So let me get this straight.

So let me get this straight. Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947, creating the CIA, which was told by the State Department to cause pro-American political change abroad. In 1948 the CIA began a 24 year tradition of using money and propaganda to fix the Italian general elections. The United States spent the late 40s and early 50s supporting the Kuomintang in China, giving $750 million in military aid to Chiang Kai-Shek and his allies. Starting with the 1949 Albanian Subversion the United States attempted to overthrow the communist Albanian government. Also in 1949, the CIA led America's first efforts in Syria, putting Hussni al-Zaimy at the head of a coup d'etat - later in 1957 the CIA would plot three assassinations of Syrian leaders including Khalid Bakdash. The 50s showcased an elaborate series of spy games in East Germany as the USA attempted to overthrow the Leninist government. In 1950, after North Korea invaded and nearly conquered South Korea to stop the Bodo League massacres of over a hundred thousand accused communists, the US counter invasion wiped out 30% of the population of North Korea. Then in Iran the USA successfully organized a coup d'etat in 1953, ousting the democratically elected government and installing the Shah. The CIA-supported coup against the Guatemalan government in 1954 was celebrated by CIA director Allen Dulles, who called it a victory for democracy, and Carlos Castillo Armas' first act as president was to deny illiterates the right to vote. Beginning in the 1950s the United States attempted repeatedly to overthrow and assassinate Figueres in Costa Rica - notably around their 1970 re-election - although they never succeeded because Costa Rica has no military to commit a coup with. In 1956 the United States decided to back the Nasser government in Egypt but backtracked and attempted his assassination in 1957 when they found him resistant to the needs of imperialism. The CIA also began supporting Permesta and PRRI rebels in Indonesia in 1957 as they waged war on Sukarno's anti-imperialist Nas-a-Kom government. The USA also helped Mobutu to achieve a coup d'etat in the Congo in 1960 and again in 1965. From 1953-1964, the CIA worked in British Guiana (with the assistance of the AFL-CIO) to replace Cheddi Jagan with the dictator Forbes Burnham. From 1959, the USA began a notorious campaign to destroy the popular Cuban government that continues to the present day. In 1963 the USA sponsored a coup within the Ba'ath party in Iraq, that's also the year the CIA helped launch a military junta in Ecuador, and in Honduras in 1963 the USA sponsored a coup against the anti-communist government before the leftist Morales could take office, and also the United States directly invaded the Dominican Republic in 1963 to ensure a pro-American government would come to power. Coincidentally, 1963 was also the year that the USA orchestrated the collapse of Diefenbaker's government after he declined to station American ICBMs in northern Canada. From 1945-1973 the USA did a whole variety of creative things to North Vietnam and Cambodia, and the CIA's activities in Laos from the late 50s through the mid 70s, continually supporting the Royal Lao army and Hmong guerillas, are well known. The CIA interfered with elections in Chile in 1964 to keep Allende from the presidency; unable to prevent his democratic election they would eventually resort to helping the fascist Pinochet with a military coup in 1974. In 1964 the CIA assisted the Brazilian military in deposing the Goulart government so as to embark on 21 years of fun. Also in 1964 the United States sponsored a military coup d'etat in Bolivia which would leave the country in turmoil for 18 years. The USA then returned to Indonesia in 1965 to support the massacre of 2-3 million people, directly providing death squads with the names of Communists to assassinate. The CIA is also known to have entertained the assassination of de Gaulle prior to his 1965 re-election to the French presidency. In 1966 Nkrumah achieved a violent coup in Ghana with the assistance of the LBJ administration in America. In 1967 the CIA aided the Greek military in a coup, after which torture became common practice in the suppression of Greek leftists. By 1971 the US was already back in Bolivia to assist with Operation Condor and the assassination of President Torres and the installation of the brutal Banzer regime. Then in 1973, shortly after CIA agent Dan Mitrione ran a school of torture in Montevideo, the Uruguayan military and police led a coup, which led to a series of dictatorships each well known for torture. In 1975 in Australia, the Prime Minister, who intended to close American military bases, was dismissed at the orders of the CIA, which bought off Sir John Kerr and sent Marshall Greene as the Australian ambassador (they were then known as the "coupmaster" for their part in destroying the Sukarno government in Indonesia). The United States also began covert aid to UNITA and the FNLA in Angola in 1975, which rapidly became fifteen years of open military aid thanks to the newly anti-communist Savimbi. Following the ousting of the Estado Novo government in 1974 by communist forces that immediately liberated all colonies, the USA spent two years supporting civil war in Portugal. In 1976 and again in 1980 the USA sponsored various election violence in Jamaica against the Manley government, including an attempted coup d'etat by the Jamaica Labour Party in 1976. Also in 1976, the US-backed "dirty war" in Argentina blossomed into a coup against the Perón government and the establishment of a military junta known for causing tens of thousands of people to disappear as it began waging Vietnam-style warfare in its own country. The CIA began its most expensive undertaking, destroying Afghanistan, in 1979, and eventually gave billions of dollars to the mujaheddin. In El Salvador, America openly poured money and materiel directly into the hands of a military junta that seized power in 1979 and spent thirteen years "sweeping" the country to exterminate leftists. In 1980 the USA put 3,000 RDF troops on the ground in Turkey the day before a coup by the the Kemalist military; the regime would ban all political activity and torture hundreds of thousands of people over the next two years. Grenada's New Jewel Movement fell in 1983 to a direct invasion by US forces which installed a brutal oppressive regime. The CIA supported the 1982 Habré coup in Chad with tens of millions of dollars; CIA cooperation with the military regime in Chad continued through the 80s, notably when several DDS torturers were flown to the USA in 1985 to train with the CIA. Americans armed and trained North Yemenis in Saudi Arabia in the early 80s, sending them to South Yemen to attempt to destabilize the Marxist government. The CIA abandoned its plan to depose the government in Suriname in 1983 because there was not sufficient evidence that the government was allied with Cuba; in 1981 they had abandoned a similar plan to overthrow the government of Mauritius for being friendly to Libya. Mid-80s Nicaragua is remembered in the US for the Iran-Contra affair, former contras themselves testify to the kidnappings, torture, murder, rape, robbery and arson that were explicitly demanded by the CIA in order to defeat the Sandinistas. Operation Just Cause was the project to invade Panama in 1989 to remove Noriega, a CIA asset no longer in their good graces; US forces killed 3,000 civilians and 20,000 were left homeless from arson. The Union of Democratic Forces in Bulgaria carried out shock therapy at US direction in the early 90s, privatizing agricultural land and beginning an era of massive unemployment and crime; a similar scene played out in Albania under the Berisha government. 1991 also saw a US-supported attempt at a coup in Iraq, beginning with the creation and funding of the Iraqi National Congress, and multiple speeches directly from President Bush exhorting the Islamic Dawa Party to rebellion. The USA led intervention into Somalia in the early nineties, fearing that the United Somali Congress might not continue in the Barre regime's footsteps. In 1999 the USA began bombing Yugoslavia to achieve the collapse of the Milošević government, littering the country with cluster bombs and depleted uranium. In 2000, the United States returned to Ecuador to contribute to another coup; in 2010 the USA returns with their ghoul Gutierrez to try and purchase the loyalty of Ecuadorian police away from the Correa government, and today is back in Ecuador funding opposition groups in preparation for interruption of elections in 2017. In 2001 America visited their friends the Taliban in Afghanistan and deposed them to set up the more heroin-friendly Karzai government - without actually removing the Taliban. The USA denies involvement in the failed Venezuelan coup of 2002, in the same way that KKK leaders can deny involvement in truck draggings; the NED and DOD did provide training and financing to the organizers of the coup. The US did, however, invade Iraq in 2003, deposing Hussein and killing over a million people in a 13 year occupation. During this war, America found the time to force a coup d'etat in a new way, by kidnapping Aristide from Haiti in 2004 to make space for the unpopular Latortue and the fascist Alexandre. In 2009 despite extensive ties to and control over the Honduran military, the USA allowed another bloody coup against the popular President Zelaya. In 2011 the USA destroyed the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya after years of failed attempts at wreaking destruction in Libya, and the country still has not recovered. The CIA began assisting Syrian rebels including the FSA in 2011, helping them to wage civil war on the democratically elected Assad government. In 2014, the USA backed neo-Nazis in the Ukraine to wage a coup d'etat against the anti-austerity and anti-IMF Yanukovych government. Then in Burkina Faso in 2015, after a popular democratic rising had unseated Compaore, and just before the first free democratic elections in decades in that nation, General Diendere and other military leaders trained in the US performed a coup d'etat and used the army to fire on protestors.

