The pedophile cop shooting multiple people to death du jour - if he's not being framed by his ex-coworkers, who are pathological liars by trade, and the sole source for this story - has accomplished the rare feat of getting away. Once again this is proof that the pigs do not keep anyone safe: they couldn't stop him from killing whoever he wanted to kill, and now they have to admit that if you live in Austin, you might be his next victim - good luck with that!

If you're an advocate for mass murder, what a public relations coup this is for you!

The mass murder community in Amerika has to overcome two obstacles while going about their routine: one material and one psychological. First, their soldiers have to actually be capable of killing a significant number of people. This is more difficult than in other countries - Syria or the Ukraine for example - where huge quantites of explosives are handed to mass murderers by the Amerikan and Israeli governments. The question of "why is there so much gun violence in the US?" can be answered - because guns are the worst we've got.

Guns are not ideal for mass murder. Their point-and-click UX is a liability compared to the one-button interface of a thermite vest or a remote-controlled truck full of fertilizer. Prospective mass killers need to invest in guns, practice with them, maintain them, and most importantly, use them properly on the big day. And even a dedicated 3%er who is obsessed with beating the Sandy Hook record is still up against the clock - you can only fire so many rounds and storm so many locations before you are killed or captured.

And this is the harder obstacle for the mass murder community. The inevitability of individual defeat is a problem in a movement that believes only the individual exists or matters. The psychology of indoctrination to produce suicide bombers is well known, but Amerikan media deliberately avoids the problem of indoctrination of suicide shooters. Although specific, individual youtube users like Ben Shapiro are cited by some killers and many leftists as directly causative of mass shootings, we should be wary of how mass killers self-report the premises for their actions. That is not to take responsibility off Shapiro for being the human embodiment of a yellow rime of semen found by historians on a pair of Hitler's pants. But mass killers in Amerika necessarily cannot remark on their own susceptibility to conversion to the death cult.

For example, one thing that is true of virtually all the mass shooters, that they themselves don't tend to bring up: they're f*king losers! Speaking from experience myself, as a former, and still part-time, huge loser, I can tell you that it takes the mind to some crazy places. Let me try and define the "loser" for any winners who have broken with tradition and are reading this. One possible definition is that being a loser is being unable to conceive of a desirable future. This is a psychological reflection of a material problem: envy of the impossible situation where the loser materially benefits, or jealousy over that material loss. Another way to say this: losers benefit materially by committing suicide more than they do by continuing to live. This is not a claim for an afterlife, but the frank reality that the processes of social reproduction no longer see fit to prolong the lives of losers. It's the same principle used in the utilitarian stand against the death penalty: a life of guaranteed suffering is widely known to be worse than a quick death.

You can be a loser due to circumstance, or as a consequence of your own choices; you can be a loser your entire life or turn in a moment, plummet from winner to loser. I make no moral judgment about losers, many wonderful people happen to be losers. But losers are primed to receive the logic of the solipsist martyr. This is exactly the message intended by Boebert's tweet above. Widely regarded as weird, the tweet is simply stating that if you want to kill a lot of people, and then yourself, the only thing stopping you is whether you want to obey a law that cannot be enforced, that restrains you from doing something that you can see depicted dozens of times a day in popular media - heroically killing a large number of people who are, in some way, wrong. The John Wick movies, for example, are about a mass murderer who is totally fine with dying in the act; they are from the perspective of the mass murderer, where his actions are all justified seamlessly by a narrative conveyed to us as an absolute truth, where personal moral reasoning is more absolute than any social convention.

Suicide is not a great ending, but it's the best available, and from the individualist, protagonist view, you have to at least go for a high score. We might even say that the "gamification" of daily social reproduction via wage labor and the commodity-form naturally pushes those with nothing left to lose toward a violent outcome. This pressure has been enough to create killer losers for quite a while, which has been a financial boon to a police state searching for sustenance like a tick on a dead astronaut.

Yet it can never be enough, and today presents a dangerous new escalation by mass murder advocates: increasing the attraction of mass murder by making the suicide optional. Police goons characterize their peer's actions as an "isolated" killing, as if any murder happens in isolation; murder is a dismemberment of the social body, the termination of a life together with all its relations to other lives. Regardless they are clear that they might catch him before he kills again, they might not. Even when there is a suspect the clearance rate on murder is not that high. You people are on your own. For someone who is considering killing a lot of people, and watching this pedophile continue to enjoy freedom: it's great news. The cops are signaling that what you are doing is no longer an aberration worthy of militarized mobilization. The snipers, the police tank, the SWAT team, the helicopters, the bullhorn, these aren't for you anymore, they're for protesters. You'll get an APB and the cops will run cover in the media for your "isolated" butchery. If you get shot it's going to be 83 times by a couple of normal cops on patrol.

We as leftists need to quickly figure out how to interact with losers and prevent them from taking up arms. It's a matter of life and death! But the implications of doing this in a non-violent way are nauseating. Do we really have to befriend these people and make them feel part of a social whole? When they are so vile that they would murder a woman and her children for daring to not live with them? What are the first steps here? The nice part about my asking these questions is that I'm not very smart so they can serve as an open-ended conclusion to this essay.

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Authorities fear armed and dangerous ex-detective wanted for Austin massacre may take hostages

Wisconsin police arrest suspect wanted for deadly shooting at Kenosha lakeside bar

Minneapolis drive-by shooting leaves 2 National Guard members injured

McDonald's drive-thru turns into horror scene after little girl is shot to death

Adam Toledo shooting: Chicago prosecutor placed on leave over statement on whether teen had gun in hand

Armed carjacking suspect trades gunfire with cops after jumping out of car, shooting at another vehicle during police chase

Louisiana shooting leaves at least 5 hospitalized: report

US stocks mixed after last week's record highs reached

Details emerge on how FedEx shooter obtained guns despite family concerns
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Far be it for me to suggest that video games turn people into killers but the most profitable mass entertainments of the day are murder simulators in which you calmly mow down brown people and/or communists for high scores

Flying_horse_in_saudi_arabia posted:

Far be it for me to suggest that video games turn people into killers but the most profitable mass entertainments of the day are murder simulators in which you calmly mow down brown people and/or communists for high scores

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thinking about how the concept of the "marine" is materially colonial in origin and presaged today's ideal soldier among the colonial and post-colonial powers, navies' adoption of high-tech small arms before armies—to combat native populations that vastly outnumbered the invaders—reflected in endless quixotic attempts during the 20th century to improve killing power for all armed forces through sheer number of rounds per pull of the trigger, the dead ends of SPIW and ACR curving dialectically into the "warfighter" and "warrior" new-fascist ethos of the United States in the 21st century, every soldier a colored beret—one way or another, each rank-and-file member of the infantry a "lone gun" spree killer
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