Impper posted:
we all want a little action, a little participation, a little mixing. i come here and look around - what do i see, it's dead, it's a few lackadaisical guys lying around on filthy steps & curbs, saying a few words here and there. what do i want to see? a thriving marketplace, thieves pickpocketing tourists, thugs robbing shopkeeps, fights breaking out in the square. i need a spectacle, give me an execution, and put that on the front page. how about a burning, a flaying, a public beating . . . at least give me some sheep that i may castigate. how can a place like this even begin to compete with facebook: why, just today i had a flame war over the american holodomor with a bunch of people from ohio: now that's action!

be the change you want to see? i don't think so. why aren't there posts? there needs to be loudmouths; barring that there needs to be a purpose. why does goons with spoons exist? we can talk about bacon..

let's talk about kafka . . . by now most of us are terminal posters. we post without thinking; it's become habit. when at the age of 29 kafka lost his taste for writing, he still wrote, he wrote every night for the rest of his life, and in the post-writer period he performed his best writing. since he didn't consider himself a writer, he dared not show his work to anybody: could this prove that the potential for a post to show on the front page is what prevents our milieu from forming? most of us have long ago lost any taste for posting; i post purely out of habit, and purely on facebook and wddp. i do not wish to post, but i post anyway, and i would not want anybody to see these posts

reddit . . . do you know, at this very moment, there are millions of people on reddit, steadily up and down-voting posts, creating a front page, a "front page of the internet," if you will. the front page process is completely automated: miraculous technology, true democratic posting processes . . . is it reddit's fault that the internet's aesthetic is disgusting?

i wish to draw on your powers, posters of rhizzone; but there is no milieu into which i can throw myself. oftentimes a milieu can be so vibrant it intimidates a stranger - the lack of a milieu is a thousand times more frightening.

who will break this ghastly silence?

alas, this is what happens when you fight a strange in the alps.

we speak english here, Lesions

...another controversy erupted over the use of the word at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. At a February meeting of the Faculty Senate, a junior English major and vice chairwoman of the Black Student Union told the group how a professor teaching Chaucer had used the word niggardly.

The student later said she was unaware of the related Washington, D.C. controversy that came to light just the week before. She said the professor continued to use the word even after she told him that she was offended. "I was in tears, shaking," she told the faculty. "It's not up to the rest of the class to decide whether my feelings are valid."

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this thread was imppers homework, the assignment was to work the word "mileu" into a sentence and im pleased to announce he got an A.
-ms. ubry
Build your house on a solid foundation. Take a collection, and then brick by brick, you could have what any sucess needs: neo otacon weed posting again.