shits gone down in stl. black guy killed white cops give 0 shits.

FERGUSON, MISSOURI — A day of anger over a fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man in suburban St. Louis turned to mayhem as people looted businesses, vandalized vehicles and confronted police who sought to block off access to several areas of the city.

The tensions erupted after a candlelight vigil Sunday night for 18-year-old Michael Brown, who police said was shot multiple times the previous afternoon after a scuffle involving the officer, Brown and another person in Ferguson, a predominantly black suburb of the city.

Afterward, a convenience store was looted. Several other stores along a main road near the shooting scene were broken into, including a check-cashing store, a boutique and a small grocery store. People also took items from a sporting goods store and a cellphone retailer, and carted rims away from a tire store.

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TV footage showed streams of people walking out of a liquor store carrying bottles of alcohol, and in some cases protesters were standing atop police cars or taunting officers who stood stoic, often in riot gear.

Other witnesses reported seeing people vandalize police cars and kick in windows. Television footage showed windows busted out of a TV station van.

Police were having a hard time catching looters because crimes were happening at several locations in Ferguson and spilling into neighboring communities, Mayor James Knowles told KTVI-TV. It wasn't immediately clear how many arrests were made. Authorities set up some blockades to try to keep people from the most looted areas.

While St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley said that there were no reports of injuries as of about 11 p.m., there also were scattered reports of assaults into the early morning. Pat Washington, a spokeswoman for Dooley, there was one instance she knew of in which tear gas was used. There were scattered media reports of gunfire but authorities did not immediately confirm any.

"Right now, the small group of people are creating a huge mess," Knowles told KTVI-TV. "Contributing to the unrest that is going on is not going to help. ... We're only hurting ourselves, only hurting our community, hurting our neighbors. There's nothing productive from this."

As the investigation of Brown's death progresses, "we understand people want to vent their frustrations. We understand they want to speak out," Knowles added. "We're going to obviously try to urge calm."

Earlier in the day, a few hundred protesters had gathered outside Ferguson Police headquarters. At one point, many of them marched into an adjacent police building, some chanting "Don't shoot me" while holding their hands in the air. Officers stood at the top of a staircase, but didn't use force; the crowd eventually left.

County Police Chief Jon Belmar said the shooting occurred after an officer encountered two people — one of whom was Brown — on the street near an apartment complex in Ferguson.

Belmar said one of the men pushed the officer back into his squad car and a struggle began. Belmar said at least one shot was fired from the officer's gun inside the police car. Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said authorities were still sorting out what happened inside the police car. It was not clear if Brown was the man who struggled with the officer.

The struggle spilled out into the street, where Brown was shot multiple times. Belmar said the exact number of shots wasn't known, but "it was more than just a couple." He also said all shell casings found at the scene matched the officer's gun. Police are still investigating why the officer shot Brown, who police have confirmed was unarmed.

Jackson said the second person has not been arrested or charged. Authorities aren't sure if that person was unarmed, Jackson said.

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson told KSDK-TV there's no apparent video footage of the shooting from a nearby apartment complex, or from any police cruiser dashboard cameras or body-worn cameras that the department recently bought but hasn't yet put in use.

Jackson said blood samples have been taken from Brown and the officer who shot him, with those toxicology tests generally expected to take weeks to complete.

Brown's mother, Lesley McSpadden, said he had graduated from high school and was about to enter a local college. She said she doesn't understand why police didn't subdue her son with a club or Taser, and she said the officer involved should be fired and prosecuted.

"I would like to see him go to jail with the death penalty," she said, fighting back tears.

The killing drew criticism from some civil rights leaders, who referred to the 2012 racially charged shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by a Florida neighborhood watch organizer who was acquitted of murder charges.

"We're outraged because yet again a young African-American man has been killed by law enforcement," said John Gaskin, who serves on both the St. Louis County and national boards of directors for the NAACP.

St. Louis County Police Department is in charge of the investigation, and Dooley said he will request an FBI investigation. The US Justice Department said Attorney General Eric Holder had instructed staff to monitor developments.

The race of the officer involved in the shooting has not been disclosed. He has been placed on paid administrative leave.


reminds me of what michael moore wrote in his first book when he was more relevant in the 90s post roger & me.

How to Conduct the Rodney King Commemorative Riot

April 1997 marks the fifth anniversary of the L.A. Riots. Since then, many things have happened to improve race relations in Los Angeles. A Republican mayor was elected, a few thousand white people have moved to Arizona, and money raised to rebuild South Central after the riots ended up going toward a construction project in Las Vegas. Unemployment has risen to 8.6 percent. And, after the O.J. verdict, whites could finally relax and feel okay again about not liking black people. It was just so
awkward having to do those "black power" handshakes with the "Afro−American"
trying to remember when to say "Yo!" during the conversation. We white people like the fact that all the "Friends" on TV are white. Like us! It's just more comfortable that way.

Ah, Los Angeles. Like the weather, nothing ever changes. If you live in South Central these days, you might as well be living in South Yemen. White L.A. could give two shits about you—and now they aren't even afraid to show it. Five years after Rodney King, the local police have no qualms about beating a truckload of Mexicans with clubs—even if they know they are being broadcast live on television!

