*tears flowing* 2016 had one last celebrity life to take
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to keep true to our principles, we must instead ask: why did the revolution to keep tpaine around fail?

roseweird posted:

swampman i accuse you, you killed tpaine

I only gave tpaine the power to die

tpaine talks a big game but he is a sensitive artist. and you hurt him swampers. first keven then tpaine. what the f
All I did was point out that women sometimes need absorbency and that using bigoted language makes one look like a goon
also i think someone killed xipe, or fape.

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the swamp in swampman refers to the moisture quantity of his underwear and i'm sure it's just a coincidence that he defrontpaged "the left case for trump" immediately after donald pledged to drain a certain thing
A weeping widow rubs ashes in her hair and claws at the soil. The camera zooms out. The widow is actually a pubic lice on tpaine's crotch.