i was hit bad by the last market crash, my ma' lost a lot of work. that might happen again, and this time because i am not longer a child it might hit me similarly. i'm still going to cackle and rub my hands because it's forumposting.
idk maybe our forums cred isn't worth our souls... a lot to think about.
Has anyone else encountered the /doomer/ subculture? Or the /r/collapse subreddit?

There seems to be a cultural movement of young men (mostly) from the imperial core that are downwardly-mobile middle-class failsons (i.e. me) that are obsessively fretting over impending catastrophe and calamity, becoming NEETs over this etc. There are intersections with incels, weaboos, 4chan, Reddit.

From what I can tell there are "left-wing" and right wing strains to this ideology. Hell, I find myself tempted by this tyoe of thinking more than I'd like to admit... Then I realize how solipsistic that is considering i'm a white kkklanadian + my parents have significant stores of wealth and I'm as of yet not estranged from them lol

idk what I'm trying to say here, but let's not be like the /doomers/! Dare to struggle dare to win
im getting reall worried abt the fifty bucks in my retirment account
Nice. hope I lose my job
marxist science proven immortal again and again, repeated ownage in the face of Capital, is funny to me. i have to laugh at them. i bet Lenin would've.
hold on, kerpserlderb krhistmas update: bloc by bloc, the insurrection game, second edition, is now out, and i'll be honest, i want it: https://www.leftwingbooks.net/book/content/bloc-bloc-insurrection-game-2nd-edition
i personally think cars doesn't get enough thanks for the administrative aspects he takes within the RhizZ, whatever the hell that may be. as such, i have personally thanked him myself and proof of that can be found if you look into his profile page, although i don't recommend it because you will get fail aids and die
Perhaps its worth laying this out for you, i’m big into self-reflection these days, i think it is one of the most important things a communist must do, if they want to be more than just textmongers of marxism

i didnt come to marxist theory through oppression, or anyone i knew, or through university, or an encounter with a political party, or talking to people on the internet. i found it because i was looking for an answer to a seemingly inevitable pathway to impending catastrophe and the death of billions, and wow did it present an answer.

i already knew the world as we understand it was in the process of ending because that’s what id been studying for years; when your job is 9-5 cataloguing of shrinking distributions of organisms, when you grow familiar by name and sight with all the species around you, not distant macrofauna but the non-descript stuff right beneath your feet which are rapidly dying off, it imparts a particular perception of quite how fucked everything is getting. Humans create their environment, and wow did it seem like western capitalism was creating one inimical to life. Everything is connected to everything else, CO2 released in one part of the world causes flash floods in another part; there was blood everywhere, I couldn’t unsee it.

i love plants, really i do, i think flowers are my favourite thing in the whole world; at my botanical height i could name over a thousand by sight alone, boring family and friends by showing off how to distinguish types of buttercup from each other. i’d spend most of my free time wandering round the countryside writing big lists of everything i saw, then id put them in the database and compare them to all the things i would have seen in that location if it had been twenty years ago; you get familiar with the interconnectedness of all things, the interrelationship of organism and environment. There’s no separation, the organism creates its environment and the environment creates the organism. So the first two works of Marxism i was drawn to were dialectics of nature by Engels and dialectical and historical materialism by Stalin; both changed my life – the theory lined up so well with everything i could see around me that in the course of a couple of hours id completely reassessed my knowledge about Stalin; nobody who thought like this would have murdered millions of people, it just wasn’t possible.

but there’s a problem, because this sort of path into communist theory brings a lot of prior knowledge, which i had to adapt into a dialectical materialist framework. Kalinin is one of my favourite soviet Marxists because i really do feel like he understood what it meant to apply marxism in the practice of learning. I keep a copy of this quote really close and I’ve posted it before:

I once made the statement at the Lobachevsky Military Academy that to study Marxism does not mean to read through Marx, Engels, and Lenin; you may study their works from cover to cover, you may be able to repeat their ideas word for word, but that will not necessarily signify that you have really learned Marxism. To learn Marxism means to know after mastering the Marxist method how to approach all other problems connected with your work. If, let us say, the sphere of your future work is agriculture, will it be an advantage to be able to employ the Marxist method? Of course it will. But to employ the Marxist method, you have to be an agricultural expert. Otherwise nothing will come of your attempt to apply Marxism in agriculture. This should not be forgotten if you wish to apply Marxism in practice, if you wish to be men of action, and not textmongers of Marxism. But what does being a Marxist mean? It means being able to adopt the correct line. But to be able to adopt the correct, Marxist line, you also need to be a first-rate expert in your particular sphere of activity.