"Hey, Sarge, look—up in the sky—it's Channel 9!"

"Then get out of the frame so they can see all this beautiful blood spewing from this spic's head!"

As the Rodney King anniversary approaches, I'm actually feeling a little sentimental—and I'll bet a lot of black and Hispanic residents in L.A. are, too. Therefore, I've come up with the perfect way for those of you living in South Central to celebrate this special occasion.

Yes, it's time for another riot!

But this time, for the love of God, don't burn your own neighborhood! What good does that do? Nothing would make the rest of LA. happier than to see South Central, Compton, or Watts disappear like so much blow up their rich−ass noses. I say, if you are upset at The Man, go to where The Man is. This time, burn down Beverly Hills! Now, that would really send a message. And it would be easy to do.

First, the rich have foolishly built you a free road that leads right to their neighborhoods! How stupid could they be! This road, called La Cienega (English translation: "The Quagmire"), stretches all the way from Inglewood (just this side of South Central) to Beverly Hills. There are no tolls to pay, no police checkpoints to pass through, no moats, no walls, no identification required. No shoes, no shirt, no service? No problem! Just follow the handy map I've drawn on the next page, and you're on your way.

(map goes here)

If you are traveling by car, the trip, during non−rush hours, should take you about twenty to twenty−five minutes.

If you are traveling by foot, allow for a little over three hours. Pack a lunch and bring an extra pair of socks for comfort. There are no public facilities along the way, so a portable toilet or a shovel may be in order. On your way up La Cienega to Beverly Hills, you'll pass the beautiful Baldwin Hills oil field. Again, no security— feel free to stop by if you're a quart low.

Take special note of the newly rebuilt Santa Monica Freeway at the five−mile mark. This overpass, which collapsed in the '94 earthquake, was rebuilt in less than ninety days! Your neighborhood, on the other hand, was destroyed back in 1992 and has yet to see a two−by−four. But don't explode yet, 'cause all the fun is now just two miles away!

As you approach the Beverly Center at the outskirts of Beverly Hills, don't dally with the mall
crowd—you've got more important work to do! Take the left fork one block before the mall, onto the
street marked "San Vicente." This will take you two blocks to Beverly Boulevard. Turn left and, before
you know it, "cee−ment ponds" and Rodeo Drive! Now the excitement can begin.

(A special note: Because we abhor the loss of human life, please give the residents of Beverly Hills
two hours' notice that you're coming. This will give them a head start over the hills and into the safety
of the Valley.)

When choosing which facilities to torch, let me suggest those that represent what we like to call our
"seats of power." These places, as you know, have kept you on the lowest rungs of the economic
ladder for decades. We're talking about anything that resembles a bank (remember the dozen or so
times you've been turned down for a loan?), corporate headquarters (know any brothers working
there?), real estate offices (you mean they've never shown you a home in Costa Mesa?), employment
agencies (hey, temp this!), or a liquor store (sure, they're only trying to help you "feel" a little better).
Government buildings are optional, depending on your own personal grievances with the police, the
mayor, or the sanitation department. The Metropolitan Transit Authority, which has left South Central
off the new subway route and consistently provides you with two−hour waits at the bus stop, is a
definite must.

I would caution you, though, against taking your aggression out against the entertainment industry.
Although this is the number one business in town, well, you see, it's my business and I gotta pay the
bills! Despite the fact that most blacks have been shut out of Hollywood, I just know the studios mean
well, and, hey, I've actually heard them call themselves liberals! Even though most haven't lifted a
finger to improve your plight, trust me, they will after this raging inferno.

Most important, I strongly urge you not to view other minorities—Koreans, Vietnamese, Latinos, Jews,
Arabs, or Samoans—as your enemy. This is a trick whites have successfully used for the past few
hundred years to get you to divert your attention to other groups as the cause of your pain. There is
only one "The Man," and I know you know who it is. The Koreans et al., even though they treat you
like shit, have just taken their cues from us—proving only that they have fallen for our trick, too.
The issue of looting and burning the homes in Beverly Hills is a judgment call. I would recommend
looting the homes between Santa Monica and Sunset (old money, better art to hock) and burning the
ones in the hills above Sunset (most of these places are ugly and environmentally unsound, and the
higher fires in the hills will allow whites from as far away as Pasadena and Orange County to view the

After you have completed your romp through Beverly Hills, if you still have some gas left in the can,
well, you are just a short jaunt from luxurious Bel Air and Brentwood!

Just head west on Sunset, past the hotel where they wouldn't give Eddie Murphy a room in Beverly
Hills Cop. Beyond that are the neighborhoods where the Reagans and the mayor of Los Angeles live
(the Fresh Prince, sadly, has moved).

