nathan cullen is my mp since i moved up north and frankly i'm concerned that i have some pretty big shoes to fill now
i know all the parties are garbage but i am still loving the stupendous fall of this shit-eating vapid twit prime minister.
it's election day and the alberta NDP are toast. they really earned this loss and "had it coming" (the dumb suicidal fuckers voluntarily handed the opposition control of electoral redistricting as a "peace offering," and in return got key districts eviscerated by gerrymandering because what did they think would happen) but its still going to be really fucking bad, the UCP's merry band of psychopaths are champing at the bit to do an incredible amount of damage. spending freezes for education, slash and burn cuts to health care that they claim will help reduce wait times because magic??? unhinged petrostate saber rattling, full blast contempt for indigenous people and their land rights, state-sponsored persecution of gay kids in school, we're gonna go full banana republic
Upright Citizens Prigrade
ive never been to alberta but it really does seem to be full of the worst people in kkkanada. also edmonton seems like a really special hell with all the shit i keep hearing about the prisons and boyle street etc. and that gargantuan mall.

kenney, ford, and scheer sitting in a room, condensation on the windows because they cant stop breathing through their mouths. dribble on the carpet.
edmonton is politically the best place in alberta (low bar) because at least the people who actually live here recognize how stupid and fucked it is, while the rest of the province blissfully rolls in its own shit. we're virtuously miserable.
jason kenney had a boner during his victory speech.
i always forget about this thread and every time i see it again, i read it as Everybody hates the NYPD. it makes me eager to click every time

shriekingviolet posted:

jason kenney had a boner during his victory speech.