i watched a david cross special today and i was stone-faced through all his liberal new york jew bullshit but he can be pretty funny
his old stuff is pretty good... you've probably never heard of it... pretty obscure.
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aerdil posted:

ive been laughing at this all day so hard

Did Atzmon say Hitler wasn't violent enough? Blacks were inferior? Gypsies were lawless murderers? Pretend 'liberal multiculturalism' was oppressively hegemonic? Make impassioned calls for ruthless 'holy terror'? Call for the bombing of his 'less civilized' neighbours? That the 'female psyche' could be gauged from rape scenes in David Lynch movies? Demand that we defend the 'Christian legacy' by appropriating the murderous 'absolutism' of a mythical enemy?

No he didn't. Atzmon focuses his filth on a single issue. The guy who actually did say the above is walking like something, talking like something, and definitely smelling like something. It's the difference between an anti-Zionist who appeals to fascists and a fascist who appeals to Marxists. Parallax view indeed.
in zizek there seems to be a clear vacillation with regard to his political mobilization of the freudo-lacanian "death drive" - on the one hand, it is the proof that, no matter what psychologizing ulterior motives you could accuse me of, there is nonetheless something fundamental to human being that necessarily prevents me from ever being able to live a "normal life": i may be paranoid, racialized, racist, homeschooled, etc.; but some unrepresentable "force" will always push me beyond not just my self-serving delusions, not just my resigned acquiescence towards what "reality" requires of me, but even beyond what i most deeply desire... i can never escape it. and it is this force which ultimately, beyond any sociological or anthropological or marxist or structuralist or religious framework or discourse, and beyond any hierarchical-organic, democratic, or totalitarian mode of interpellation, pushes always towards some absent beyond that nonetheless is Real.

on the other hand, the death drive is the very threshold between soma and psyche, natural instinct and culture, that which forces man out of the direct immersion into the buzzing sea of undifferentiated Life and into the alienating fictions of self and society.

to me, the sickening lesson is that there is simply the fact of this horrible undecidability at the heart of Being itself, and that to serve this truth is to cease to be an individual, and to accept the subordination of the individual life to the great dance of death.

I just had a dream that a cell of French Lacanian-Maoists captured me and forced me, in a game-show theme setting, to read short French passages from related texts out loud and then immediately interpret them. Like, they'd go, okay here is a letter of protest against the government of Hungary, tell us about it and interpret! and i'd be like my french is bad and they were like: You need no excuses! Interpret!