And Putin is the bad guy?

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China, Albania, Syria, East Germany, Iran, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Egypt, Indonesia, the Congo, British Guiana, Cuba, Iraq, Ecuador, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, North Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, France, Ghana, Greece, Australia, Angola, Portugal, Jamaica, Afghanistan, Grenada, Chad, South Yemen, Suriname, Mauritius, Nicaragua, Panama, Bulgaria, Albania, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Haiti, Libya, Ukraine that's 46 countries with coups or coup attempts what did I miss

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Burkina Faso
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Burkina Faso

Holy shit. Keep your shirt on. I accidentally checked the box and cant edit my OP. The admins are going to have to show up to fix this castraphophe, until then, Burkina Faso and every other muddy ditch with a cave-religion, a guy with a bad mustache and a beret factory is going to have to wait in line like the americans waited patiently in line at Ellis island for their shot at happiness.

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Actually I think you'll find that they have slightly more onerous laws about gay people than we did 5 years ago, and so,
let's queer this
Turkey in 1980

Didn't we have something to do with El Salvador and Argentina as well?
uhm mods can we please change the thread title to something a little less cis and heteronormative? its fuckin 2016 for godssake

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let's queer this

I. Literally. Can't. Edit. The. OP. I am seriously hyperventilating right now. I am being scapegoated for a mistake that I didn't even make on purpose and it's making things really hard to deal with right now. I am going to go on posting, but just because I triggered others unintentionally, doesn't give anyone else the right to trigger me intentionally, and I think you know who you are. What is this supposed to be? A Montevideo college of torture run by Dan Mitrione in the years before the 1973 coup d'etat in Uruguay?

