its's almost like we need to Construct A New Communism for the good of future generations
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.custom249957{}Superabound posted:i think that, if you were in control of the economy/government, all youd really have to do is use that control to make everyone else in power stop continually stomping out the kindling fires of Socialism before they become a raging inferno. American Capitalism is not a naturally emergent system, it is not a default state of affairs, but rather the direct, eternally-in-collapse result of massive amounts of global theft and state violence

I agree with this. Socialism has sprung up in almost every country on Earth but there has been both overt and covert suppression of it by local and foreign governments as part of a specific plan to combat and eliminate socialism and communism. The fall of the USSR and the failure of world socialism isn't just due to some philosophical defect or lack of navel gazing, it's because there is and has been an active campaign against it for almost a hundred years if you want to use the birth of Communist Russia as a yardstick.

well perhaps the fact that it was successfully suppressed implies a philosophical, economic, or cultural defect in it's program. if it was superior it would win...


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How Good can defeat Evil in 7 Revolutionary Steps

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if jehu is a gold bug then so is marx imo