If posters are seriously wondering why what the CIA does in domestic politics matters, and I think too much of everyone here to assume they really are, it’s because the CIA has established particular means of getting their way and the funding they need to enact their will, through insidious channels that have a number of blocking points if the pressure they exert becomes public.

What we are seeing here is going to enable them to shape policy through direct and public threats toward people in domestic government in the media and related arenas, as the CIA and with masks off, which up until now has been a fallback tactic because it threatens their overall strategy, a strategy they are shedding like a carnivorous imago emerging from a cocoon as we watch. They have ginned people up, especially left-liberals of the Democrat sort who would have trusted them ever so slightly less before now, so that their direct and public interference in domestic elections will be seen, not as dirty tricks, but as superheroics.

In a few short years, they have accordingly all but captured one of the two parties in the U.S., again, directly, through invading its slate of candidates for federal office live and in person, where previously they had to exert pressure as a nominally independent group and waste energy and time doing that.

So, the CIA will get exactly what they want with fewer concessions toward the interests of demagogues, and they will get exactly what they want without caveats, more often and quicker, and it will be that much harder to throw obstacles in their path, and that will be paid for in the lives of people all over the world.

You’re going to see the fruits of that pretty soon whether or not you accept it. If you don’t care to accept it and feel you have the luxury to do that, your best bet is just to become a Democrat or Blairite or whatever and enjoy the ride.
This is why I partially renounce my earlier post in Year Two that its not worth discussing once I thought about it for two seconds, but I will not renounce that it is still silly shit
The CIA got wheedling Yankee nerd Herb Bush into the White House briefly when they took their last swing at this so I won’t dispute that their creepiest and deadliest shit is still pretty silly a lot of the time.
I'm reading now that the CIA is preparing to fly a second whistleblower into Trump Tower which makes me concur that they've had this operation lined up for awhile. They've had enough time to study Trump at this point and he might just be dimly-enough aware somewhere inside his head cavity that the CIA has gamed it out already, and it is happening, which is why he's acting more rat-brained than usual.
double post
just when i thought i was out... they pull me back in

Betting my Rhizzone account Hillary "reluctantly" declares her candidacy to go for round 2 with Brumpf

Oh god I was right what the fuck

bernard sandrrs should be paying closer attention to what is put into his coffee & by whom if he wants to stay out of the hospital
With a big name like former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton entering the contest, one can't help but feel that this is shaping up to be an exciting race!!
Hot Democracy, High Velocity
BNL seems like a bunch of Macedonians getting rowdy with the spurious headlines, but It's True If I Want It To Be.
anyone but donald trump winning brings us marginally closer to president 69, the left case against trump

marlax78 posted:

With a big name like former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton entering the contest, one can't help but feel that this is shaping up to be an exciting race!!

My thinking about what’s going on in Langley and why these rumors are being trial ballooned atm, is imo probably because dumping Biden in favor of warren in order to start impeachment by exposing his corruption is politically risky because warren doesn’t fit the correct personality type to successfully take on trump’s rhetoric (plus she’s embarrassing). Also Hillary took on some weird mythical status among a lot of liberals and is probably actually more attractive now than in 2016 to the cynical dems and independents who refused to vote and she technically did win the popular vote which has given her the politically useful aura of a stolen victory

But if that’s what they’re gonna do it’s got two flaws: it could split the centrist Democrats into 3 with Biden, warren, and Clinton esp if Biden and Warren don’t peacefully bow out, potentially giving Sanders a small edge, and secondly, if trump gets impeached and goes into the general with that “stain” against an ascendant Clinton then it will absolutely convince the other half of the country who post about Seth Rich in yahoo news comments that there is in fact a coup happening right before their eyes, and all this prior to a likely recession and potential financial crisis to boot.

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i refuse to believe any chatter about clinton is anything more than her keeping her name in the public sphere in order to maintain personal influence over party machinery and to keep the family brand fresh for the eventual inevitable chelsey clinton senate run but i also refused to believe trump would win so
Assuming that the spooks in DC can lucidly determine whether a certain candidate is worthwhile for 2020, then I think it’s fair to contemplate that they’re at least considering throwing Clinton in late in the game because Biden is senile and corrupt and Warren is either chronically lying about herself to prop up some strange public persona or is delusional. All the other candidates are flops besides Sanders who’s unthinkable to them, so the only name I could even think could flip the table in the primary at this point is Clinton. Of course my premise could be deeply flawed considering the CIA thought Guaido was their man in Venezuela and we know how that went.
i hope trump wins so all this time i spent going around and saying things "trump is gonna win again, duh' was not wasted
the Trump man wrote a big letter saying they aren't turning over anything to the House, then Estados Unidos VP Pence said, 'I'm giving the House all my conversations with Kiev president, where none of this came up at all, so you can immediately clear me, uh I mean the current president, of the bad things'
goddamn i love reading cars posts about the CIA, i pass them off as my own takes irl and my friends get spooked when "i" turn out to be right once more
cars' cia posts are this accurate because he is a cia agent himself
goddamn i love reading cars posts about the CIA, i pass them off as my own takes irl and my friends are spooks then i turn out to be handcuffed & blindfolded in an unmarked aircraft in colombia
cars whistleblowing the whistleblower
this is getting passed around breathlessly in right wing circles as if its some great shock

https://thefederalist.com/2019/10/09/anti-trump-whistleblower-attorney-worked-directly-for-james-clapper/ posted:

One of the attorneys that assisted the anonymous “whistleblowers” accusing President Donald Trump of conspiring with foreign leaders to interfere in the next U.S. presidential election used to report directly to former director of national intelligence James Clapper.

Charles McCullough, an attorney who assisted Andrew Bakaj, a former staffer for Sens. Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton, at the beginning of the process was previously the inspector general of the intelligence community (ICIG) at the height of the Clinton email scandal.

McCullough told The Federalist however, that he is no longer involved in the whistleblower’s representation.

“I am not part of the whistleblower legal team,” McCullough wrote to The Federalist in an email. “I assisted with process issues Andrew at the very beginning, and then withdrew.”

Now a partner at the Compass Rose Legal Group with Bakaj, McCullough’s professional biography on the law firm’s website notes that he reported directly to Clapper as ICIG and “oversaw intelligence officers responsible for audits, inspections, investigations.”

going to post in another thread now and then probably back to my ifap hole because ive been a bad boy whom not finish dprk essay. know that i am still watching you all from heaven and +ing all my favourite Post's


sovnarkoman posted:

cars' cia posts are this accurate because he is a cia agent himself

A dangerous lack of context in this post as I am a Special Agent in Charge or "SAC". I sweated to get here and I deserve support

Woah, who's that bad boy over there? Said people at the party about me when I start dropping takes from the rHizzonE without telling people where I got em from (the CIA)