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just realized im going to spend the rest of my life comparing the calendar year to my visual acuity, a race i am starting at a significant but not insurmountable disadvantage
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have you tried holding a can of beer in each hand
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having some strange esophageal issues lately that the doctors have a strong suspicion is caused and/or exacerbated by alcohol

now I have a great reason to dmtd and a new exotic means to do it
you might have to stop drinking in order to keep drinking, a fiendish puzzle
just get alcohol enemas
pro: easier to dytd
In 2021 you, the drinker, must take a bold step and give yourself auto-brewery syndrome.

sovnarkoman posted:

Oh it's this guy. The guy who wrote this is an amazingly shit type of guy and exactly what you'd imagine, a sweaty egg-shaped cosplay beardo who took up mixology and is still haplessly waiting for all the cool friends it was sure to make him in college

I love that he specifies his fantasy-Obama drinks Hendrick's gin, the gin that costs more than you need to spend to get a nice gin but isn't proportionally nicer.
getting nice on some frankness

Flying_horse_in_saudi_arabia posted:

I love that he specifies his fantasy-Obama drinks Hendrick's gin,

i HATE this


sovnarkoman posted:

still laughing at this 2004 maddox post


cozy up, it's hot cocoa w/ jameson time
i forget which thread i post curling (the official sport of DYTD) stuff in so


this state law against alcohol sales on easter sunday is a violation of the first and eighth amendments and probably the geneva convention as well as the u.n. declaration on human rights
thers some folks putting a new roof on a house a few doors down theyve been at it all day w their loud af air compressor and now i have to work all night on three hrs sleep. great reason to dmtd tomorrow morning

my watermelon is fermenting. very quickly

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if you never stop drinking, no post in this thread is Wrong Thread......

liceo posted:

wrong thread

this is a great reason to dytd

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liceo posted:

drinking vermouth in the wrong thread

last week i had a bunch of herb plants damaged by a hailstorm so I scrounged up all the broken and torn bits and made an olive oil cake with rosemary and sage in the batter, topped it with vermouth frosting. it ruled

that sounds great. i hope we get a hailstorm where i live

招瑤 posted:

that sounds great. i hope we get a hailstorm where i live

I got absolutely pummeled while dragging my planters to shelter, do not recommend.

cute basil
why is this whole world so corrupt, impotent, or unreliable that no one has yet managed to destroy this fucking country
The tragedy was the mongol empire, the settler empire is the farce.
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