i love my *weekends in the *pure air on the TOP OF THE EIFFEL TOWER
(always misremember this fuckn lyric)

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that takes confidence

i'm for real.
should there be a separate "we are making music" thread? does anyone here make music?
well i didn't technically 'make' the music, but i uploaded it

trabant and balaton are the bands of vig mihaly, the guy who did the music for all the bela tarr films. krasznahorkai mentions him in 'war and war.' their only official album is the soundtrack to eszkimó asszony fázik, a movie made to publish the music.

fuck that reminds me i need to give him another chance. have tons of other Socialist Films to go through first though
hahaha. nobody can upload music like this


kinch posted:

hahaha. nobody can upload music like this



kinch posted:

hahaha. nobody can upload music like this

Come and See for world war 4 but all the background music is just stuff like this


beeturia posted:

hi cars what are you up to

had a good Easter, i moved back a few miles from much of my family about a year ago so that's nice. how about you


cars posted:

beeturia posted:

hi cars what are you up to

had a good Easter, i moved back a few miles from much of my family about a year ago so that's nice. how about you

i started taking breaks at work even though im closely supervised, got accepted in a school and am recovering well from mental health fails

good. all the best
thank you the best to you as well
put out this record by an acquaintance on our archival/boutique chillwave/cut-n-paste/synth jams weblabel (we have a huge back catalog). afaik there are still cd-r's available of a few of the new records, but i'm not the person doing em. ch-ch-check it out

here's their bandcamps:
REVERSED REFERENCE (lots of this stuff skews more 'idm' or whatever but ofc i'm more partial to the dronier stuff)

ike turner, fwiw a goddamn genius who re-made music, puts a lower bound of 40 years on cancel-culture forgiveness
new sunn is good as well

Not forever on earth; only a little while here.
Be it jade, it shatters.
Be it gold, it breaks.
Be it a quetzal feather, it tears apart.
Not forever on earth; only a little while here.

Like a painting, we will be erased.
Like a flower, we will dry up here on earth.
Like plumed vestments of the precious bird.
That precious bird with the agile neck,
We will come to an end.

He goes his way singing, offering flowers.
And his words rain down
Like jade and quetzal plumes.
Is this what pleases the Giver of Life?
Is that the only truth on earth?

– tlatoani Nezahualcoyōtl (1st & 2nd stanzas) & the teohua Ayocuan Cuetzpaltzin (3rd stanza), 15th century

my gals lov slowthai
been listening to a whole lotta Faust today. finally digging thru as much of their discography as i can to put together a fave playlist. wanna hear it? here you go:

FAUST (1971)
um, i rarely re-listen to the first album. i do enjoy how it was unleashed on the world and i dO think the first printings of the first record (clear vinyl, clear sleeve, clear liner notes, with a silhouette of an x-ray'd fist) should be considered priceless pieces of art. i would sell my soul for a copy

Faust (German for "fist") were the brainchild of journalist Uwe Nettelbeck, who was approached by a Polydor A&R man with the idea of doing something new, unlike anything in the Anglo-Saxon rock scene. (...) With a large advance from Polydor they converted a small school hall outside Wümme (between Hamburg and Bremen) into a well equipped studio. Along with the help of engineer Kurt Graupner, the 6 specially recruited musicians began to play, record, isolate themselves from the world and develop a sound that was uniquely their own. (...) It may not be surprising then that when Faust's debut album appeared in Germany in late 1971 that it too was slagged off by the press. Initially sales were very poor, reputedly well below the 1,000 mark. Contrastingly however, when Faust was unleashed upon the British public, with its totally clear packaging (album, sleeve and insert) and eye-catching clenched fist design, amongst the wave of German weirdness, the likes of which were being imported by Virgin and Fox Records, it gained a lot of reaction. To quote John Peel: 'When I saw their extraordinary first LP with its equally extraordinary sleeve and felt that, regardless of the music within, I had to acquire one'.

