Kind of reminds me of OWS in a way. Have heard about Gilet Jaune groups having a lot of socialist stuff but it's swimming in a soup of nationalist stuff and the most out-there conspiracy theories you can imagine. Anyways I'm not French and so can't really say much more. I hope everything works out.
I can say I'm amused by how Americans are once again projecting their own hopes and dreams onto foreigners. I saw one neo-Pagan "ancap" (i.e. fascist) from the U.S. photoshopping an image of himself with a gun and wearing a yellow vest into pictures of the Gilet Jaune manifestations like he was there. Talk about living vicariously! But I don't think this stuff tends to translate, and I recall an effort to try and meme Le Pen into power which of course didn't take ... it's almost like France is a whole other country or something. I believe a turbo-Evangelical campaign by American anti-abortion crusaders in the Republic of Ireland also backfired during the referendum last year, and may have broke various campaign laws in the process. Just people with no experience of the country annoying the piss out of people.

I'm probably, uh, guilty of this projection too in various ways but I try to keep my mouth shut as my experience with socialists from overseas is that American socialists trying to "intervene" or whatever tends to make the situation worse. Before you think about doing anything, think about getting out of the way. And if you are thinking about getting involved, think about what skills you can bring -- and also see if the people you're trying to help even asked you in the first place.
that's a terrible sample size

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"lack of communist education" sounds like an idealist concept to explain stuff, especially compared to the class interests of french lol

i refer you to the concluding section of my argument, in which i conclude that i am, indeed, a fucking moron.

reported for stealing my valor

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that's a terrible sample size

Thank you. I posted it here because i knew only rhizzone posters would see the base insouciance of presenting such a paltry sample size as Ă«vidence" and i am once again adroit in my apprehension of forums qualities

so they're that kind of thing