On a more serious note I've been looking for books on Hezbollah's social outreach services to better understand how they function as a grassroots social phenomenon on one hand, and as a parastate entity on the other.

Any recommendations?
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Caesura109 posted:

Amal Saad

yep, she's very good. iirc some of her students are hezbollah volunteers. she also nailed what was happening in syria when the propaganda was at its most hysterical and reactionary. quite enjoy her dismantling those bullshit "we met hezbollah" pieces you sometimes find in vice or the nyt, too.

no wonder she's virtually unknown in the west.


Caesura109 posted:

Amal Saad

thanks, any other people or specific texts? I'm pretty much only familiar with Finklestein

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Journalist: So the new equation, Eminent Sayed, is that Hezbollah is now capable of inflicting massive destruction in central Israel and into the depth of Israeli territory?

Hassan Nasrallah: You can use the language of your choice. I do not know exactly what terms would accurately describe (what we’ll inflict on Israel in the next war).

Journalist: What are the words closest to reality, according to your estimation?

Hassan Nasrallah: The words you used were minimal.

Journalist: “Massive destruction”?

Hassan Nasrallah: Yes. I do not exaggerate. Today, Israel knows that I speak the truth. I do not care if some Arab (leaders) believe me or not. If they believe me, great. Otherwise, it’s not a problem. What matters to me is that the Israelis know (that I’m saying the truth).

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