nice to flick thru a 5 year old thread and see that my posts were the most correct

getfiscal posted:

bush hid the facts

i think i was probably pretty stupid 5 years ago. hopefully im getting to be not-stupid. rip to all the fallen posters from this thread
I was pretty stupid 5 years ago and yet I was still able to style on tug lessions and brown moises. I am still stupid but also still less stupid than those people inshallah.
luc bessons
I forget how obnoxious I am quite often. Luckily people necro stuff so I can remember
this thread stomps
this thread takes me back to a time when crow and discipline posted (), but babyfinland and nofreewill also posted (), truly a land of contrasts

cars posted:

this thread stomps

yeah... stomps DICK

it's been so long that i thought this was a thread about the joker guy who shot up a movie theater that somehow turned into an isis thread via osmosis.

islamic state was fucking weird but it was a hell of a CIA op. rip i guess.