hell yeah lol... EI beat me to it, but this way my friend wont get in trouble
God do I hate zionist yuppies, imagine being such a dork for an ethnostate

ialdabaoth posted:

nice work caesura u got the ball rolling


fuck yea!!!!

Don't have time to watch that right now but I've ripped the two parts they put up so far for safe keeping. If they disappear please remind me and I'll put them in the secret mp4 forum

Petrol posted:

Don't have time to watch that right now but I've ripped the two parts they put up so far for safe keeping. If they disappear please remind me and I'll put them in the secret mp4 forum

Still havent had time to watch but grabbing the last two parts also now that they're up and they will all be put away for safe keeping. Hmu if they fall into the MEmorY hOLE

The Shivering Truth starts December 9. Can't wait
i watched a couple of episodes of 'big cats' from bbc earth. snow leopards, when they are searching for a mate, walk along the same paths for hours every day and spray stuff out of their orifices, as much as 20 times an hour when they are particularly enthusiastic. something called the rusty spotted cat is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand and hunts ants or some such. and tigers are so big and powerful and beautiful.

i also watched the young detective dee movie about the sea dragon. i liked when detective dee said "truth has to be fought for, and justice demanded," as well as the rock wall fighting scene with the guy in the chain mail suit wearing metal claws so he could climb the sheer face.

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Parenti posted:

the young detective dee movie

idk what that is but it reminded me of this so thanks


Parenti posted:

walk along the same paths for hours every day and spray stuff out of their orifices, as much as 20 times an hour when they are particularly enthusiastic.

wait was this a documentary about big cats or about the average rHizzoners posting habits

i dont even know where to begin with this

i think its best to not begin, based purely on the thumbnail
youd be crazy not to begin that clip She’s stunning
one minute in and its full on Manifest Destiny settler colonialism.... and yet i cannot stop watching.
that is a video you use to masturbate to if you are hmm...... Panopticon *the prize music plays and a bunch of lights march around the screen* *waving and going over to the big prize stage*
the Fall of Berlin was fun as hell and surprisingly pretty
i watch d schindlers list. why do people think this contemptible rat is a hero. nazi spy turned kind slaveowner who lives high on the hog with some of his stolen wealth & spends the remainder making sure his army of slave laborers are not killed. what a fuckkn saint
the story concludes witha fuck-you to & libel upon the liberating soviet army
and it's so schlocky.
that's a nice pot and pan factory you got there. it'd be a shame if someone were to take advantage of the Exclusion of Jews from German Economic Life decree and hijack your company to buy a bunch of liquor and cigars while paying your wages to the SS instead of to you
yeah it's like here's the story's hero, the man who - everybody can agree - didn't do enough to stop the holocaust. the good master, who liberated other master's slaves but not really his own, and it's also by the director who made the adaptation of the amerikan kulture novel Ready Player One.
frontpage each post separately, we're abt to corner the market on maoist movie reviews

Bablu posted:

frontpage each post separately, we're abt to corner the market on maoist movie reviews

MIM actually did review schindler's list back in the day: https://www.prisoncensorship.info/archive/etext/movies/review.php?f=short/schindler.txt

Amidst enthusiasm for the Nazi Party and its genocide, there
was one Nazi businessman who helped 1,100 Jewish merchants and
intellectuals-turned-factory-workers from the ovens. Oskar Schindler's
was a heroic act. It stands out not for its absolute heroism,
however, but because of how most Germans didn't help. For the masses
of Amerikans who know nothing of the Holocaust, Schindler's List
may be educational. But those same masses participate in a system of
violent, global subjugation, including genocide. Amerikans supported
the mass slaughter of Vietnamese citizens, Iraqis, and many others,
while hypocritically gasping at Nazi atrocities. And all the Jews
on Schindler's List would have died anyway if millions of people
(principally from the Soviet Red Army) had not died stopping Hitler's
Eastern conquest. A fitting Amerikan eulogy to one benevolent
capitalist who saved people by putting them to work in his factory.


elias posted:

youd be crazy not to begin that clip She’s stunning


toyotathon posted:

amerikan kulture novel Ready Player One.

i watched this recently and it's abysmal; overproduced reconstituted pop/gamer culture detritus. pure sugar and saturated fat. not for human consumption.