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also the 1948 Italian election
Oh yeah and I once read something about Americans entering North Korea at some point in the mid 1900s, I'll have to research
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down with the illegal coup
canada had a conservative prime minister named diefenbaker (1957 - 1963) who was sort of skeptical of american power and the US essentially orchestrated the collapse of his government because he wouldn't commit to stationing nuclear weapons in the north. they threatened to kick us out of NATO... we ended up recalling our ambassador.... wild times folks. this ended up starting the new liberal consensus where we pretend to be somewhat autonomous of america but then just quietly do whatever they want.
fuckboys up to somethin
the US sent a lot of advisers and support to the liberals in 1963 to make sure the liberals would win. nowadays canadian political professionals sort of migrate between US and canada for jobs because the US has so much sloshing around so they don't even really need to do that. they do political consulting for google or whatever and then come back to canada and help the NDP use extremely expensive software to run direct mail campaigns. democracy.
get down illegally with the coup


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canada had a conservative prime minister named diefenbaker (1957 - 1963) who was sort of skeptical of american power and the US essentially orchestrated the collapse of his government because he wouldn't commit to stationing nuclear weapons in the north. they threatened to kick us out of NATO... we ended up recalling our ambassador.... wild times folks. this ended up starting the new liberal consensus where we pretend to be somewhat autonomous of america but then just quietly do whatever they want.

the diefenbunker was the highlight of my ninth grade civics class

mr lundegaard, this is riley diefenbacher from GMAC
im william blum and this thread sux

lol j/k
seriously tho the second to last william blum newsletter had some weird holocaust denier stuff heavily implied in it and its just like lol man ur gettin' old
it's extremely kickass and good that this wall of text filled with horror nightmares is, it turns out, actually an incomplete list and people have to chime in saying "you forgot this or that pile of dead children." but, y'know. best of all possible worlds.

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down with the illegal coup

all my debts are domestic unfortunately

this is editable now, swampman has no excuses anymore, be ruthless
in canada is everyone loves that the liberals kept us out of iraq. but the actual process is pretty funny. to simplify, the liberal PM asked the bush pentagon what they would need for the invasion. and i guess the pentagon's planners didn't even really think that canada needed to be involved. like britain has a real army and they were tasked to do arguably the easiest job (occupy basrah). and canada said well we have 800 troops available and the US said we need you in afghanistan more than iraq. so the PM was like hmm yeah fuck it i'm not supporting the war. and he left office shortly after and his liberal successor had been telling people how we should definitely be helping in iraq.

then the americans (through NATO) asked us to take a leading combat role in afghanistan. and over time we ramped up and were doing some of the dumbest sort of jobs available in afghanistan, like driving around the southern regions and getting blown up. and for a few years (under harper) we did that until parts of our bureaucracy basically admitted that it was unsustainable by any measure. like canada didn't have the capacity to tool around a few thousand troops in southern afghanistan indefinitely since like.... you need to replace them with fresh troops etc plus canadian mood had shifted a lot on the issue. eventually harper also reached a "fuck it" moment and gave up, like he started cutting defence spending, bailing on a lot of planned vehicle purchases, cutting veterans budgets, and would only commit to a limited training mission. the latter was timed in a funny way too because the liberal leader at the time (in 2010 or so i guess) made this big presentation about how the NDP was too radical for calling for troops out and the conservatives were too radical for calling for permanent war and how he was the smart guy in the middle calling for training and institutional aid, then days later harper came out and said yeah we're ending combat operations. that whole area of southern afghanistan we were occupying is mostly heavily contested by taliban again now too.
the other day canada announced it is going to help "train" in iraq too which i sort of shrugged at because it clearly won't mean anything. like just some wasted money where canadians teach militia members to aim rifles and exercise. i doubt most of those new militia members will even fight and the whole thing is probably a corruption program to rope in communities in anbar. i'd vastly prefer that to canadian planes bombing random farm equipment in northern iraq.
the combat reports from iraq last year were great too because they were told to turn every strike into evidence of progress at "degrading" isis capabilities

isis has thousands of military vehicles and every day the military would be like "we flew five sorties and destroyed 2 toyotas and one excavator"
isis militants in leather jackets and cool sunglasses, forever crippled by the destruction of a motorcycle
even as a nationalist propaganda project the payoff from funding the canadian military seems slight at best. i guess the facade lets the US-UK axis continue to claim that we're an independent country though so they get an extra vote at everything international

which is literally, historically accurately, the raison d'etre of canada. we're so cool. try the maple donuts
swampman, in the thread at The Bad Place you mentioned american support for the nazis through the end of wwii. are there good sources for that? i haven't been angry enough tonight and need to get the blood boiling
"MacFarland said the coalition conducted its first airstrike in Iraq in August 2014 and its first in Syria a month later. Since then, the coalition has conducted more than 10,000 strikes -- two-thirds in Iraq and a third in Syria."

imagine what an enormous waste of weaponry and lives that is, especially because the CIA estimated that ISIS had 20k-30k fighters when the airstrikes started lol
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