth Sense

Friends, Comrades, Colonels of Zapato,

In our search for the parties worthy of our attention in the first world inbetween bouts of discussing the FARC, the YPG and CPI(M) (where M stands for Maoist, you revisionist bitch fuckre), we must sadly conclude that at least 75% of the parties active in these imperialist states are 100% bullshit and traitors to the class struggle. However, we've decided within the collective leadership of the National Council of Posting Without Limits that we will bring extra attention to the parties we do care about somewhat, in alphabetical order of the country they're in.

Austria: The rump state of German interests has surprisingly several interesting parties, but none of them as interesting as the PdA which manages to both remove the veil of socialdemocracy from the eyes of the workers as serve the people through their antifascist struggle. Honorary mention to the weirdos in the Fifth International of Arbeiter*innenstandpunkt for actually doing work in the streets instead of being paper trots.
Belgium: A sad ordeal of parties where none of them believe in the Shining Light of Juche. If we have to pick one, we reluctantly pick the PVDA-PTB because they at least have an organisational basis.
Bulgaria: The comrade who gave us his results on Bulgaria had not learned Bulgarian during his work. We have sent him to a struggle session in IFAP and will be following the KPB until further notice shows them being also bullshit. Their article length from what we can tell seems adequate.
Croatia: The case here was obvious. Crvena akcija is the only party in the most recent acquisition of European capital to have the foresight to demand of interested comrades to discuss their interest through PGP keys, which only shows they fully understand democratic centralism in a way the parliamentarians in the GUE never could.
Cyprus: In the discussion between the right-opportunist AKEL who dared go into a government without a protracted people's war like our comrades in Nepal and the left-opportunist NEDA, the Rhizzone National Council takes the most anti-imperialist path, which in this case means we hope Turkey takes over Cyprus from European Capital (as TUrkey is still only part of the miilitary wing of US imperialism, not the economic wing) and the DHKP-C call for people's war.
Czech Republic: We bedrudingly support the KSCM as it's the only party that seems to frighten the Velvet counterrevolutionaries in Czechia.
Denmark: The APK seem to have the most correct analysis on the EU, and it didn't almost liquidate itself in something as stupid as a "'""Unity List"'"" of right-opportunists.
Estonia: The Rhizzone finds Estonia should be returned to the Soviets, and this left-reformist party won't help.
Finland: The KTP actively supports the science of Juche, and should be supported in return.
France: The PRCF regularly uses football analogies in its articles, and as the PCI has said "Hey Mamma mia, you can't-a make-a the revolution without knowing Juve Merda" also we wanted them to shut up so we said ok to supporting them.
Germany: We were shocked to find out that there's a legal party within the most capitalist nation in Europe that think the DDR was good. The KPD gets our support.
Greece: The Greek left is enough of a joke as it is, which is why we support the biggest source of hellatious laughter the KKE. Honorary mention to the OAKKE for giving the correct facts that Chechens did in fact do 9/11
Hungary: Balpart doesn't seem to want to drown refugees, which is all we can ask for really. If only Kruschev backed off huh
Ireland: We demand the Official IRA restart its people's war against the British. Honorary mention to LARP groups being registered as legal parties
Italy: The Rifondazione seems to be the only party in Italy actually combatting the protofascism of Beppo Grelli, which makes them objectively good in our opinion.
Latvia: Give it back to the Soviets
Lithuania: Kick racism out of the left, give it back to the Soviets
Luxemburg: The KPL is the only party to go to the streets and serve the people against the interests of vulture capitalists at Lidl
Malta: We are sending a Rhizzone emergency squad to kickstart the left there as we speak!
the Netherlands: Swamp Germans, NCPN saw through the imperialism in Kosovo though, so they deserve kudos.
Poland: Once again, only the KPP frightens the Solidarnosc counterrevolutionaries
Portugal: We eagerly await the return of people's war by the PCTP. Until then the PCP will do, I guess
Romania: We support that communist party that frightens the counterrevolutionaries and is illegal rn. Keep up the fight
Slovakia: Will return to this when we can be sure fascist viruses won't infect our PC (necessary for our weird twitter sessions)
Slovenia: We go for the party that wasn't founded in the fucking Hilton what the fuck
Spain: TUmblr is a necessary part to make the unity between the class struggle and the twee struggle. UCE
Sweden: The KP frightens the social fascists.
United Kingdom: *wakes up in a cold sweat* HARPAL BRAR IS A REVISIONIST! RCPB-ML

In this concludes the parties we could consider to contact in a RHizzonist European Internationale. I'll make the website. Fronpage please
now THATS a list I can get behind

belgend posted:

"Hey Mamma mia, you can't-a make-a the revolution without knowing Juve Merda"

what the hell happened in the netherlands

JohnBeige posted:

what the hell happened in the netherlands

you're gonna have to be more specific

fascists defeated in favor of, what, a bush jr esque party? green-left alliance grew, soc dems imploded?

JohnBeige posted:

fascists defeated in favor of, what, a bush jr esque party? green-left alliance grew, soc dems imploded?

- neoliberals were able to predictably put the worst parts of austerity on the social democrats
- green-left liberals grew as did the regular left liberals
- the fascists got bigger but not as big as previously thought
- the left-reformists didn't have a fashion icon as a spokesperson and they got ignored by the wokes