sovnarcman can maybe weigh in, but looks like turkey recently made a significant public shift in legalizing cannabis cultivation for industrial and pharmaceutical use...here's erdogan reminiscing about his mum.

I remember my mother used to knit shopping bags that we could use when shopping. You don’t throw them away immediately, and go out shopping with them again. It is earth friendly, even if you wanted to dispose of it. These are made of cannabis.

this follows lebanon's similar mckinsey & co advised shift in the works from last year.

erdoğan is quite prone to make random proclamations (especially projects and shit) out of nowhere all of a sudden and sometimes it's to take the attention of media or people away from things but sometimes they turn out to be legit. i was thrown off by it as well but after seeing the name mckinsey now i feel like it s legit (even though i dont have any idea about the scale of the operation). mckinsey was hired as consultant for the economic policy of erdoğan and he loves to ruin the agriculture by promoting cash crops or let westerner conglomerates run food production (thanks cargill) and apparently hemp is getting more attractive as a cash crop as big tobacco conglomerates are thinking about switching or some shit. meanwhile food prices are skyrocketing and the government had to resort to "direct selling" where products bought from producers end up being sold in public places by the government or municipalties (there is like a big tent for sales in the most important square of istanbul for example) while getting rid of the middlemen to curb prices

edit: apparently erdoğan claimed that this will bring 100 billion dollars in revenue, even though growing hemp was already legal in some parts of the country for the last 3 years

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good background on some of the figures in epsteins little black book. connects it to the profumo affair which is what I've been waiting to see. http://visupview.blogspot.com/2019/07/epsteins-little-black-book.html

the 'goodfellas' series about trump's underworld connections goes into more detail about profumo (for the most part via roy cohn). his other stuff about le cercle and various parts of the fascist underground are good too. overall he's a 'deep politics' researcher that never veers into right wing conspiracy theory. highly recommended
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All the evidence presented to the public to date indicates that 100% of the dreaded Vaping Disease is caused by use of black market THC pods that were cut with something like vitamin E or some kind of oils not intended for inhalation. Any of the suspect substances are much more expensive than good ol' food grade propylene glycol, which is in no way a controlled or monitored substance and can be purchased no questions asked in virtually any quantity.

So what would convince a black market manufacturer to spend more money turning an inherently safe product - THC oil - into a lethal product, which should in theory attract enormous law enforcement attention? Why make the jump from simply selling weed goo to manslaughter when it's not even cutting a corner or making you more money? I think it's actually harder to get this wrong than it is to do it right.

And why, in the face of the specific vector of the disease, is all effort being directed specifically towards banning the candy flavored cigarette water pods from legit manufacturers who are regulated and monitored and can be held responsible if they do add poison to the vial?

im sure the fake juul pod cowboy was a legit fuckin idiot who filled the things with whatever he had lying around. but the press hype is definitely astroturf