Sean Smith is an American hero and martyr. He served his country valiantly. He was killed by terrorists in the line of duty. He leaves behind a wife and two children.

His life is worth more than the collective value of everyone on this forum.

hello anus dei, welcome to our little corner of the universe. hope you enjoy your stay.
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tpaine posted:

this is the funniest thing that has or will ever happen

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tpaine posted:

he meant martyr as in that goon with all the flashlights and shit

yeah that guy totally, like him

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tpaine posted:

i couldn't find the pic, tom. he had like 5 flashlights and guns and shit that he carried with him everyday.

why is he a martyr

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Combining advanced puppetry and animatronics, this domestic sitcom centers on a typical prehistoric suburban family of dinosaurs.
dont sass me dennis, its been a long day. just let me listen to my marc maron
he was shot by a off duty cop whilst fleeing an ihop bill
damn i think i have four months' accumulation of tcc posts to read. gonnna be a good night for people like me hahah
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*a group of libyans is carrying vilerat through the streets to a nearby hospital when suddenly someones hand pulls his sleeve up, revealing the tattoo and prompting everyone to drop him in horror*
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tpaine posted:

tom why do you have my dementia-suffering great uncle aaron in your avatar

my nigga

Fuck him, he got his.
hi paradol
hi babyfinland
welcome, welcome
how are you doing, whats new

Paradol posted:

Fuck him, he got his.

i agree, fuck chris benoit


babyfinland posted:

how are you doing, whats new

Just finding out vilerat is dead, googled to see where I could laugh about it, found this place.

Pretty much the funniest possible death for the guy.

hahaha what did you search to get here
vilerat lf

was the very first thing. props on google page placement. figured there was an lf forum still alive somewhere

Paradol posted:

vilerat lf

was the very first thing. props on google page placement. figured there was an lf forum still alive somewhere

the tales we could tell...

vilerat death brings ALL the boys to the 'faire

Agnus_Dei posted:

this one time in the shower room after rowing practice at college, Sean and i made love in one of the stalls. we didnt talk to one another the rest of our time there. a few months after graduation, we rediscovered each other via EVE Online and decided to get married after i told him about the baby. but then, in a cruel, shamalyanesque twist of fate, a routine blood test prior to his deployment to libya revealed that we were bound at the genetic level, that he and i were siblings, and that night, the night of those terrible revelations, after blacking out drunk on whiskey and salvia, he cut open my bulging womb, ripped the 7 month old fetus out of my abdomen and ate it in front of me, bursting the halfdeveloped creature like a giant blister inside his mouth, blood flowing over his bald penis shaped head like period blood. this image haunts my dreams to this very day, and it is a rare night that i can find peaceful slumber without sedative medication.

may God rest his soul
Africa would have been subjected to a bloodbath of proportions unseen in history if the white man hadn't destroyed their culture first.

Examples I point to are as follows -

The Zulu nation was happily destroying not only all of it's neighbors, but many of their own people as the leadership happened to be certifiably insane. Shaka for example had a small penis (actually historically accurate) and killed thousands of people because of it. The zulu empire was actually not the bad one as the Matabele under Mzilikali after his loss to the zulu, took his tribe and conducted a scorched earth campaign across the lower section of africa destroying all in his path.

Lets not forget the laughable Xhosa girl Nongqawuse who said she saw visions that if everybody killed off their cattle and burned their fields the dead spirits of their ancestors would grant not only tenfold cattle in return, but destruction of the new white Anglo/Boer civilization in the southern cape. Needless to say after they slaughtered and burned everything no ancestors were forthcoming and 25 thousand of the Xhosa tribe died.
The tribes of africa were largely barbaric and vicious groups of people who really only understood killing for the most part. There were exceptions to the rule as there always are, the hottentots, and various smaller tribes, but for the most part african culture was set up to destroy other cultures to begin with.

I'm not going to say that they are better off having been colonized by the europeans, but the alternative was pretty vicious as well.

I am inclined to agree with Cumlord69. A tragic event, to be sure, however most of this article seems to revolve around his video game experience, which to my standard does not warrant a Wikipedia page
I am inclined to agree with Cumlord69
Hark! What sayeth you, Cumlord69?
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