SO FAR (1972)
It's a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl

here we go, right away we get to the beat, and nothing but, for a good 50 seconds, haha... this song will never not bring you out of a rainy day funk. keep it in your pocket. ah-ooo.

Flashback Caruso

this Kinks-like psych gem is buried in the Faust Tapes, something I only recently heard which is what got me re-listening to them. beautiful.

J'ai Mai Aux Dents

i have a tooth ache. and my feet hurt too. i knew this song from the 71 Minute compilation rather than the LP, another one i missed originally because of all the experimentation on the Faust Tapes.

Chère Chambre

ode to a room

FAUST IV (1973)

faust is krautrock, whether or not you think the term is offensive or not. can we say the k-word here?

The Sad Skinhead

a song about a sad skinhead, i didn't know they had them in 1973


contact high

Just a Second (Starts Like That!)

a worthy psych jam

Psalter (originally called Lauft... Heisst Das Es Lauft Oder Es Kommt Bald... Lauft on Faust IV, later re-titled)

Author : Jean Hervé Péron
"PSALTER. Everything of the psalter turns me on: the word in itself with the percussive hiss of 'ps' followed by the sensual combination of a white "a" and the kind of moist mistery of 'l'. I think already the name of this instrument is a perfect short sample of what it sounds like. The birth of this tune is based on 13. 4+2+4+3 = 13. That's for the rhythm. The harmonies are fa, sol, la from A major and their relative minors in the breaks: Dm, Em, F#m. I like A major for its positive and energetic inherent mood (imho). I use the minors in order to stay on the same energy level but still change the feel. The melody was created rather by hazardly taking fitting notes and trying to ascend by each new sentence. In the instrumental break, I decided to use quarts (fourths) which are to me like odd numbers: open and castrated. The lyrics? I felt I was not scared anymore of loosing neither my teeth nor my time. So I said so in my mother tongue: 'Je n'ai plus peur de perdre mon temps, je n'ai plus peur de perdre mes dents'. Later on, Peter Blegvad explained that you can't loose, win or kill time and, just in case you'd somehow manage to do it, it would not be a crime anyway. On the end part, I pick a straight 4/4 from D, C, B and eventually it all flows in the open sea of the almighty E major. The symbolic of the increasingly loud alarm-clocks appealed to me although i cannot really explain why. Someone mentioned (I vaguely recall he was a well known musician - his name?? was it ironic?? :) How he loved the hand clapping :) I like it too. The line up is all Faust on hand clapping (trying dead-serious not to laugh histerically while recording,) Zappi (2 meters high and 120 kilo strong) on the psalter (30cm big and 150g of fragile substance!) then on the marimbaphon and of course on his magic drumms (dig the drums in Psalter!), Irmler joining at the end on the down-run (familiar pattern, I realise: the organ joining the accoustic guitar at the end of a tune....) and I on guitar/vocals. The ambient studio cuts are from the Wümme mixing room (Kurt and Uwe and whoever of Faust was not IN the recording studio) could address the studio through a 'horrible' mono speaker which sounded to me like... mmmm... not human. So there i was, probably alone in the studio and going through the usual ritual of not knowing wether we were recording or if they were still 'checking'... So Kurt would say 'lauft!' ('running') but most of the time they would stop for some (in my smoked head) obscure reason. So this time I wanted to make sure it was no kiddin' and really running! So I asked 'does it mean it's running or will it be SOON running?' and Kurt answers 'running!' Psalter is also a good tune to freak out while dancing: it creates a spiral and if you keep turning round and round, suddenly you'll start to levitate! So, careful with the Psalter ... :)))", Jean-Hervé Péron, mail to teh faust list, 4th Dec 2004.

It's a Bit of a Pain

it's a bit of a pain to be where i am
it's a bit of a pain to be what i am

Das Meer (released as Das Meer on 71 Minutes, on the Faust IV bonus disc it's called Piano Piece, and on the BBC Sessions it's called Meer (alternative))

did faust give a crap about how hard it is to recommend a song when you rename it three times on three different albums? or even having them labeled correctly on their albums? hmm, i can't tell. i like every version though, a very pretty piece.

