hello my friends here at the p'zone. i've come here today to share with you an interesting and relatively obscure 'alternative' history of the world. one which, i'm sure you'll agree, has been continually suppressed by white supremacists for obvious reasons.

approximately 6500 years ago, a member of the tribe of shabazz (a black scientist named yakub) was granted by allah the knowledge and ability to alter the black race. allah had intended the outcome of this significant event to be a punishment to the tribe of shabazz which, at the time, had members which were dissatisfied with allah's creation. yakub gathered his followers and took them to an island (patmos) where he set out on a centuries long eugenics project.

here on patmos, yakub bred individuals so that they would have gradually lighter skin tones. his end goal was to create a new race, one separate from the members of the tribe of shabazz. yakubs followers dutifully carried out the selective breeding until at long last (about 800 years later) the light skinned race he desired was a reality.

yakub had been secretly compelled to do this by the devil, saytan. he had set out to create a race that would trick the original blacks and rule over them with deceit. after the white devil race had been created, they built boats and sailed back to the holy land of the tribe of shabazz (the maps had been created by yakub) when they arrived in the holy land, the blacks they met stoned and chased them away as the holy tribe of shabazz had never encountered such an affront to allah's creation.

the leaders of the time allowed the whites to stay in the holy land of the tribe of shabazz, as they were full of compassion and wisdom as all black men are blessed by allah to be. here the whites subverted the peace of the land and caused strife and confusion among the brothers! the wise leaders decided that enough was enough, and chased the white devils from the holy land for 2200 miles.

the beaten whites retreated, and fled north to the cursed land of europe. here they practiced barbarian acts such as cannibalism and lived a sinful cursed existence, as they did not have the love or blessing of allah. it was not until the white devils who lived in southern europa stole the knowledge of civilization from the glorious nerubian egyptian society that they gained a respectable society.

this event is notable because whites have stolen almost everything in their society from the tribe of shabazz! from their concepts of philosophy to space travel, all of this can be traced back to black scientists who originally developed them as they were blessed by allah. the white devil race uses the black technology against them, enslaving the holy children of allah and spreading them far and wide, confusing and brainwashing them to follow their materialistic way of life!

Fig 1. yakub the scientist

this history not only refutes the modern theory of evolution (which was invented whole out of cloth by white supremacist "scientists") but also the creation story shared by the christian and jewish faith. (which have been revised to conceal the details of their respective adherents less than 'divine' birth) it also refutes claims made by white supremacists regarding the origins of many inventions and theories which have enabled civilization to flourish. in fact after learning about this astonishing and shocking truth, you will see that there's nothing 'alternative' about this history at all. the events shown before you here today will irrevocably change your perception of the world and fling open the shades which have darkened the cave of your mind. white practitioners of epistemology would be wise to seriously consider this history if they truly wish to cast off the shackles of white supremacist imperialism which currently holds the world in its death grip.

as-salamu alaykum!
Whether the story is literal or symbolic, the lesson is still the same.

The original man is indeed the Asiatic Blackman, science itself proves this and more and more sources point to Arabia as the starting point for all of Man. The oldest known civilization is Sumeria, which many accounts agree were a proto-semitic people, with their language being related to what is now considered Hebrew and Arabic, making it an early Arabic. Sumerian records themselves indicate they go back way before 6,000 years ago; they say that their civilization began 246,000 years ago, when a wise man came from the south (what is now Arabia) and taught their first King the knowledge of science and rule.

It is now estimated that blue eyes as a trait emerged around 8,000-5,000 years ago, and that at the current rate, due to the recessive nature of the traits, that blonde hair may be eliminated altogether in less than 200 years. Regardless of these facts, or others that may come to light, the jury is still out on the literal-symbolic debate, and the important facts (The original man is Black, the original civilization was in Arabia and spoke a form of Arabic, the Whiteman is the newest of the races and has continuously waged war) are all true.

The grafted nature of the Whiteman lies more in his consciousness than anything else. For the past 6,000 years he has been taught and bred to despise Islam. The Romans persecuted the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), and further served to corrupt the teachings and distort them for their own Imperial use. How much of the transatlantic slave trade, the genocide of the native americans and more was justified with their grafted ideology? The Honourable Elijah Muhammad said that if you think you are accepted by the Whiteman, tell him you are a Muslim, and see how he reacts. Today in the United States, a report by the government itself acknowledged that the White Militia movement, the KKK, Neo-Nazi organizations, Christian Identity, radical Patriots and anti-immigration movements are all larger domestic terrorist threats than Islam (which wasn't in the top 10), but there is a concerted plot to convince White people that Islam is the enemy.

This isn't to say that Whites can't be Muslims of course, only that it is difficult as a result of a prolonged period of propaganda. There is a story of a brother who worked at Muhammad Speaks back in the 1960s, and one of his coworkers found out he was married to an Albanian woman and informed the Honourable Elijah Muhammad. The Honourable Elijah Muhammad just laughed and responded that Albanians are indeed white, but they have lived amongst us (the original people) so long that they have come into and adopted our culture, and he took no actions to discipline the brother.
"The colored people are gonna rise up in righteous
wrath, and they're gonna take over the world...The colored
people gonna have hydrogen bombs all their own," he said.
"They workin on it right now. Pretty soon gonna be Japans
turn to drop one. The rest of the colored folks gonna give
them the honor of dropping the first one."

"Where they going to drop it?" I said.

"China, most likely," he said.

"On other colored people?" I said.

He looked at me pityingly. "Who ever told you
a Chinaman was a colored man?" he said.
i typically don't enjoy ethnic music but that song is OK
if yakut wanted a bunch of white dudes all he had to do was show people his head
Like I said, the grafted mind, the grafted mentality of the whiteman to look at the world entirely through the lends of white supremacy, to arrogantly try and edit history, to edit religion and attempting to edit science to create slavery; that is the actual problem.

Typically though, the primary problem of the modern day is within the original people. The Native American divides himself into tribes, so does the African and Asian. We need to return to our original nature and original state and look at ourselves as singular. Here, in North America and also, in South America, there is too much remnants and relics of barbaric European culture, that needs to go for a new civilized culture to emerge and their religion, language and culture will have to be discarded.
for real i am fascinated by the idea that wallace fard muhammad might have been born and raised in new zealand because we have a really powerful undercurrent of syncretic religion and prophets are still A Big Deal here