tpaine posted:

i posted that before kraphate

citations needed

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moderators, as you can clearly see the image links to my own website. i'm asking for recompense of 500 upvotes from tpaines account to mine.
*upvotes faith spotted eagle instead*
hot coffee, high velocity
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me too man lets get a pound or so and follow j'anderson around

dosvedanya, McRib
wow, buckwheat is not wheat!?
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tpaine posted:

Lotta good rap references in that vid


Fidel Castro is dead and the McRib is back. An evil Communist dictator died on November 25th just as America’s greatest symbol of capitalism returned to McDonalds.


CNN still denies that leftist bias played a role in its leftist biased coverage.


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Castro lives on in the McRib

groundservices posted:

For the pure of heart, the mcrib never really leaves, like Christ's presence.

Arianism is a McRibological concept that asserts that the McRib is the Sandwich of God which was created by God the Father at a point in time, is distinct from the Father and is, therefore, subordinate to God and not the same as. Arian teachings were first attributed to Arius (c. AD 250–336), a presbyter in Alexandria, Egypt. The teachings of Arius and his supporters were opposed to the prevailing theological views held by proto-orthodox Christians, regarding the nature of the Trinity and the nature of the McRib. The Arian concept of the McRib is that the Sandwich of God did not always exist but was created by God the Father.

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MC rib is bac k
The cartoon Rick and Morty, produced by noted anarchist Dan Harmon, made a joke about the now discontinued szechuan sauce and now some poltroons at McDicks with 6-figure salaries have likely spent the week figuring out how to capitalize on it.

Meanwhile, the immortal scientists of rhizzone have failed to bring the McRib back to me even once
the mcrib is nice and all, but the mcdick poltroons are where it's really at
rib salute

Limited Edition Unicorn McRib

Belphegor posted:

Meanwhile, the immortal scientists of rhizzone have failed to bring the McRib back to me even once

this is incredibly not true and i'm very angry.

10 years ago we had Johnny Cash, Steve Jobs and the McRib. Now we have no Cash, no Jobs, and the McRib is back.
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i have no idea what the green ooze i ate at taco bell last night was, but it was by no means guacamole
that was the placenta of the McRib, which slouches toward bethlehem to be born.
that mcrib you like is going to come back in style

Astros vs. Dodgers 2017 World Series: Maybin steals base, wins America free tacos
that is not the McRib, which is not yet back
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how could we have been so naive, so foolish, we only ever cared about if it was back, we never thought to ask, back from....where