As the United States murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans this great nation was weighted with much sin.

Then lo and behold a rich Saudi living in Pakistan gave his life so that America may not be held accountable for its actions. With Osama's Christlike sacrifice the heavy burden of America's crimes were absolved.

The United States should build shrines to him and worship him like a god for his great deed.
the united states didn't kill that many people. muslims that decided to bomb markets with other muslims in them did most of that work. but american leftists think that muslims can't think for themselves. in any case, it's not like we're running out of muslims. no shortage in sight.
sure enough theres a shrine to him on every conservative, pro-war page
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Sorry but I disagree. Killing is bad. Wrong, even,
God is Hitler's Faggot (food item) [don't kinkshame\
is osama bin laden the tim wise of anti-imperialism?
Osama Bid Ladin died but, currently, is NOT dead. So in that way he's similar to Jesus. Another way is hes from the middle east. The third way is they both value most of the rules of the religion of death, Islam. Finally they both had secret mountain fortresses with a exercise room, tv, etc. So basically, yea they're really close together in action and traits. Sorry if this post is rude, im just trying to "join the discussion"
I thought it was because he was black
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don't mock kevin, he's my friend.
then type his name right fucko
osama bin laden, just like jesus, fled to kashmir to restart his ministry after his presumed death.

i drove by it too late at night to go in. stupid kashmiri winters


early, as usual.

sigh dude this thread is like so 9/12/01
lol jesus christ


Hmm internationalist doesn't understand Christian theology at all


This Keven fellow seems pretty cool.
yikes, bad post

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Petrol posted:


if osama bin laden is americas jesus then who is americas osama bin laden
jesus. A=A. etc.
jesus did 9/av
I seriously would give all the money I have in the world to play with the dead corpse dick of Osama Bin Laden
I could honestly listen to someone reciting quran all day long as long as there was a nice bumrocks relaxed instrumental behind it
this may be blasphemous?

naw just awesome. good 'tube.
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