SookieIlychStackhouse posted:

what’s the forum for serious posting. i wrote a pretty long blog post on amerikan political violence in response to an argument with a frustrating lib in a personal slack and nobody engaged with it and i’d love actual discussion.


lol not encouraging political violence. discussing why right wing violent outbursts are an inevitable and if anything designed feature of the amerikan political system.

i know better than to discuss left wing violence in left wing spaces. that way lies feds pretending to be nonbinary gay zionist leftist teens with picross avatars on twitter or whatever
forum 1 is the cool forum everyone wants to post in
Sorry the 3G is pretty spotty in the forests of chhattisgarh
think of the jokes as an appetizer to keep you entertained in the interim until someone has time to effortpost in response
Web 1.0 forums are basically the exact opposite of the dopamine drip of social media, there’s usually not a quick hit from someone discussing or liking your post and the conversations can sometimes meander over weeks which gives a different vibe from the instant gratification of Twitter/Facebook/etc

There’s also the chat room if that’s your thing
Looking for forward looking comrade to share my life with. Appearance not important.