Say it loud say it clear
*sweating nervously* bordeo gorm is for gamechen
I was going to revisit my fav Porpentine twine games but discovered she's apparently discarded my absolute favorite one. Or renamed it and I can't find it, but I think it's more likely it's just gone. I loved it tho.

So this is impermanence,,,,
was happy to see cryptworlds 2 is still getting made. in case you haven't played i gotta say crypt worlds is a masterpiece much more deserving of your time than whatever garbage is usually posted itt.
I'm so out of touch with that whole scene but I'm glad it's still going
Rockstar Games Presents Lumpensettlers II

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As the university ends what it deems unpopular degrees, it is leaning into a current trend on college campuses: competitive video gaming, known as esports. On Thursday, Akron announced that it would open three facilities to accommodate varsity, club, and recreational gamers. The university said the centers would represent “the largest amount of dedicated esports space of any university in the world to date.”
Five inaugural varsity teams will compete this fall in the video games Overwatch, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Rocket League.
Existing rooms in the university’s student union, football stadium, and honors college will be renovated, at a total cost of about $750,000, Knisely said. He noted that sponsorships to offset the cost are in the works. Annual operating costs for the esports program will be about $400,000, with an undetermined amount for facility upkeep, plus $70,000 for game licenses, league dues, marketing, and some travel, Knisely said. Those figures don’t include salaries for coaches, coordinators, team managers, and scholarships for players.
Akron isn’t alone in pursuing esports opportunities. Boise State University, Columbia College, and the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology have all jumped on the virtual bandwagon. Dozens of colleges now boast scholarships for varsity esports teams.

if they arent good enough negotiators to get game companies to pay for the lot maybe they ought to close the business department
playing animal crossing new leaf. i bragged in another thread that i was reading a book but really im playing the game animal crossing new leag.
I've got your back.
if u love 2 game pls support my kickstarter

pledged of $26,500,000 goal
Played a few hours of Farcry 5 the other day. Was kinda boring and the politics were oddly conservative

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if u love 2 game pls support my kickstarter

the inventor also created http://www.balloonbuddy.com/, product slogan "no matter their size, they have to be tied", pretty sure we're dealing with a serial killer. like the balloon of the month club, what is that, if not a way to collect the names of people who won't be missed.


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a way to collect the names of people who won't be missed.

welcome to tHE r H i z z o n E

gonna play the shit out of the shenmue remake as soon as i feel comfortable dropping $30 on not-food

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gonna play the shit out of the shenmue remake as soon as i feel comfortable dropping $30 on not-food

i never played it but ive been hearing a lot about it and saw some footage and i can see it was the originator of everything im enjoying about yakuza 0. dunno if i care much about playing shenmue without the nostalgia factor but im really keen for the new one now because i feel like it might elevate the gameplay stuff i like in a storyline that avoids a lot of the stuff that makes me feel a bit icky about yakuza. maybe not but ive been imagining such a game as i play yakuza 0 and i would be really happy if shenmue 3 fit the bill

i can’t enjoy shenmue but I admire those who do. Heroes, who have given us so much.
i liked kirby planet robobot
Please have a good weekend and be excellent to each other

I have played the new video game Monster hunts world. It has updated features like embedded software that kicks you offline and makes you not able to play the game. For this reason it gets five of 5 from me, TheCalmGamer.

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as a young child i had this series of hardcover books on different topics and they had 1-2 pages each on like, "Why does it rain?" and "How does a car go?" and the explanations were punctuated by little manga graphics of a goku looking kid and an old professor. on the one about rhinoceros/stag beetles the little kid had a bamboo cage for his beetle and he was pit-fighting it against other kids' beetles to demonstrate how it fucked them up, as though this were a common touch-point for children to learn about animals, and little kid me was like, ...This raises more questions than it answers

i was thinking this summer about how that book also had another thing that mystified me, where it explained how water pistols worked and it had some kids having a water gun fight, and one of them was using something that was just a piston pump with an attached hose sitting in a bucket on the ground. i thought, that kid is going to get ruled. later i took a japanese class and the text had more images of kids using those things and so i guess they were a deal in Japan and kids just let bucket boy turn playing super soakers into a TD game. truly evidence of honor in war that the 外人 (white devil) has forgotten.

another thing i think about, except it's every hour of every day, is about how the in-game story of Unreal Tournament is that the tournament was started by the state and a mining company to make money by televising fights to the death between the company's workers, and it's a sequel to a game where you play as a convict who escapes their prison when it crash lands on a planet, and you have to help the locals fight off invading colonialists who are also trying to set up a mining operation, only to get captured by the Marines who want to conscript you to recover weapons technology, and then you win the game by killing all the Marines either with guns you stole from them or by 9/11 crashing your spaceship into theirs. now, in 2018, we have no Hope, no Jobs, and the top search result for "unreal" is a Lifetime show about psychopath TV producers.
judge eyes looks fucken dope
i never actually finished syrian warfare, its really made me appreciate the difficulty of the tiger forces' job
i always thought telltale games sounded rubbish but this is hilarious
update: Shenmue is still good. i'm drinkin sodas here
sometimes i get so stressed out that the only thing i can do is open FTL and ~*blip~*~ it's twelve hours later and time to go to bed.
Nintendo went on a rampage and shut down the site that had pirate versions of all the old Nintendo video games no one's tried to sell in 20 years and like, homegrown translations of Japan-only video games where the translations have Goku saying "Shit" or whatever, and that's kind of funny

But turns out, Nintendo downloaded the pirate versions of those games from the site before it went down, and then they secretly tried to turn the pirated games around as product and sell them back to customers, except the people who pirated the games put their signatures in the files so now they're in the products Nintendo charged money for, demonstrating why the site full of Goku saying Fuck dick tit is better than Nintendo. So that's funnier

borrowed a friend's wiiu, and picked up breath of the wild for $30 :)