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in six months I'll be legally allowed to make jokes abt other ppl being fat

yeah just wait until i get this tracking monitor off my ankle, then i'll tell you who's fat


Apparently this is symbolic of an imminent major announcement by the DPRK.
the big announcement is that the DPRK has signed an exclusive deal with Netflix to make a Pulgasari sequel
seems very leaderish in those photos. is the horse doing that or what
dprk breeds supernaturally strong horse capable of carrying kim jong un. clear proof of juche superiority
the horse is fat!!
neither the horse nor kim jong un is fat
the big announcement is that kim jong un has completed his quest to dethrone the witch queen of mytos k'unn after rolling four natural 20s in a row, returning the enchanted goblet to the people while riding a gleaming white steed

ialdabaoth posted:

neither the horse nor kim jong un is fat

he’s FAT!!

Kim Jong Un looks good!

cars posted:

he’s FAT!!

what the DPRK propaganda ministry doesn't want you to see:

Those balloons are filled with nerve gas ready to unleash during the mandatory kim jung un parade and which if you don't go your family gets imprisoned for 1488 years.
he's PHAT
You should try shopping that picture around some news sites, see if you can get some money for some gullible sucker willing to believe anything that makes the DPRK look bad.
north koren dictatorship ENSLAVES HORSE
this defector horse's account is going to make you cry
hit play on this tunage before you scroll down to get you in the mood

it's about to happen!!!

i'm so excited

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okay here it comes!!

Big white horse Rodman's Inside the Paint Worker's Gusto, reported executed by cocaine gorilla in Chosun Ilbo earlier this year, appeared to be alive and healthy in photos posted by KCNA today.

"The horse has a saddle on it and there's a Korean person riding the horse," former CIA analyst Phil Mudd told CNN today. "It's possible the horse is a tall dog in a costume." Mudd noted that stirrups are Chinese technology, which "raises some questions" about Beijing's role in future talks.
He’s not fat
so is he dead or what
press X to doubt

ilmdge posted:

He’s not fat

kim jong un is not fat, however, he may have had a heart attack, due to being fat

he should have gone on a keto diet along with intermittent fasting gj noob

sovnarkoman posted:

so is he dead or what

“One who lives his days meaninglessly without any goal and aspiration is a forlorn man.” Kim Jong Un Aphorisms, Vol. 1. Foreign Languages Publishing House. Pyongyang, Korea. Juche 105 (2016)

Whatever happens, can anyone possibly say after the DPRK tested a hydrogen bomb under Kim Jong Un's leadership after he was hanging out with Dennis Rodman, that he has led a meaningless life?
I have word from a reliable source that he executed himself with a giant space laser but will be back next week once the dark force energies of his consciousness take possession of his clone
apparently he was spotted chilling at the beach? DMZ will keep bringing you the hottest and newest info about your beloved celebrities

ilmdge posted:

He's dead now. RIP

kim jong un lives, lived, will live
Tanned, rested and ready
"The revolutionary spirit of Paektu, the spirit of the blizzards of Paektu, is an unyielding offensive spirit of braving obstacles and difficulties and a staunch fighting spirit of rising up no matter how often one may fall and fighting it out."
- Kim Jong Un, Aphorisms I p22-23, Juche 105 (2016)
Oh my god hes not fat! So hes a little chubby! Get OVER yourselves, you JERKS!