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Gotta see the Hoxha room for myself

turn off your monitor ;))

the anti-revisionism was inside us all along

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in the bunker museum there's a room that was specially built for hoxha to use and they have copies of some of his books in albanian on the shelves and there's a phone with a little label that says like 'pick up the phone to hear enver hoxha' and you pick it up and there's a hoxha speech on the other end so it's like you're really there in socialist albania doing all the moves alongside your favourite small nation communist leader, enver hoxha

screen cap this and get dr what to post it on rhizzone dot text, imo, for The Epic Win. imo


nothing but respect for MY troops

The train had long ago left Moscow behind; several days and nights of travel had already passed by. Chagataev stood by the window; he recognized places where he had walked as a child, or perhaps they were different places but exactly the same in appearance. It was the same land, deserted and aged; the same childhood wind was blowing through whining blades of grass, and space was spacious and tedious like a despondent and alien soul. Sometimes Chagataev wanted to get down from the train and walk, like a child abandoned by everyone. But childhood and the old days were long past. In small stations in the steppe he saw the portrait of Stalin; often this portrait had a homemade look and had been stuck up somewhere or other on a fence. The portrait was probaΒ­bly not much like the man represented, but it had been drawn, perhaps, by true feeling and the hand of a Young Pioneer. Stalin looked like an old man, the kind father of all orphaned people on earth; without realizing it, however, the artist had tried to make Stalin's face resemble his own, to show that he himself now had a father and kinsfolk and did not live alone in the world-and so art had proved stronger than lack of skill. Out in the steppe, beΒ­yond these stations, Chagataev could see people digging the earth, planting or building something, preparing a home and place of life for those who were homeless. There were no empty, unΒ­friendly settlements where only an exile could live. Everywhere men were at work, moving wholeheartedly away from age-old deΒ­spair, fatherlessness and a lack of consciousness that had been cruel and universal.
Chagataev remembered his mother's words: "Keep going till you come to strangers. Let your father be a man you don't know." He had kept going a long way, and now he was on his way back; he had found a father in Stalin, a stranger who had brought him up and broadened his heart and who was now sending him home again, so that he could find his mother and save her if she were alive, or bury her if she were lying abandoned and dead on the face of the earth.

don't know what the fuck Garrison is trying to convey here but Uncle Joe's never looked better

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don't know what the fuck Garrison is trying to convey here but Uncle Joe's never looked better

we finally broke him. he's been Faithmouse'd

sources close to ben garrison tell me this is an edit, but that's an obvious desperate attempt at a coverup. we know the truth.
Stalin, but on a HOG

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sources close to ben garrison tell me this is an edit

I cannot fucking believe I've been bamboozled by a Ben Garrison edit again!!!

bricka bricka bricka


Mao & W E B Du Bois
how many jackets does mao need?

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how many jackets does mao need?

he's always prepared to give one to a cold comrade


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lo posted:

how many jackets does mao need?

he's always prepared to give one to a cold comrade

he's always prepared to give a cold one to a comrade

Mao opens his coats to reveal 30 bottles of Smirnoff ice, making it impossible for one of his bros to ever ice him
thats cool - what's the text saying

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thats cool - what's the text saying

The fake class struggle of M$H
Scientific communists put class struggle above all else. Unfortunately, Fight All Fakes! feels that M$H (monkkkey$mashesheaven) is abandoning class struggle for their own bourgeois interests. They support the revisionist Mao while pretending to uphold Lin Biao. Fake β€œcommunism” stems from bourgeois selfishness, it places personal interests first and the interests of the revolution second, and this gives rise to ideological, political and organizational liberalism.

People who are fake communists look upon the principles of Marxism as abstract dogma. They approve of Marxism, but are not prepared to practice it or to practice it in full; they are not prepared to replace their liberalism by Marxism. These people have their Marxism, but they have their liberalism as well–they talk Marxism but practice liberalism; they apply Marxism to others but liberalism to themselves. They keep both kinds of goods in stock and find a use for each. This is how the minds of certain people like M$H work.

Of course, Fight All Fakes! doesn’t just throw around accusations of fakery. We are a scientific organization, and we approach problems in a rational manner. M$H has made many contributions to our new political line, Lin Biaoism-Third Worldism (post-Maoism-Third Worldism). Much like the now-defunct β€œM”IM, we acknowledge the advances made in revolutionary science while denouncing revisionism and bourgeois liberalism.

M$H is nothing more bourgeois first world scumbags posting their thoughts about revolutionary science without ever experiencing the true effects of capitalism. First worlders have no place in trying to guide third worldism, it is like the board of directors of Bank of Amerikkka trying to lead a black nationalist group.

M$H is guilty of a different kind of imperialism, the imperialism of ideology. They try to ram white bourgeois ideology down the throats of the global proletariat when their revisionism isn’t wanted. Some of their statements are so delusional, that we have to laugh.

β€œM$H provides the ideological leadership to a large, autonomous, global movement calling itself β€˜Maoist-Third Worldist.'”

Large, autonomous movement? Their supporters range from petty bourgeois third worlders to utterly bourgeois First Worlders. There is nothing autonomous about β€œM”TW, it is bourgeois First World kids getting off on an authoritarian fantasy. They consider us, the global proletariat that lives in the Third World, to be too stupid to understand a nuanced position on gender.

4. Alternative gender language promulgates the myth that adult first-world females are significantly oppressed such that they can be aligned with the oppressed nations against imperialism.

For these reasons, we request that M$H takes a back seat to the proletarian leaders of the fourth stage of revolutionary science, Lin Biaoism-Third Worldism. We acknowledge your accomplishments in many fields, but revisionism and fakes must be exposed, no matter their contributions.

Real Maoism is Lin Biaoism. The future of communism needs First World bourgeois pseudo-vanguardists like a fish needs wings. Smash the First World to dust!

lenin stalin mao
hochi minh? castro guevara
sankara kim il-sung kim jong-il?
left middle row is ho chi minh yeah and bottom right is hoxha
hoxha is photogenic

Xi Jinping (3rd from right) in Iowa
big Iowa energy in that piccy
condolences to 2nd from right, suffering acute corn allergies

the jdpon headquarters in franSSe ... notice the dytd section
do they have enough bikes

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condolences to 2nd from right, suffering acute corn allergies

fuck you that dude is hot.


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Large, autonomous son


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looks like it's the same as this, sorry for the doublepost