"I think the American economy is much stronger than what people think. I think you may be a little surprised and I hope I'm right about that," said Jamie Dimon, chief executive of JP Morgan Chase which figures among the very big banks that emerged almost unscathed from the 2008 crisis. He feels that JP Morgan will be as lucky and as smart this time too.

It's always possible that there can be nasty surprises like a large mortgage loss that has been hidden so far. "But banks today have twice as much capital. There are no off balance sheet vehicles. All the bad actors are gone," said Dimon who thinks that Greece will eventually be restructured and that itself would not create any damage to institutions around the world.



Dimon is not too bothered that consumers are not really spending in the US. "They don't have to. All they have to do is stay where they are. Incomes are going up, they are saving 5% now. They actually have much better savings now. If consumer income goes up, they spend 95% of it, you can actually see growth." It's hard for people to sense that things are "still so bad".

that's one big ass pull you got there Dimon

gee i wonder why people are saving money right now in the middle of an economic crisis...

of all the bankers dimon is easily the worst - the slimiest, the meanest, the most deluded
he's the guy i posted a thread about a few days ago about canada trolling him into a rage
dont move....! capitalism is working

getfiscal posted:
he's the guy i posted a thread about a few days ago about canada trolling him into a rage

canada's really looking good lately. passing through the recession without flinching, laughing in the face of global warming, etc. i'd move there if i weren't stubborn + already living in America's Canada

Obama's Moving Castle (Obama no Ugoku Shiro)
what's great about canada is that for years everyone right-wing in canada, even most right--leaning Liberals, criticized our old prime minister for not letting banks "compete on the world stage" or whatever by merging or engaging in some of the more extreme practices. had the conservatives won a majority in 2006 then canada probably would have had even bigger banks and even more bad loans than it did. and now the government is like "heh conservatives are taking care of business with our prudence"
The premise for Paul came from Pegg and Frost in 2003. According to Mottola, the film was given the green-light shortly before the late-2000s recession; if had been delayed, "they probably wouldn’t have made the movie."