Finally, after a long and fruitful day of rioting, head back to South Central and get organized. Threaten
to visit Malibu next time if you are not given equal access to well−paying jobs, housing, health care,
and movies other than just those from the Wayans brothers.


tldr: my condo in rich white enclave should be burnt. i approve

piss you said you were by me? wanna go break shit?
i'd really like to support the right of black people to not be murdered by the police, but it's just so hard when they don't display the christlike patience and humility that movies about the civil rights era have taught me goes hand in hand with struggles for Freedom™
When will the supporters of black people not being murdered by police organize and denounce anti-semitism?
"every time one of them gets shot they're saying he was unarmed, police are racist, so let's all go out and break and steal things. it's perfect for them" - some guy i know
make an epic meme with that post and one from sderot next to one another and remove the references to specific areas
sounds like u know some real solid guys lgp
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here's proof of the quiktrip's fate
Npr buddy had a black female Pig on today, right at the top of the program to frame the story. she implored us not to forget the forgotten casualties of Ferguson MO. by this she meant the emotions of local police officers, who face the "double bind" between their impeccable virtue as people and their career obligations to murder as many young black men as possible.
Don't Call the Police "Militarized." The Military Is Better Than This.

guidoanselmi posted:

given all the makeup posts i'm assuming this is what lgps wife looks like

p sure thats doctor dogballs

guidoanselmi posted:

piss you said you were by me? wanna go break shit?

yea.lets fuck shit up dude

when all of the white peopl are at the funeral of the gas station mourning we can walk up and be really snarky. like. "oh boy! not the gas station! fuck! god... danng!!!!! fuck! i love gas station!" but then be like, secretly, making fun of them
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I was reading on the bad site, apparently the molotov throwing and...all the not peaceful stuff happening by people disobeying the curfew are all chicago based communists. So....
well if theyure throwing molotovs they certainly arent Liberals...
you're welcome
Lykourgos. Did you go to socialism and then throw a molotov cocktail at the nice police officer. not very noble.
If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it.

Red_Canadian posted:

I was reading on the bad site, apparently the molotov throwing and...all the not peaceful stuff happening by people disobeying the curfew are all chicago based communists. So....

thats so cool.

its like when that pastor threatened to burn a koran, the one thing the local muslim community didn't want was for someone to burn a bible in response, and guess what the local iso chapter did.

Lessons from Ferguson by swampman

The Ferguson Police Deparment has about 60 cops.
cops use ultra technical/'white' language in the middle of riots to tell rioters what to do and I don't understand why. DISPERSE THE AREA IMMEDIATELY. REMOVE YOURSELVES BEHIND THE SPAWNING AREA *shoots a volley of rubber bullets* why would you use the whitest version of the english language for a race riot, seems liek they...want something to happen??? what. also cops spawn camp hardcore, to use 'gaming' terms, something i think we can all grasp p easily. Kettling is the culmination of CS 6.1 strategy (beta) rioters should be using more unreal tournament style moves than this walking dead human wall claptrap. i guess what im saing is these riots need goon leadership
one day the gates of this forum will spill open and release unending waves of unreal tournament warriors

Barbarossa posted:

cops use ultra technical/'white' language in the middle of riots to tell rioters what to do and I don't understand why.

pig-speak, like legalese, military jargon, and other bourgeois dialects, is all about masking agency and passing moral culpability around like a hot potato. i don't think it's intentional escalation, merely a reflection of the fact that preventing cops from thinking like actual human beings is far far more important than de-escalation

man that new taylor swift video is sure racist
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st louis cops just murdered someone else:


Dotson told reporters the suspect told responding officers to “shoot me now, kill me now.”

When asked about the validity of the shooting, Dotson said officers "have a right to defend yourself."
a lot of people seem to be blaming the rcp for 'inciting violence.'

first of all lol, the rcp. but i also don't think that it's correct to shift any amount of blame away from the police for what's happening.

e: revolutionary communist party?
yeah, them

of course, this is the source that i see supposedly 'progressive' people linking to:

wait... including greg joey johnson ??

not my greg joe

postposting posted:

yeah, them

of course, this is the source that i see supposedly 'progressive' people linking to:


I think Sarah Kendzior was the first one to post that and she has a history of being an incredibly effective redbaiter on social media

she's also implying that it's an all-white communist group that is trying to use black people to further their cause, when I think Carl Dix was like the only RCP'er there

those ppl in missouri are really mad about taylor swifts cultural appropriation damn
sounds about right. from some what i saw it seems like there are maybe a handful of rcpers there, both white and black. but it's definitely ridiculous to try and paint the rcp as 'all white communists' as anyone who knows them can confirm.

of course, i'm mostly getting this via tweets and those stupid 5 second looping video clips which are incomprehensible and terrible for trying to show or explain anything
the "leftists from outside" thing will usually work on contemporary anti-mccarthyism white liberals because they frantically maintain an idea of black political activists as obedient pacifist hymn singers who probably hate gays bless their hearts

postposting posted:

st louis cops just murdered someone else:


Dotson told reporters the suspect told responding officers to “shoot me now, kill me now.”

When asked about the validity of the shooting, Dotson said officers "have a right to defend yourself."

great, now those anti-policites are starting to use themselves as human shields. imo The St. Louis police are showing unimaginable restraint