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What's his position on seeing the Centaur's birth
have you ever birthed the Centaur in the blue corn moon
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I thought about the Centaur's birth recently and went to read about futurism but then I just looked at a bunch of symbolist stuff instead. women whacking it in front of the Devil and so on, some good album covers
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I'm on too many drugs to detect whatever kinds of irony are being deployed here

what kind of drugs

there's not a lot of irony here i just think that thing aerdil posted is funny and there really are a bunch of symbolist paintings that are women whacking it in front of the Devil. they're by a guy named Felicien Rops. i'm one of the most sickeningly earnest posters on this forum
ymmv i guess.
the other day i read 'luigi russolo, futurist' by luciano chessa and while it is a bit dry in places it is pretty interesting. basically chessa's argument is that russolo, and to some degree the italian futurists as a whole, were significantly influenced by occult notions of spirituality and movements like theosophy, but that this tendency has been minimised or dismissed by most critics who have discussed futurism, to the point that the occult ideas that run through russolo's entire career have been dismissed as late deviations. i found this pretty interesting because it made the links between italian and russian futurism much clearer to me - a lot of the machine worship stuff the italians were into doesn't really show up so much in russian futurism, but if we think of that as an expression of an underlying spiritual idea rather than a defining feature, then i can see a much more obvious link between the russians and the italians.
the Centaur's birth but it's Russian on top and Italian on the bottom
~ sorry i'm poorly read on this + should be quiet

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~ sorry i'm poorly read on this + should be quiet

please don't delete your posts about russian cosmists, even if you dont actually know much about them. we'll never close the russian cosmist post gap with that attitude!


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~ sorry i'm poorly read on this + should be quiet

Based on your last edit, this was probably a good post

I’m gonna take my horse to the Centaur’s birth