¡Hasta la Victoria, Siempre!

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This fucking sucks
"la historia me absolverá"

rip fidel
Fidel lived, Fidel lives, Fidel will live forever
Fidel. Its hard to talk about what a beacon he was for people in so many movements. The Cuban revolution remains strong, few other people have braved imperialism like they have, and they will continue to grow, learn, and adapt from their experience. But Fidel has passed, and we're crying. Viva Fidel, we carry your constant militancy forward to build socialism as we enter the new year.




I cried, dammit!. Is that what you all wanted to hear?
i fixed the site so that you can put a post other than the first post as a frontpage article & link to the right thread, and did so. hopefully this means we can put more posts up as articles.

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Rest well, the success of your struggle will live on
I had plans for Monday to meet Castro to do the scene from Big with the giant keyboard in, and now Im probably not going to get the deposit backfor the giant keyboard, not saying Castro died to get out of this commitment but the timing absolutely could not be worse for me personally.
e: To give you all some perspective on this there are only about 4 giant keyboards on earth and they're each booked for a year out

Never forget.
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there was a post here. it's gone now.

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Here they wanted to continue
taking everything for them,
having luxurious houses,
and making people suffer.

And continuing in a cruel way
to conspire against the people
to continue exploiting them...
and then Fidel arrived.

The fun was over,
El Comandante came
and ordered them to stop.

Here they wanted to continue,
swallowing and swallowing the land,
not suspecting that in Sierra Maestra
the future was born.

And continuing in a cruel way
the custom of crime
to turn Cuba into a gambling den...
and then Fidel arrived.

The fun was over,
El Comandante came
and ordered them to stop.

Here they wanted to continue,
saying that vicious
fugitive bandits
were devastating the country.

And continuing in a cruel way
with disgrace as their shield,
to defame bearded people...
and then Fidel arrived.

The fun was over,
El Comandante came
and ordered them to stop.

Here they wanted to continue
pretending to be democrats.
and people would just die
in their misery.

And continuing in a cruel way,
not caring how it was done,
with robbery as a rule...
and then Fidel arrived.

The fun was over,
El Comandante came
and ordered them to stop.
im fat and stupidd lol

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nah just kidding im fit and cool

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if you tihnk about it, arent we all basically goo drums, erhrm yes
nothing to see here.

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Tragic to lose such a great man at such a young age
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getfiscal posted:

http://i.imgur.com/dNQkxlO.jpgNever forget.

apples are really the most American fruit, blandest, least good tasting things. and not to mention their ridiclous abundance. like a viral infection. I'm glad for cubans that they don't exist there.

And while we're at it cheese sucks too.
Yeah that's the takeaway from that, apples are actually bad.
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Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raaji'oon
total brocialist move to take the spotlight away from the gilmore girls revival. smdh
i like apples but am also not in shock over a tropical island's lack of them while under a trade embargo

also the condom thing is such obvious bullshit a guy did this to disprove it

I've seen a bunch of friends quoting Mao out of context to praise Castro, which makes me tug at my collar. (Castro took a leading role in attacking Mao and in turn Chinese officials used to insult Castro a lot.)
Old stinkbeard... well we'll miss ya brother.
So yeah, thought yeah, might like to.... go to the show....
to feel the warm thrill of confusion, that space cadet glow
eric noooooooooooooo

god damn it eric. at least he's getting torn apart in the comments
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tpaine posted:

is that guy supposed to be funny

It's pretty "purple monkey cheese" but I laughed a lot watching it. Not as good as neonazi Sam Hyde's show though.

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pretty sure he grew up in miami or boca or thereabouts, where the propaganda is especially thick
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Love all the effeminate posturing about nukes in Cuba nukes like it even mattered at all. Yeah I'm sure those few dozen would have made the difference over the other 20,000
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