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Congratulations to Comrade Joseph
At long last, the rHizzonE can publish freely
Twin Cities Uprising: The Whole Damn System is Guilty As Hell
Burning buildings are much more in line with our media culture than the long, slow, and grinding work of committed and dedicated communists on the ground doing thankless tasks.
Free Syrian Army massacres being ignored by the media
In another two villages in Homs, Al-Shumaryiah and Teldo, the Free Syrian Army committed a massacre against many families. The Al-Qaeda linked terrorist Free Syrian Army kidnaps, tortures, and holds massive rallies declaring their intention to cleanse Syria of Christians and Alawites. One of the most popular protest chants is “Christians to Beirut, Alawites to the grave”.
Actions and Writings by the Young Lords
lately i've been interested in the idea that the lumpenproletariat (or the unemployables as huey p newton called them) should be the focus of radical organizing. this week, i'm going to post different actions, programs, and writings of the young lords and other organizations that took this analysis.
The “1% vs 99%” analysis is not a class analysis
Many first world communist parties have attached themselves to the "1% vs 99%" analysis of capitalist society. However, they have done so uncritically. A 99% v 1% analysis is fundamentally too vague to be useful as an analytical tool when looking at how policy is formulated and carried out in any political system. This is reflected by occupy's focus on campaign financing and relatively inconsequential legal fictions like corporate personhood.
Postmodern Racism and OWS: The myth of non-hierarchy
Notions of broad American populism are popular on the white “left”, but nearly all the gains from broad American populism go to a privileged strata of white people. When radicals divorce the 99% rhetoric from the history of American populism, they are ignoring how that broad rhetoric has been used to exclude the needs of the disenfranchised. Without a POC-centered strategy, nothing is stopping the ruling class from using the same tools to reduce class tensions.
Collapse of the USSR
In "Is The Red Flag Flying" (1979), Al Szymanski examined empirical research on the Soviet Union and came to the conclusion that the USSR was socialist, but that technical and professional intelligentsia (those "who develop and disseminate knowledge and skills and who provide professional services") had disproportionate influence over policy. However, "the managerial stratum appears to be significantly closer to the manual working class than is the scientific-technical intelligentsia". "Socialism Betrayed" by Keeran and Kennan noticed that this intelligentsia was dominated by right-opportunists who wanted to introduce capitalist "reforms".