Giggy Smile (not on IV but recorded at this time and released on the bonus disc released in 2006, originally released on 71 Minutes)

god is crazy i'm so lazy

Party 4
(Lieber Herr Deutschland)

... workers rise up again!
state power to the proletariat!

The future-assured fully-automatic washing machine
must be opened at the top so that you can remove
the ironing-free washing, dripping wet and smooth
from the rinser.

The future-assured fully-automatic washing machine
has a special wash programme for every fabric;
naturally, the wool mark programme.

The future-assured fully-automatic washing machine
offers you everything that a future-assured
fully-automatic washing machine can offer you,
for example a light panel so you can follow the
wash programme precisely; for example the fully
automatic washing powder input, so you don't have to
think any more.

FAUST V (1975)
Track 1 (Munic/Yesterday)

The fabled Faust 5 (or Faust 5½) never saw an official release but exists only in the form of this promotional cassette. After recording material in Munic, the plan was originally for Jochen Irmler and Rudolf Sosna to produce an album from that material for release on Virgin. For years it was assumed that nothing came of this plan until a Virgin cassette promo appeared. For all information about this release I'm indebted to Alan (of Ectogram) and Jean-Hervé Péron.

The video is the demo version from the promo cassette and it's a lot dirtier than the LP version, in a very good way.

Party 10
No Video Online
This version appears to be an editing together of two mixes of a single recording. I'm just mentioning it because it has some good screaming on it that I like.

71 MINUTES OF... (1979)

Seventy One Minutes Of... combines Münich and Elsewhere, a posthumous album of bits and pieces, and an unreleased album called Faust Party Three, much of it recorded after Faust's famous collective 'disappearance'. The results are oddball, intimidating and otherworldly sketches that only bolster the legend.


the stuff released on Münich and Elsewhere is not mixed the way Sosna and (even more so) Irmler would have mixed it. So I remember some talking (Irmler) of re-mixing the Münich tapes under the name of 5½ and, imvco (in my very confused opinion) the two tracks on 71 Minutes have been remixed by Irmler.

OK, your next question will be: Which two tracks? 1 and 4! Knochentanz, aka 'Devoted Bone Dance', and Münich / Yesterday aka 'Willie the Pimp'. So 5½ is (was) an 'ideal projection', a 'virtual entity'. I have not seen it, smelled it, did not chew it, did not feel it and did not hear it (not with my ears anyway) so it does not exist, does it?


a love song

C Pluus


that motorik beat...


i'll leave a post-2000 Faust post to someone else, but this song of theirs is the one i replay the most

well, cya

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thanks. i always mean to dig more into krautrock but never got much further than Can so this is helpful.
no problem, i love krautrock and still had trouble digging into faust because of how screwed up their discography is. i'm glad i got a playlist out of it.
Worthless without faust & tony conrad

kinch posted:

trabant and balaton are the bands of vig mihaly, the guy who did the music for all the bela tarr films. krasznahorkai mentions him in 'war and war.' their only official album is the soundtrack to eszkimó asszony fázik, a movie made to publish the music.



blinkandwheeze posted:

Worthless without faust & tony conrad

please keep tony conrad's caterwauling far the fuck away from my faust playlist, thank you

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blinkandwheeze posted:

Worthless without faust & tony conrad

what the heck why haven't i listened to this one

hate to break it to you guys but tony conrad was just an andy kaufman character

lo posted:

what the heck why haven't i listened to this one

it's so good man. so pure & mind obliterating, one of my favourite things ever recorded. RIP tony


still one of my favorites


tears posted:

still one of my favorites

that cassie track's a banger


she is still the greatest


tears posted:

she is still the greatest

loved this tune but wasn't aware things were getting better in america, ever
bring on the bed spins... bring on the mini thins


kinch posted:

this one makes me cry, actually.

2x playback speed: https://youtu.be/Tvmz6NN_x8M

understanding patriarchy as a series of things that can't be unseen: all album covers by women artists are of their faces and bodies
counterpoint Tales of Terror