you know who else wore denim

thats right
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otoh suits look awesome

discipline posted:
I got hit on by a guy today and was totally like "this dude is in finance" but he turned out to be a jewish lawyer. suits... the more you know I guess!

why would a jewish lawyer talk to a niqabi

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SomeIsraeliFuck posted:
otoh suits look awesome

i'm going to start wearing bizcas clothes again i think. maybe get a blazer. happy medium.

technically true given that the only folks wearing de Nimes in C18 America were slaves of southern aristocrats that had huge enough cotton surpluses to not care

getfiscal posted:

SomeIsraeliFuck posted:
otoh suits look awesome

i'm going to start wearing bizcas clothes again i think. maybe get a blazer. happy medium.

wear suit grow beard be lady killer.


discipline posted:
u love my style.. admit it

obviously you haven't seen what i'm wearing today


SomeIsraeliFuck posted:
wear suit grow beard be lady killer.

i don't really like beards

man oh man

they're ordained by yhwh you know that don't you?

what's your sideburns situation?
i have short sideburns. and very short / nonexistent hair most of the time.
halachatic tradition requires that the burns shall be at least at the length of the earlobe. if you wanna succeed in finance you gotta jew it up.
don't boss me around
88. Al Khazari: Should any one hear you relate that God spoke with your assembled multitude, and wrote tables for you, etc., he would be blamed for accusing you of holding the theory of personification You, on the other hand, are free from blame, because this grand and lofty spectacle, seen by thousands, cannot be denied. You are justified in rejecting mere reasoning and speculation.
89. The Rabbi: Heaven forbid that I should assume what is against sense and reason. The first of the Ten Commandments enjoins the belief in divine providence. The second command contains the prohibition of the worship of other gods, or the association of any being with Him, the prohibition to represent Him in statues, forms and images, or any personification of Him. How should we not deem him exalted above personification, since we do so with many of His creations, e.g. the human soul, which represents man's true essence. For that part of Moses which spoke to us, taught and guided us, was not his tongue, or heart, or brain. Those were only organs, whilst Moses himself is the intellectual, discriminating, incorporeal soul, not limited by place, neither too large, nor too small for any space in order to contain the images of all creatures. If we ascribe spiritual elements to it, how much more must we do so to the Creator of all? We must not, however, endeavour to reject the conclusions to be drawn from revelation. We say, then, that we do not know how the intention became corporealised and the speech evolved which struck our ear, nor what new thing God created from nought, nor what existing thing He employed. He does not lack the power. We say that He created the two tables, engraved a text on them, in the same way as He created the heaven and the stars by His will alone. God desired it, and they became concrete as He wished it, engraved with the text of the Ten Words. We also say that He divided the sea and formed it into two walls, which He caused to stand on the right and on the left of the people, for whom He made easy wide roads and a smooth ground for them to walk on without fear and trouble. This rending, constructing and arranging, are attributed to God, who required no tool or intermediary, as would be necessary for human toil. As the water stood at His command, shaped itself at His will, so the air which touched the prophet's ear, assumed the form of sounds, which conveyed the matters to be communicated by God to the prophet and the people.
if i wanted to read walls of text about jews i'd read the new york times
Don't wear suits unless you are in a position to justify such an honor.
that's why i said i'd wear bizcas.