"It has long been known that rats engage in simple forms of play -- rough and tumble -- but we wanted to know if they could do more complex games, like hide and seek," neurobiologist Michael Brecht, an author of the study, published in the journal Science, told CNN.

Holed up in a laboratory with the rats and a selection of remotely controlled boxes, a team of scientists played a version of the childhood game with the rodents, teaching them how to hide from and find the researchers.

Over a period of a few weeks, they found that the rats quickly learned how to hide and seek -- and even started to develop tactics and strategies for the game.


But after being discovered, the rats would sometimes "re-hide," even if it meant a delay in receiving their reward -- proof, the scientists believe, that the rats were playing for the sake of it.

Although quiet when hiding, researchers said the the rats "squealed with joy" when they discovered the scientists -- something researchers think shows an understanding of the game's rules.

"They look like they're having fun, they come running," Brecht told CNN. "They're very vocal, they call all the time because they are thrilled about it. But then they hide, they are pretty silent," he said.

Did anyone check the scientists for major depression?

rats off to ya!
im usually the first to cry 'anthropomorphism' but i really want to believe this one
why do animals play? watching calves run around and mount eachother had me wondering
imo play is one of the (few) topics where you listen to the anarchists https://thebaffler.com/salvos/whats-the-point-if-we-cant-have-fun
sky rat

It's all fun and games until someone gets the bubobnic plague.
crust punks and college radio station girls equally ruined the concept of rats for me
my current foster dog rends trash rats with a side of glee
My dog hunts mice and rabbits.
oh my rats and garbage
This Rat Kills Garbage
_Found a staircase leading out of the dungeon.
This spell is somewhat challenging to absorb.
_Memorize Fulsome Distillation, consuming 1 spell level and leaving 3?
_You start memorizing the spell. You continue memorizing.
_You finish memorizing.
You open the door.
_A rat comes into view.

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wait a sec that's not a vanilla nethack spell
Articles like these are a good starting point when examining the ethics of killing animals

marlax78 posted:

watching calves run around and mount eachother had me wondering

um... ill tell you about it when you're older