i’m not afraid to say that i am an expert in my particular field of expertise – ecology; its what I’ve lived for ever since i learned my first botanical name. And everything I have studied, for over a decade, points to mass death by starvation in the near future of the current trajectory. Learning marxism didn’t change that, in fact it provided a framework for understanding exactly why it was gong to happen, and a potential way out.

and fates know ecology is stuffed full of nazis, because when you get talking deep down you find out they all believe genocide is the only solution. it disgusted me enough that I went and found a better theory; but in the end everyone i met who held to that theory was enthralled by technological progress and figures about soviet union steel production, how many poods of iron ore could be dug out the ground, processed and turned into more things. Unable to conceptualise communism outside of the models of decades ago. Remarkably often more reactionary than the liberals they claim to hate so much. Unable to move with the times, unable to apply the scientific base of marxism to new conditions, or even recognise fundamental shifts.

Obviously i joined a “communist party”, and because it was dialectical materialism which had grasped me I went and found a ML party, more fool me.

I’ve posted about this recently so i won’t repeat it, but there was no creative application of theory to new conditions, there was not even an acknowledgement that conditions have changed – new diseases, old prescriptions: you need to sell more newspapers and cover up for rapists.; meanwhile whole islands were being swallowed up by the rising oceans

Maybe this is enough to put me in the doomer camp, but every day in which capitalism powers forward at full strength during a boom phase increases the number of people who are going to starve to death before and during the revolutionary period. Warmer temperatures, heavier rainfall, more powerful hurricanes. The clock ticks forward each day.

But part of me welcomes it, im actually excited, not because of the destruction and horror which it brings, but because it really is a sign of the end, of the final do or die period at the end of a great arc of human existence, and through the chance of birth im here and im alive, and i'm very optimistic about the future - what proportion of all the humans who were ever alive gets to live in the period where communism is to be established? But i see too clearly what the future will bring on the current trajectory, i have nightmares constantly, I wake drenched in sweat, vague memories of concentration camps and being raped that fade mercifully fast, i try not to remember too deeply, it’s a recipe for psychosis. But that doesn’t stop the nightmares.

The Soviet Union, Maoist China, were scientific experiments, and the end result shows that they were failed experiments; but when an experiment doesn’t work it probably just means that things need to be tweaked next time, since the core theory appears sound, and the results were promising. Mao made great advances in Marxist theory over and above the theoreticians of the Soviet Union. These days i take that as a starting point in practice: reform our study, opposite stereotyped party writing, rectify the party’s style of work, handle contradictions correctly, be humble but don’t be afraid to go all in when the time is right.

This century, perhaps much less time, will prove the correctness of marxism in practice at a global level – i doubt ill live to see the end result, but i would like to; perhaps many of you will die also, and for that im sorry. but I really do feel blessed that of all the time periods in human history i could have been born, i am alive today, at the most critical phase, to witness at least part of this, and to try and help, though lord knows almost every other communist I’ve met have been singularly useless at doing anything useful, or engaging their brain scientifically, no matter how hard i tried to help them. Perhaps its just a British thing.

the only alternative to our success is sitting by and watching managed decline through capitalist genocide as the ruling class attempts to transition its class position to a 4OC warmer hell-world through mass murder. Marx explains how slavery is unsuitable for capitalist production, but i doubt capitalism itself would survive 4OC, whereas slavery, well, i suspect we would see a lot more of that. And what do you know, its always been a man holding the whip.

but ever since I started reading marxism it provided a light in the dark, because ive never lost faith in the masses, because however it happens i refuse to accept that the masses will go to their deaths willingly – i don’t know what form it will take, or how bad the coming revolutionary war will be, but revolution is coming, and its coming quick – thats the faith which everything i know gives me – the likelihood of success in the future is actually very high.

