I don't know why Joanna Newsom did an oi band track, but it's apparently about wealth redistribution?
memorial day today...

Happy Pride

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i did something stupid ive wanted to do for years

more info and rar from here: https://music-republic-world-traditional.blogspot.com/ OR https://www.discogs.com/Various-Valiha-Madagascar/release/6674878

This LP was ORTF/Ocora’s first release of Malagasy music “that bears witness to the presence of Indonesian, African, European, Islamic and Indian cultural influences,” emphasized Charles Duvelle (1937-2017) in the liner notes.

The album showcases the tubular valiha zither found throughout the island of Madagascar off of Africa’s southeastern coast. This 10- to 20-string instrument, originating from Indonesia, was initially played to invoke the ancestors, and was subsequently adopted by many ethnic groups, including the central-highland Merina aristocracy in the 19th century. The valiha comes in many different materials (bamboo, wood, raffia, metal, bamboo fiber strings, metal strings), shapes (tubular, rectangular) and sizes (60 cm-to-130 cm/24 in-50 in), and players sometimes use resonators to amplify its mellifluous sound. Either played as a lead instrument or used as a drone (A6-A7), valiha music runs the gamut from trance music to virtuoso playing and light music.

Side A features the valiha played by the Merina people from the central highlands (A1-A3), the Sakalava people from the western and northwest coastal regions (A4-A5), the Bara people from the southern highlands (here freeing someone possessed by a spirit entity) (A6), the Antanosy people from the west (A7), and the Betsimisaraka people from the northwestern coast (A8).

Side B presents more urban styles performed by skilled musicians that combine traditional Malagasy music with western harmonies. Artists include Rakotozafy (B1-B2), Sylvestre Randa-fison (B3-B5), and Maurice Halison (B6-B9), all of whom earned fame nationwide through National Radio broadcasts.

totally unrelated:

pop punk
hang my head, drown my fear
til you all just disappear

let's do it
wave bye
this time
you die
if not
quite soon
maybe by
this afternoon


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that's a cool video
running up that hill covers are my gender preference, for the record
yeah that's a great video. shame it's for such a pointless cover. i can never understand why someone would think a song like that needs their boring karaoke treatment
sorry i don't know who she is and maybe her fans would prefer to listen to that version but all i can think is there is no reason to listen to it when the original exists. if you're gonna cover a stone cold classic like that you really have to put a new spin on it or people who never heard your stuff before will just think "well she's no kate bush"
it's not an awful cover and i'm sorry to sound harsh.
funny this should come up as the song Running Up That Hill was written by me, Daddyholes.


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cars posted:

breakcore never dies