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You raise a new question, though: why would the support of ecclesiastical authorities and catholic lay groups be proof that something is "evident to human reason"?

I did not say the support of such bodies was proof of anything being evident to human reason, I said that the broad consensus on the issue under discussion among them reflected said evidence.

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local judgment and debate aka the shit that negates the need for any kind of bullshit doctrinal wait where the fuck am i

Controversies on the local level find their resolution in a verdict of Authority, while every exercise of Authority in turn provokes the exercise of local judgement and debate over interpretation and application. They are not enemies but two interdependent sides of a dialectical process which can be seen at work in various legal, political, and cultural systems, not just the RC.


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I just said that it hasn't, because the application of such general principles has to be tailored to various national conditions, and this requires local judgment and debate.

Oh yes so tricky... so has the Vatican tailored it to even one location or situation?

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I did not say the support of such bodies was proof of anything being evident to human reason, I said that the broad consensus on the issue under discussion among them reflected said evidence.

No, you said what I said you said, and now you're backpedaling faster than the pope on church doctrine

I am so disappointed that jesus was a street magician who didn't really cure all our sins. this really stinks

the church just ruined my week
Someone wants a Caesero-Papist universal temporal monarchy, and it's surprisingly not me.
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the punk rock of the lykourgos gimmick revealed
if you guys want to argue about meaningless shit nobody cares about go back to school thx
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Exactly, RBC, let's get back to the Trump. We all know the pope will never step up to the crease; all tip and no iceberg
again, i dont know what that means
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let's follow the ancient greek perspective on refugees and let them collectively fuck our faggot ass or w/e

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i just jizzed all over myself from how perfect that crazy asshole's kerning is

look man eat as much Corn as you want but we dont need to hear about how it comes out

the Greeks may have invented assfucking but (viz. Puar) faggotry per se arises out of the discourses of homonormativity created by and for late capitalist imperialism
Stang: 'Open Borders' is a xenophobic straw man/ultra-left utopia (same thing), but even assuming that it wasn't, fascism woudn't be fascism in any recognizable form with it in place.

Also, while its nice that the Nazis gave Bose a ride in a sub, the self-defeating shallowness of their anti-imperialism was shown when they turned down in 1942 Japan's suggestion that the Axis powers make an official declaration in favor of the colonized peoples of the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. Even making a propaganda gesture in that direction that would have cost them no more than the paper it was written on was too much for the Hitlerites.
“Later in the interview, Bose bought up the matter of Hitler’s anti-Indian racist remarks and sought a clarifying statement for the Indian nation. Hitler evaded the question, saying that he had not wanted "passive resistance for the Reich of the Indian pattern.” Bose was lucky not to have the offer of the submarine withdrawn...

….To his aides at the Free India Center, who were curious to hear his opinion of Hitler, (Bose) described the Fuhrer as “a sort of German version of the Fakir of Ipi” and declared that a “logical discussion with him of any topic even for a few minutes was practically impossible."

From His Majesty’s Opponent: Subhas Chandra Bose and India’s Struggle Against Empire by Sugata Bose, 219-221
Did Stalin have open borders?

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Did Stalin have open borders?

Donald Trump is not running to be Premier/ ruling party General Secretary of a twentieth century siege socialist state.

stalin would just chill and do whatever
Donald Trump would be a good president and I, Keven, will vote for him.
i'm waiting for the piss endorsement

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President Trump is the most accelerationist thing conceivable and I support him 100%
give me invisible lines on the ground or give me death!!!
Good or bad?

somewhere in the middle
I am sure that, in Donald's own mind, Mexico and the United States are locked in an indefinite, undeclared, state of war with each other analogues to the standoff between East Germany and Western Germany (who only ever gave a de facto recognition of the other's existence, and then only from 1972 onward).

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Why should we, though, apply a Cold War paradigm to US-Mexico relations?
Consider as well that Trump wants to soothe relations with Russia, Iran, Syria, etc. He strongly opposed the Iraq War and openly mocks those who supported it. Bernie on the other hand hates Russia and is pro-Israel all the way.
wait is there an argument for supporting trump instead of sanders on the floor? i assumed we were blowing them off outside of laughs and voting PSL like good communists
sanders is the worst possible choice. as little hope as I have for anything genuinely good to come out of the american electorate, conceivably there could someday be a moment of crisis when a genuine socialist could have a chance. letting a basically regular liberal democrat claim the label in a meaningful way forecloses that possibility, imo
my mind continually boggles at people who think that the guy who's campaign platform is essentially "white supremacy now" is better than the mild liberal who calls himself a socialist.
accelerationism is dumb.

while boycotting elections and voting third parties is the right way to go we should refrain from outright advocating making things worse in the vain hopes that they will get better. that's just lazy thinking imho. it also comes off as sadistic.

*watches millions of impoverished peasants herded into detention camps and kicked out of the country from relative comfort of own apartment*

or it's literally the doctrine of the genius karl marx who was right about basically everything so
karl marx wasn't right about everything so.