It tasted like a caramel latte
do any of you know what a decomposing armadillo smells like? because i know it smells exactly like berry vape juice.
thats what makes it premium e-juice
as a passive smoker my favorite cigarette is djarum black with cloves
once tried 'surfer blood' flavored e-juice, just made me want a cig. tasted like sunscreen but i was fuckin buff'n'tan after the first cloud
in college i was a big fan of capone cigarillos. theyre tiny cigars dipped in cognac. idk about their current availability, though, in light of the draconian laws criminalizing citizenship in flavor country
oh yeah i used to hang with a guy who smoked capones exclusively. idk if this is related to smoking them but he had dry mouth like constantly, to the point where it literally looked like he had fucking rabies.
i caught rabies from smoking cigarettes
*smoking a cigarette* wtf i love cigarette now
always love cigarette
smoking a decomposing armadillo atm.

sovnarkoman posted:

as a passive smoker my favorite cigarette is djarum black with cloves

i'm surprised that literally every cigarette manufacturer hasn't tried to sell cigarettes where the filter tastes like you dumped a teaspoon of sugar directly onto your tongue, at least in the United States

vaping update: 6 months in, i climbed 6 flights of stairs without getting out of breath. vaping. owns.
recently i have been smoking myself to death with cigarette
all my best to those who are quitting cigarettes and to those who will smoke two for every one they don't
unintentionally quitting by switching to rolling my own and being too lazy to actually do it

nomogram posted:

you wont last long!

love to get on high on gabapentin every day, listen to psytrance and chainsmoke on the floor of my filthy cave
I haven't smoked for 60 days (after a decade of daily use) and I'm amazed as quitting smoking was and has been way easier than quitting drinking. Such a filthy habit with a steep habitual curve and little upside.
does smoking cigarettes help reduce the effects of coronavirus? asking for a friend
quit smoking now you fucking idiots!
i will not

tears posted:

i will not

four posts in and already mastered the advanced posting technique of emptyquoting
if youve got a lot of chutzpagh try doubleposting out for size
hell yeah dude
im not trying to get banned though. i havent lurked enough to figure out what will piss everyone off yet
hopefully i havent already done something so obnoxious i get banned for it

but what can i say though. i love to post
thats spectactular. make sure to save up those upvote, when you get to 1000 you unlock the secret pdf forum
just bought 4kg of rolling tobacco


hopefully i havent already done something so obnoxious i get banned for it

stop dancing!

I quit smoking cigarettes again. Mods please release me from subforum General Bull Shit, where my posts do live and belong.
i'm the best poster gbs has ever seen

tears posted:


bought a vaporizer, so i can smoke and vape at the same time