bush then pressed the wesley button, pulled the butt cord and asked if you missed him yet.
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i really think he has no idea whats going on. hes either wasted or hes losing it
bath salts
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aerdil posted:

bath salts

Actually Bush lost a shitload of brain cells in 2002 when he choked on the pretzel. thats why in 2004 against kerry they had to put a radio pack in the back of his suit for debates. at this point he is only lucid for a few hours a day. the pieces are all falling into place...

Reagan had Alzheimer's too. Coincidence?
the painting is a part of his therapy
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the product of a broken mind

A lot of times w degenerative mental illnesses the first signs other people see manifest themselves in awkward social situations.
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They monitor minor rightist politicians health and run secret blood tests on them w the help of pharmaceutical companies and when one gets an early diagnosis of dementia Charles Koch gets a phone call like "we got one"

tpaine posted:

haha, he's also not wearing black

look at you, mister owns-a-different-suit-for-any-occasion, fashion policing old pensioners

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I think it's a shower mirror. Shaving in the shower owns, good choice GW
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he's lined up to make sure the camera doesn't fall into the toilet while it takes the photo reference.
George Bush pwns
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plus, Cop Funeral's got a good beat. it's easy to dance to.
re-creation of the alleged event for non-experts:

he's seriously actually dancing at the race war cop funeral. i'm not even laughing, it's gone beyond that to cackling

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more real talk: 1) drifting during music is a thing for alzheimer's patients because music is a gap-jumper in the human brain, people with neurological disorders can sometimes dance to music they know from earlier in life even if they can't walk or stand unaided, some people with perfect "phonographic" memory of speeches, lectures, etc. can only use it if they sing what they're told back to themselves in their heads, there's an infamous record called "religion for the retarded" that was used to teach concepts of catholic theology to the mentally disabled through repetitive song, and so singing songs they know can both bring alzheimer's patients back to the present or send them into the past depending on context. 2) dude in the yellow tie is either really mad at a random singer doing nothing out of the ordinary for some reason or he's performing the peripheral-vision-stare-but-don't-stare perfected by anyone who has ever had to attend multiple open-bar events with their bosses. 3) new york city ufo sighting reports in the 5 years before 9/11 were 17% more likely to mention the twin towers than any other structure.

In Strange Twist, Bush Is Suffering From Same Gland Disease as Wife
Published: May 10, 1991

BETHESDA, Md., May 9— In what President Bush's doctors said was a bizarre twist to his medical story, his overactive thyroid was found today to be caused by the same, noncontagious thyroid condition for which his wife, Barbara, is being treated. The condition is Graves' disease, an affliction in which the immune system inexplicably attacks the gland in the neck....

The association between Alzheimer's disease and thyroid disease in Rochester, Minnesota.
Neurology. 1991 Nov;41(11):1745-7.
Yoshimasu F1, Kokmen E, Hay ID, Beard CM, Offord KP, Kurland LT.

...To determine whether an association exists between Alzheimer's disease (AD) and thyroid disease, we carried out two studies in the population of Rochester, Minnesota....The second study was a retrospective case-control comparison that sought any relationship between AD and all thyroid disorders, using a previously identified (1960 to 1979) AD cohort (N = 646) and their age- and sex-matched controls. For myxedema there was a positive association for AD without significance, whereas in Graves' disease there was a significant negative association for AD.

Drinking alcohol reduces the risk of developing Graves’ disease
A publication of the American Thyroid Association
Summaries for Patients from Clinical Thyroidology (from recent articles in Clinical Thyroidology)

...Approximately 88% of the patients without Graves’ disease reported some degree of alcohol consumption while only 72% of patients with Graves’ disease drank alcohol. This protective effect was true even at low levels of alcohol consumption and was slightly more pronounced at higher level of alcohol consumption. There was no difference noted between types of alcohol consumption—beer, wine or spirits.


This study suggests that even a small amount of weekly alcohol consumption (one bottle of beer or one glass of wine) seems to reduce the risk of developing Graves’ disease, independent of age, sex and smoking. This effect is higher with moderate alcohol consumption (1-2 glasses of wine or similar amount of any other kind of alcohol per day). This study adds to the potential health benefits of mild to moderate alcohol consumption.

DYTH (drink yourself to health)
i agree. studies have shown a significant negative association between the functioning of george bush and health.
does "negative association" not mean what I think it means? isn't that saying people with Graves' disease are less likely to develop Alzheimer's?

drwhat posted:

does "negative association" not mean what I think it means? isn't that saying people with Graves' disease are less likely to develop Alzheimer's?

Sleuth posits that Bush is prescribed alcohol by doctors and therefore didnt do 911

the nurses are busy so i'll walk through it.

1) both of george w. bush's parents developed graves' disease.
2) people who develop graves' disease are less likely to develop alzheimer's, which is known to run in families.
3) but DYTD reduces your chance to develop graves' disease.
4) george w. bush is marching like a care bear at funerals while his parents are still with it enough to launch insults up their hyperthyroidic necks at him.
5) i wasn't being serious, i've just seen Spin like everyone who posts here.
cocaine in ear = dance all funeral
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I'm the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral
Can't understand what I mean?
Well you soon will.
how many pokemons do u think george has caught so far

aerdil posted:

how many pokemons do u think george has caught so far

Of the roughly 780 pokemon who have been detained at the United States pokecenter at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, 695 have been transferred and 76 remain. In addition, nine detainees acquired Pokerus while in custody.


glomper_stomper posted:

george is fucking losing it. oh my god

holy shit bush looks like a perfect cross of his mom and dad now

i proclaim this... THE SUMMER OF GEORGE!