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Rich people let's have fun

lets buy a boat

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I'm in NYC right now what should I do???

Drawing from Plato's Allegory of the Cave and Butoh, Ombra is an ambiguously funny, ominous, immersive, multimedia dance performance embedded within a 90s dance party. The main stage of Dixon Place will be turned into an alternate world to be explored freely, one filled with nostalgia and dread, apocalypse and euphoria, where anything can happen. Featuring site-specific movement, dance hits and live electronic music.

Dixon Place
161 Crystie Street, Manhattan
7:30p; $12 advance, $15 door, $10 students and seniors


Reformed Whores Present Cirque du Ho-Leil

If Tenacious D and Dolly Parton got drunk and had a baby it would be musical comedy duo Reformed Whores. Southern bred, but NYC based, Marie and Katy invite you to a night of entertainment that will make you want to quit your day job and join the circus. Special guests include host Bastard Keith, Jenny Rocha and Her Painted Ladies, ventriloquist Carla Rhodes, and champion trick roper Chris McDaniel.

Union Hall
702 Union Street, Brooklyn
7:30p doors, 8p show; $10
that's pretty good on the first one but burlesque is fucking stupid.
make prostitution legal before burlesque imo. conduct no-knock, guns-drawn raids on upscale homes where the high aesthetic and moral treason of burlesque is being committed imo.
i'd rather just dance somewhere actually. what are the good dance clubs in New York?
nasty tootling clarinet and big obscene slide trombone duet as yours truly comes a-sidling onstage, silver thread pinstripes glitterin' in the lone spotlight, big stage wink to the the crowd as i grabs that big chrome mike, the ladies inna crowd ablush and the gents leaning in

we-e-ellllllll (twirls big fake moustache)
when yer lookin' for a-- nite on that town
losin' the ratrace, life's makin' yah frown
that ol burlesque show'll bring-ya,

well, we got dem shitty banjos,
an' a trapeze act or two,
a des'prit stand-up rando
but we all know that youu-uu-u

wanna see a coed baby
in some lawn-ger-ay
a nekkid cutie lady
wouuuullld really make yer day
(hideous pelvic gyrations from lil denky)

(trumpet solo, hollers from crowd)

when yer lookin' for a-- nite on that town
wife always bitchin', coworkers gotcha down
that ol burlesque show'll bring-ya,

stripclubs make y'feel dirty
whores mite have a disease
but ain't our girls just flirty
they's all third-wave femineeeests
(splatty muted trumpet sting)

oh, yes ye don't need t'be a coward
when they're takin' off them clothes
all these gals feels real em-pow-ered
when they re-mo-hoove those skimpy, draws

awwwww yiss now,
when yer lookin' for a-- nite on that town
lookin' fer a hardon, wif no guilt allowed
that ol burlesque show'll bring-ya,

(crowd goes wild, shouts from audience, ol' dank pulls a snubnose .38 from his waitband and shoots self in the head, curtain drops)

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just walk around hunts point near the warehouses after like 11 that's where the pPaper/everyone that thinks Bushwick/'Sburgs played out 'Z at
Or Pacha if you're made of $$$$$$$$
i remember tenacious d's semenal album "acoustic guitar course for shitty morons"

tpaine posted:

i think i'm going to Get Busy at Trophy Bar because it's free and everywhere else has 10$ cover.
Reporting back. It was bad and nobody danced but me but I still had a good time.
Im In Jordan Now

Heres how it is

how the weather
infinitely blue sky. Jesuschrist.
have u checked in with the closest cia field office yet, comrade
did u go to hashems yet

also did u guys end up taking my old apartment lol
change your locks but leave your door open

babyfinland posted:

did u go to hashems yet

also did u guys end up taking my old apartment lol

No it was Ramadan. Also yes, I live in a tarsh can.