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misread as "skincess," which is also a good name


kinda sounds like violent femmes or something
one more

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kinda sounds like violent femmes or something

i love caroliner, btw


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someone went out of their way to slam on the brakes when i was having a cigarette outside last week to yell "pee wee herman ass looking mother fucker" to me. i think its because i was wearing clogs (like the tequila dance ones but brown)

your avatar resembles p wee herman, I can see why they said that
last one, for now

some of my e-friends started this label, this is from the first megacomp they just released and its really good , to me
what I posted before wasn't worth posting so I'm posting this instead:


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stuck in the time warp


The push towards a nationalistic sound came with the pseudo-dystopian mindset that prevailed in the Sweden of the 1960s, something that stood in dire contrast to the 'peace and love' ethos of hippy idealism. In the mid-60s, large parts of the inner city of Stockholm, the site of many houses and homes, were bulldozed to pave way for the new architectural wave of the future: towering skyscrapers, "glass and concrete". The album, with its telling opening track of Dies Irae played on horns, aims to reflect the loss of nature in the name of human advancement. Another track, "The Runcorn Report on Western Progress", was written by the group's leader, Bo Persson, and reflects a visit to Runcorn (a suburb of Liverpool), in the summer of 1951: it hadn't rained for three months, and the pollution had turned the sky yellow, blotting out the sun. To follow this theme, the group changed its name from PΓ€rson Sound to "International Harvester", taken from the American company that manufactured agricultural machines. To quote Swedish freelance journalist Magnus Haglund, "It meant death. Death to western culture. Death to all kinds of borders."


this whole channel

no one ever talks about this Shostakovich symphony

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this whole channel

I keep mishearing the lyrics as "deutschland will Kim Jong Il" = "germany wants Kim Jong Il"


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the first megacomp they just released

its good


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its good

i am sure shoebill would be glad to hear you liked it, i will pass along the message. godspeed