Happy feast day of Saint Joseph the Worker y'all
was a really good may day march. good representation from all 3 communist groups working in the city and the unions weren't afraid to march alongside. speakers were good, march was really well managed, good numbers, everyone stayed safe as a solid cohesive unit. the small handful of fasc shit distrubers were shouted down and bundled off to time out without incident.

notably there was a major current of international anti-imperialism like never before, chants of solidarity explicitly demanding the US out of Venezuela and Cuba, support chiming in from people on the street, was like a dream.

it's amazing looking at how the political landscape in this city has shifted, 5-8 years ago there was no communist presence at all and the marches were mostly a pathetic gangly line of anarchist stragglers and maybe just one non-IWW union daring to show up. of course back then we also wouldn't have been accosted by any nazis at all. and i didn't have to refuse someone trying to sell me a trot newspaper every 15 minutes. in conclusion, land, contrasts,
I had a good time at the May Day picnic in my city chatting with the different communist groups. I feel kinda like Tom (listening to You Can't Win) where he says he knows enough about Islam to talk about it in a credible way but still feels like he has just scratched the surface. I think that's what I'm like talking to these old-guard communists who assume I'm more up-to-speed than I am in reality and will start throwing around the inside jargon or referencing Pierre Broué or something. I just want to talk about Amazon and Uber really.

It was fairly small though and the reason for that is because I live in Delta City from RoboCop. The picnics are a start at least. The upside of this downside is that the fasc shit disturbers who are around are also pretty unorganized and don't really do anything, and might actually be afraid of traveling into the city (white fear). It was encouraging to see random people (almost entirely black and Latin workers) see the red flags and tables come up to chat and be really supportive of the communists.

kinch posted:

i found a couple live acoustic versions of this song and the audience bursts into laughter after every other line, so i hope its appropriate may day material