Marx said that the point of a communist is to midwife the transition to minimise the pain and suffering and terror, to ensure that such transition happens in the least destructive way possible, with the minimum loss of life; but priorities just seem so muddled among communists; impending genocide seems like a footnote to their understanding, something too big to worry about, rather than the central and driving force to what they do. i guess, for lack of a better word, i'm a decelerationist – i believe slowdowns in the capitalist system are good, because they provide more time, they postpone the genocide.

theres a good recent example, the “gatwick drone”. I joked that whoever was controlling that drone had probably done more than any individual person (up to that point) to delay genocide. but its not really a joke, that airport needs to stop operation as soon as physically possible, as do all the others. Every private vehicle needs to be mothballed. Cement production needs to be pared back to an absolute minimum, oil, coal, meat, none of these things can be consumed any more, not without the bodies piling up even higher. And im not particularly convinced that the solution is to wait for some mythical “post-revolutionary phase” where everything will be sorted out, one will happen as the other happens; revolution and crisis go hand in hand. Resistance to total anihilation will cause crises to make the past look as nothing.

The current crisis in the stock market is as much ecological and environmental as anything else; the system struggles under the weight of its own contradictions, sawing away at its feet to keep the head alive, and when the head shows signs of weakening, its only because the feet have been so badly damaged. Ecological disaster is tipping you over into economic disaster, because you’re running out of things to consume.

I guess that means that a lot of people would lose their jobs, its not like i don’t recognise the immense suffering that a new global economic crisis will bring, but its as inevitable as the sun rising every morning; there’s no escaping it without defending the system itself, or abolishing it. But what’s coming is so horrific, and so violent that i believe any slowdown to the system is inherently good. I don’t know how to reconcile that with individual suffering except to retreat into a global picture of the future under capitalism – deaths numbered in the billions, catastrophic loss of accumulated scientific knowledge, enforced illiteracy, women as nothing but breeders and slaves.

The system runs on deforestation and the haber process, on pumping the sky full of poison, on strip-mining the organic content out of the soil, it runs on blood and pain and anguish; and right at the very base, it betrays that the ultimate parasitic relationship of our species is sexual parasitism: in general, the human male is parasitic on the human female. It runs on rape. That’s why i hate men, a deep down loathing. Parasitism that goes way back before capitalism, back to the very first class divide, when men built their foul kingdom on the backs of women; the original parasitism.

Rosa Luxemburg spent a lot of time laying out how capitalism can’t even function without constant consumption of non-capitalist organisations and resources; it has to destroy and consume what is outside of itself to continue itself. It has to eat to survive, and no organism can subside off its own flesh, it needs external resources.

and, if you’ve not read her theories, or you’ve heard that she “got a lot of stuff wrong”, it might be painful to read, but its clear to me that here relegation to “second rate theorist” has nothing to do with the essence of her theories and everything to do with her being a woman in the era of manly marxism. Robert Biel, one of the few modern marxist writers who I respect put that at the centre of his Eurocentricism book – every day that capitalism exists it destroys non-capitalist structures and relations to survive, down to the very planet itself. And that makes resistance to that a good thing, regardless of its consequences for those within the capitalist system itself. Thats not something I’m capable of discarding when it comes to crises – deceleration seems like the only answer for the future, and if resistance to capitalism expansion causes a crisis in capitalist economy, then good, because its that resistance that is key for me, despite all the consequences – women’s assault against capitalism from the periphery will cause catastrophic crisis in the core, and ultimatly overthrow the entire system, mens tower will be cast down before it fucks everyone terminally

What has disappointed me so much in my time around Marxists is just how shit they are at reading their own theory and about learning anything outside of a very narrow window; and just how staggeringly male dominated the whole thing is. Male parasitism is replicated in western communist parties to a t, it colours their theoretical understanding of marxism, and male fantasies leak out of every interaction which i have with any man who calls themselves a communist. I suspect that as a transwoman i get a rather unique perspective on the whole thing, but it shouldn’t be this hard for people who read the theory not to go replicating the same old shit which you’ve been doing for millenia.

Mao laid out where correct ideas come from, and if my ideas are not correct then they won’t be born out in the future, and holy crap i would like a lot of my ideas to be wrong, but only time will tell.

and personally, though i have no idea if anyone else agrees, but having a meltdown and using moderator powers to ifap another poster because they disagree with you betrays a total lack of understanding of what moderation of this forum is all about and as such i don’t feel like cars can be trusted to put the responsibility of moderation above his own enormous ego. im going to take an extended break from posting here, but id recommend that you set your house in order, what a total ass

laters all, see you in 2019 some time,

<3 melissa

huh, well i take back what i said about cars. you fucked up. cya tears.
god damn this is a great post