i've ingested chemistry grade pure ethanol ama
on saturday i was drinking a white russian and it made me think about how disgusting it would taste with whisky in place of the vodka
sorry about your disability
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it was actually pretty tame, took the red solo cup, poured to the very first line with ethanol, filled the remainder with non-alcoholic apple cider. drank twice. got real dizzy. probably pissed a dresser drawer. that was the night i laid outside and watched the stars spin for hours. probably 10 years ago now
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does ikea have a gwap line where either the drawers are already peed in or they at least have easy access?

shriekingviolet posted:


It's cool to hide whiskey is non-whiskey containers like generic robitussin bottles so everyone thinks I'm a cool spirit type Pokemon when really I'm just tipsy
It's also just cool to sip Tussin and meditate to charge up my chi balls before going into spiritual combat on the battlefield of nu-earth