Who's more obnoxious, Neeson's Arthur Schindler or Bale's Dieter Dengler

as cheesy as this is, I did like that everybody agreed with the "Police target black men and women" statement.
snake eyes w/ nic cage by brian de palma. it's a 100% lumpen movie, i think every speaking character is lumpen, major to minor. i think a key conceit of cop/lumpen stories is that, the lumpen supposedly solve all their problems within the class. cops go after criminals, the mob cleans house, and etc. in snake eyes, a big lumpen con's exposed to the king of the white lumpen, the defense secretary, by a working lumpen technician. cop nic cage briefly becomes a worker to investigate the secretary's assassination, plot thickens. in the big showdown, between nic cage and the lead con artist / soldier lumpen, the soldier explains, the defense secretary wasn't one of them (meaning cop/soldier), he was a politician (bourgeois), and he was meddling in internal lumpen affairs. nic cage's loyalty ("loyalty's my only vice!") to his class is tested -- does he support the con, or does he act in his class's long-term interests, at his own expense?

the class that doesn't have a speaking role, the working class, has two moments in the plot: at the start, when nic cage cows 15000 into underground tunnels (?) during a hurricane, and at the end, when the masses turn on hero cop nic cage, over what the movie makes clear is some petty shit.

if the lumpen had worked things out within the class, then it'd be a truly fascist movie about how the lumpen are capable of rule, but the problem is resolved by the bourgeois political structure. we only know this tho because of a 2 minute denouement. so 2 hrs fash 2 mins bourgeois. and during the explanation, in the background, a dozen workers are sitting idly on a construction site. the foreman goes, "back to work!", and the credits roll. lumpen run wild when workers sit on their hands i guess. i'm lookin hard at this post like i should delete it, i shouldn't humor the sick white kulture. all women in this movie are portrayed pornographically and it's explicitly white supremacist. don't watch this ancient movie, have a conversation with a friend.
what i remember about snake eyes is that when someone put it on i thought it was the nicolas cage movie about snuff films, but that was a different movie that came out a few months later... made a damn fool of myself!

Dark Stephanie
Dark Stephanie
did any of you nerds check out the new black mirror? i m curious how bad it is
Dark Stephanie presents: The Black Mirror

sovnarkoman posted:

did any of you nerds check out the new black mirror? i m curious how bad it is

it's perfectly fine and fun if you usually enjoy black mirror. it benefits a lot from being set in the past and letting the interactive format itself be the technology it critiques, and most importantly it really doesn't take itself seriously. though i imagine a billion twenty somethings have still flooded twitter to say WHAT IF VIDEO GAME BUT TOO MUCH etc

saw 'green book' with the family -- what a disgusting movie. you maybe have a friend who's said the n-word around you, except relayed in a story, and laundered thru the story's nut or lowlife. like, everybody speaking and listening knows that it's on the edge of a callout. but the story's structured around the racist's disapproval. they're checking what they can get by with around you. and maybe while you're doing all that internationalist etiquette math, the moment's lapsed and they get by with it... 'green book' was like that. every fucking anti-afrikan slur, even introducing new ones. n-word n-word n-word. except laundered thru southerners, or viggo.

hollywood has been racist every decade since its founding. it's a major tool whites use to reproduce the racist social system. and the way it's responding to calls for 'representation' (the breakdown of US media apartheid in the last decades) is garbage like 'green book'. btw the eponymous green book is the travel guide for apartheid hotels that blacks were forced into, back in the 'good old days'. the plot is that fat lumpen viggo's gotta transport+bodyguard a wealthy black pianist thru the apartheid south, and the theme is fat viggo adapts to a profitable level of racial tolerance.

there's a scene where fat viggo waves fried chicken in a black man's face, near his mouth, telling him his people love the stuff -- the scene's supposed to be comic relief. in terms of 'representation', whites, who dominate the screen, get a full personality spectrum, and blacks are one-note, even the prissy main black pianist man. in the second-to-last scene, fat viggo fires a handgun on two black men. this scene's a coda with an earlier one, where viggo reaches for his gun, to save the pianist from some southern white stereotypes trying to murder him. but in that earlier scene, fat viggo's all diplomacy, the gun never goes off. the movie invites the comparison -- this is supposed to be after viggo's evolution!

part of media's role is to model behavior. it's why on your tv news there are endless reports on a fake domestic war between whites and muslims, or black lumpen, whatever, when the streets you walk on are at peace. trying to stir up some shit in stupid whites. what behavior's green book modeling? be as racist as fuck, unless you're getting paid to tone it down. what kind of stories does it suggest we tell? ones involving intense racism, so long as it's paired w/ light disapproval. what level of racism does it suggest we practice? whatever's just short of costing us money. looks like green book did alright at the box office, so expect more of the same in the woke era.
pls frontpage review, racist green book won best screenplay and best drama

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the weird thing about everything becoming a comic book movie now is that dramas aimed at boomers or petty-bourgeois young adults or whatever seem like fake algorithm-produced movies with the same tropes just in different styles. like alright it's not aquaman but instead it's just a pastiche of all the interest-categories of a particular market segment. and it's extra weird because that's exactly what it is, it's exactly someone sitting down with marketing info and reverse engineering a script. like it if is an A24 movie or something it has to have certain melodramatic visceral heartstrings stuff about human experience or something but without any real ideas at all. like it has the sophistication of aquaman but it's about a teenager who feels awkward or something. it drives me insane because i see all these elevated discussions of them and i have to be like... i mean yeah but not really right? these are all trash movies? and it's fun maybe to watch them but it's not like actually good as something that's trying to say something? but then i just get mad at myself because i'm like well then just watch good movies you find somewhere else dumby.